Sunday, June 22, 2008

To Baltimore

'John, there were more like 22 D's on the history final, not like 27.
Based on my final semester score, I had to have scored in the mid-to-upper 90's, therefore, getting all these D's wrong is not a logical conclusion.
This makes me totally sound like a geek that I remember something like this.'

Little Brother went out on a shopping trip, and gave me a slight reprieve to check my email, blog, etc. I have to push our small staff to finish July's JangooMag. But not much. I needed to practice the violin, and he just walked in. M'kay.

I went to Baltimore, and since it's so close to DC, it was not too critical to do everything to do there. This was about visiting Johns Hopkins's University, as well as neighborhood whizzing (driving on local streets for 'alternative sightseeing') and free looks at the B+O Locomotives. Then a leisurely drive home via US 1.

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