Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day 2

As I was saying, the route #30 has been in use for over 75 years. It is, therefore, an atrocity that the number will be discontinued. If this were a building that were 75, it would be let to survive, but psych nah. 30's basic functions of serving Wisconsin Avenue to downtown is being derelicted to the new 31 shuttle line. The same thing happened to routes 40 (now 42) and 50 (now 52, 53, and 54). Survivors are 70, 80, and 90, a surely dying breed, it seems to be.

Second day of work. That in the morning, and downtown to the convention center to listen to a charismatic speaker speak about how Nobody wants your child.
I'm totally tired out now. I'll type tomorrow's about my great soda adventure.

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