Monday, June 16, 2008


Yesterday, I saw it. WMATA finally put up signs for the new 37 express service, which has absolutely no use for me. M'kay.

Today was the first day of my first summer day. I never actually got my file completed; I was filling in for Little Brother, who is still frolicking in Italy. I was getting giddidy about leaving home at 9:00 for the 10:00 start time, so I left a little before. I immediately caught the 32 , and was brisked up to Tenleytown, where the job was located, in the Baptist church up there. I entered at around 9:30. There were about 25 people, so I was not exactly too early. My dad worked with this citywide job program in previous years, and said to expect low expectations. Anyway, most people were there by 10:00. I signed in, on Little BRother's name. I, after all, didn't have the chance to explain. During those lazy sit-around hours (from 10 to 1) of doing absolutely nothing and being paid for it, I was interrogated by one of my co-workers, as he called himself. "Have you ever done it with a lady?" No. "Why not?"; "Have you ever smoked weed?" No. And I was trying to act not-so-uppity. Unfortunately, I had to spill the beans about living near Georgetown. And they guessed that I went to private school, because of how I dressed. Primmed shirt and khakis and loafers. This particular young man even stated that "he should come to see Georgia Avenue and go buy some kicks (shoes)". I explained that I'm not into shoes, but he said "do it". Some people would love to hear this: I got a girl's cellphone number. OK. So I also changed my wallpaper.

As I languished in the pews, I had only my cellphone to entertain me (and the three girls and the aforementioned guy), and eventually, it was lunchtime. Pizza eaten in a hurry, so that I could sign out, in Little Brother's name, and reuse the transfer before it became invalid. I saw the signs. 31, 32, 36 on the red, white, and blue bus stop signs. Routes 30, 34, and 35 were soon going to become history. An old lady also noted this change to the bus driver; it's typical to have a schedule change on June 30. In the sake of preventing bus bunching.

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