Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mid-Week Blogging

I would not have usually been blogging now other than by public request. I suppose it is assumed that one should blog everyday like one would journal or diary everyday. I think I should attempt to try to do a blog every day.

But today I got a little word of advice: I did run two blocks after a bus yesterday. I did make it, but it was not worth it. I then was panting all the way to school and until the end of first period. There was also a little bit of coughing involved as well, and I was afraid that I had caught a cold, but I didn't. Moral of story: try to resist the temptation of chasing buses.

Otherwise I guess my mid-weeks are routine. There is a larger thing I want to say that will have to wait a little. Hopefully I can post my big idea tonight, and if not, soon. You see, I like, and I must, if I want to be happy the next day, get to bed by 10:30pm. By that time I always have my schoolwork done, and sometimes a little time to spare. But otherwise, I just hope the "workweek" goes by fast. PS I do floss every night :)

Monday, November 26, 2007

If you want to know

Says Fox 5: It was Mr. Chaney's heart. Nothing major, the hospital said.

Somebody important

Outside GW Hospital there were over thirty secret service vehicles. A street was also closed to park a multitude of cop motorcycles as well. It being the preferred hospital of the American Royal family and their nobles, that is only a sign that someone important had an medical emergency. We have not had a reason to enter the hospital to find out who is there.

That was my report, and I beat the other news people to it. But remember, it's bad to rejoice at some politician's personal misery, but the news like to sensationalize it anyway.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Last Week

  1. I've been busy with my Facebook account. What I like most about this service is that it makes me feel smart. (You have to register with someone you know in High school or college). For that matter, I nearly had my account deleted when I did not friend someone at my school in a timely manner. But unlike that MySpace, which I suppose I will never get an account with, it does not have the trashy things, and the friends you get are real friends you know and, perhaps, trust. So there. (click here to view)

Friday, November 9, 2007

What a week

I took a peek at ntfletch's page and decided to share more about school
An observation-the more school activities you do, the better grades you get. So be busy.
And they say that overacheivers have no social life. Really?
So we are doing the Bye Bye Birdie musical the weekend after this one. We just started instrumental rehearsal on Monday, and a dress rehearsal on Veteran's day. But it's coming together really well.

More on this later

Friday, November 2, 2007

Haiku is so cool!

Just about a few days ago some comrades and I started having safe, sane, intellectual fun called Haiku. Haiku is like what you see below

Haiku is so cool
So cool we built a website
Click here to see it