Sunday, April 22, 2007

Coney Island

Trying to go to Coney Island on $20 is tough. First of all, on weekends it is a 45 minute trip on subway from midtown to the Island (On Weekdays there is an express train.) First I did the Cyclone. Even though it is celebrating its 80th anneversary it is still scary on the drops. They must be equal to a modern coaster. sitting next to this thin fifth-grader there was a lot of room to shift and hence fall out, so that was an extra scare. On the falls you feel like half of your body is being ripped away from you. You should try it sometime for its heck. $6./$4/reride. After that I and a few friends dug a canal ( 50' long!) and a well on the beach. (Free) After that we headed on the boardwalk to brighton Beach, a Russian Neighborhood. More on that later.

Of Late

Jangoo introduces a new Ad service. If you let us put a standard ad on your website we will pay you upwards of 15 cents.

Jangoo also introduces a CCTV style news system for its news and the Tuck Shop. Postings to come soon staring Atticus and Augustus Sawatzki, and Massimo Pellegrini as cameraman.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

I did not abandon!

Sorry. Easter was too time-consuming.
Jangoo did a profit review. The result was good at $6.00 plus $11.00 uncollected. Buy on, investors!

I just got breaking news: Oh how I wish I had an airplane to investigate this atrocity! Hate Crime killing spree against stunned German speaking students occur by a mentally disturbed Mongolian! 35 dead, blood spewed on streets. If you can, I think it would help to give them a prayer and visit V-Tech to support the community. PS There is an airfield with a sufficient runway to land a 33-seater plane.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

April Fools and Vista

The G-April fool's jokes get more realistic every year. In 2000 they advertised a telepathic-typing device. Who would fall for that?

I tried Windows Vista today and I H8 IT!
Asides from its slothfulness and an annoying color schme the toolbar is non-functional; the EULA Toolbar screen cannot be X-ed out,
and to pull something up from the toolbar you have to pull that EULA screen out of the way as well as pull whatever you worked on or anything else that
you did not move to the tool bar. They've been working on it for years and what it really is is regression.

Stick with whatever edition they have now.

Also, yesterday I was at St. Mark's place in New York. There is this excellent japanese market in the basement of 35 St. Mark's Place. Nice and Clean. Next to that at 37 is the Bamn Automat. It's semi-revolutionary in the food delivery aspect. Visit for more information.