Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th: What does it all mean?

Yesterday, after the computer threatened, and did reset, I didn't have the time to get back to blogaroo. Yesterday for lunch, I was at the bank for lunch. That afternoon, I was at the DMV with dad to get the car inspected. Then, it was time for a Japanese movie event. The films were the foreign type, and of the genre that you only expect to find in the west side village. Nevertheless, some of them were cool.

Today, I was on the Lincoln Memorial steps again. 25 roundtrip reps, and drencehed in sweat. Home, breakfast, a phone call from Dad. "Power out in Downtown. No, I still have power here at the metro building, Shaw, Dupont, Chinatown stations are on emergency power", he reads from WTOP, I think. Before I could switch the computer on after my shower, a key wiggled in the door, and mom walked in. "Power out at the bank." It turned out, however, that the Bank made a decision at 11 to cancel the day. I was at the National Geographic, a really 19th century elite science-club. There was a special documentary about China's pre-Columbus super-fleet. The lights came on, and there was mom.

A kung-fu demonstration from a legitimate Shaolin monk. They asked for kids to come up to the stage. A few 5-year-olds went up. "Anyone older?" An 8-year old came up. Older. It was up to me. With the monk, I was skirting shame as I kept up with the rushed spins and slaps.

Ater that, I had to fight with the DC employment services about my :O summer job assignment via X2, again. And conveniently,on the way back, we took a little shopping trip in the Chinese remainders of Chinatown. A lucky break from being lectured about Ocean City '68. A scandalous $3.65 bubble tea, and a Circulator ride home.

Now tonight. The transfer was still valid from this afternoon. We (mom and I) were brought to the Italian embassy's gates. The gates were opened 20 minutes later, and we were filed through typicacl euro-secrity. Into the large villa-resort style atrium (it smelt like one!) we all went, and we were seated in the posh, yellow-leathered auditorium, lacking exit signs! Anyway, a lot of the films were pretty good. Some of this is still village material. But, excellent stories about 'crossing borders', the theme of this Asian-European film festival. Afterwards, a reception of international foods. If anything, DC is the place for kleptomaniacs (a medical condition in which a person takes stuff for no apparent reason), and free-thing addicts. No other city can you expect free dinner. A huge glob surrounded the table, the real sushi in particular-and talk to Washington Post people as well.

The Italians made lots of their buttery pastry, and still, an hour and a half later, its buttery taste lingers in my mouth. Of course, the freebies took the sushi, and anything of potential monetary value. That's the way it is.

My parents have the TV onto their favorite show, NBC news. I heard the piano and saw Tim's face. A telltale sign that something was wrong. Before the 10:00 news started, I wikipediaed him, and I found out.

"On the afternoon of June 13, 2008, Russert collapsed at the offices of WRC-TV, which houses the Washington, D.C. bureau of NBC News where he was the Bureau Chief, while recording voiceovers for the Sunday edition of Meet the Press. Despite immediate attempts at resuscitation by EMS and transportation to Sibley Memorial Hospital, Russert never regained consciousness and was pronounced dead a short time later. News of his death was reported live on NBC, CNBC, and MSNBC by Tom Brokaw.[17] He had just returned from a family vacation in Italy, where he went to celebrate his son's graduation from Boston College.[18] While his wife and son remained in Italy (where little brother coincidentally is), Russert returned to prepare for his Sunday television show" Wikipedia, Tim Russert, (6/13/08)

"Filegate, travelgate, whitewater" (Tim Russert, '96) I'm not sure what this all means, even though I'm the '90's fanatic. Anyway Tim Russert is like the fifth member of the family. Whenever I was not watching second-rate 'news' at 10:00, or on the internet, it is usually him, because I tend to not watch TV until 6pm or so. Now who will take his place, whenever I flip the TV on to not-rubbish? We'll see what they decide to do tomorrow. My condolences to the NBC family.

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