Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day 4

Today, I was again put out, like a dog, to do jogging. This repetitive routine consists of a few, fairly easy steps. 1. Access Pennsylvania avenue, and jog westbound. 2. Scurry down cloverleaf ramp to sea-level, and jog along waterfront path to Lincoln Memorial steps. 3. Up and down the 40-something steps, 12 times. 4. Return on path to Kennedy Center, and follow gentler path northbound to home. Took and hour. At home, I ate breakfast, languished, took a shower, and went out to buy household stuff- stereotypically called "women's work."

Had lunch, headed out to the Ortho-man for picking up the retainer, as well as adjustments to the lower jaw's teeth's braces. The nurse explained the retainer. Wear it always, except when eating. It costs $235 to replace. What? Three years ago, during my first round of braces, it was $150. Then the nurse fitted the tight-fitting retainer into place. Then the big dog came in, and tightened the wire on the remaining set of braces. Then he lowered the mirror, and I saw. The retainer was one of the invisible types. He gave instruction on how to remove and replace the retainer. Yes. I did. But the thing is- the retainer resembles invisalign. So was it invisalign used as an orphan drug? Maybe. After all, he is one of the most proliferate seller of invisalign. Anyway, these invisible retainers are much cooler than the wire-and-mold type. Now everyone will think I have a lith (onomatopoeia for lisp) . I say, let's start a Facebook support group. Early this evening, I was put out on a LONG walk, up to U+14, and back. More on than midcity adventure later.
g'night, y'all, is 'bout time we's o't t' bed.

Ortho update: It's not really the tightening that gives me pain, but rather more the retainer.

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