Wednesday, June 4, 2008


FYI, the orthodontist removed the top row of braces with a nifty little plier-jigger, and cosmetically improved the appearance of my teeth, with filing and polishing, and took a mold for a retainer. Additional work and final adjustment of the retainer will follow, 3pm, tomorrow.
Drop Everything And Read. Heeheehee.

Because I was close to burning my eyes out on the new computer screen (which I probably used for 2 hours, cumulatively today), and the TV was off-colored by the storm, I had no choice at 8pm than to cuddle up with a quality book.

The lightening really was lighting up the sky. Based on CGI's by WUSA9, two or three waves of storms have passed, and, if the other storm pocket follows the same route, another will be arriving shortly after I succumb to slumber. Just as long as I'm not waken up by it, it's fine with me. I was actually free-reading (hm. that was so last millenium.) John Hersey's Hiroshima, another intriguing war-novel that was well-written. Shame on Uglies for turning off my interest in reading.

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