Thursday, June 26, 2008

Did it come yet?

I should have reported this before the 5 pm news, but I did check the Supreme Court database prior to 5pm.

There are no gun stores in DC that sell to individuals, according to ABC 7.
Most semiautomatics are banned, they also said. Of course.

However, the news-people were making the decision seem more unpopular than it really was. According to a poll, 2/3rds of the voters supported the decision. Of course, non-DC could have voted, but DC is the nation's issue, not its own.

A joyous day, but I'm not going to buy a handgun, quite yet, and maybe never will. But after watching a film, which will not be named, I think I'll build a misfire-safe range somewhere, and have fun with it.

PS- I was so excited to write this post that I turned off Locomotion to do so.

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