Sunday, June 24, 2007

Joe Darby

About 5 minutes ago, 7:33 PM. We have discovered Joe Darby's place of residence, of which I will distribute. Hiding in fear of Cumberland folk who say he is "a bullseye", he covered his location on National TV. We ID'ed the spot as downtown Winchester, VA. This suggests that he lives in the area. FYI Joe Darby was the revealer of the torture videos and Pix in Iraq.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Yahoo possibly beat Gmail.

After being #2 since gmail became cool Yahoo did something revolutionary....
UNLIMITED STORAGE SPACE! What that means for you is that YOU can send me
large files through Yahoo.(If they can transfer, and no junk, and no LORD OF THE RINGS for the time being.) Just email me to one of my other emails ahead so I know to check. In homage I also set up a direct email link for probably a growing number of Yahoo fans out there.
The question is "Is Yahoo better than Gmail Now?" This can become a controversial discussion!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

New Product Solutions

If you are allergic to a certain item, you can tell us confidentially by e-mail so we know. Although we already keep common and serious allergen products separate with care and wash hands after handling, this will help us with the free samples and such.

We are now offering portion controlled items in clean ZipLock bags.
Wasabi Peas and DIY Bubble Tea.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Jangoonow Begins Again

I am so excited about this! This project that we are doing is the equivelant of the summer of '05. Our changes includes revamping our catalog from scratch and create a fun, money-to-all shopping community. Serving you the best!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Now Hiring

We are looking for recruiters, newspeople, franchisers, advisors and idea purchasing for our great name! Qualifications are easy. You just have to be a great person who loves Jangoo and selling things! A previous order on J!, history of entrepeneurship, location, and a wide circle of friends are preffered. Email me for specifics and items (Samples and sales items, business cards)

Summertime is here!

Many are excited about summer vacation, and about Jangoo Online. I tell you, it's like no other web shopping experience you have ever had before, if so. Our wide catalog allows you to chose from many categories, and checkout is made faster and easier than ever (Soon we are going to accept paypal and put listed auctions on Ebay.) No credit card needed so kids can use it without skeptic parents! Service starts June 11 and pauses on July 4 for a trip. A larger service will then be available July 23.