Friday, February 29, 2008

Special times

Tomorrow's post will be our first anniversary post! We've been here, to England, back, to Canada, and back with this blog. More sentimental material tomorrow.
If you have not noticed, today is February 29th, a day that only comes once every four years. If it wasn't for this, it would be March now, and Christmas would have flown around Easter and back. On the same string, don't forget, Easter is early this year on March 23, forcing St. Patrick's green day into Holy week, a feat not rivaled since 1940.

Other than that, it was the last day of Pride Week before the Invitational Tournament. We all wore maroon and silver, and got handy with the face paint. Good job to Y of abbey, the paint was layered on so well to the torso that it looked like a shirt with a Y on it. We won, grabbing our big lead in the 2nd quarter. Washington International School committed 13 fouls in the last half. Our whole school was there, shouting things from "Let's go Abbey" to "That's not classy" to "Start the bus". Great fun.

ST. A: 63 WIS: 54 (Please proofread my scores)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

School Pride Week

Did I tell you that It's Academic with our people is on television this Saturday? If I did, I misspoke. It's showing on March 29, in about a month.

Today was Jersey day. I wore a Little League jersey that came from Macomb Park's Orioles. Remember, this was pre-Nationals. As it was size 14-16, it must have been huge on me at the time, because it still fit over a long-sleeve undershirt. Oh, and did I say that the Orioles most won all the time? Of course all the teams were winners. But the most outrageous outfit was the leotard-singlet for the wrestling team. However, most wrestlers had decency to keep their leotards in the gym.

Yesterday was house shirt day. Yes, the joke did come. "Do you want to hear the biggest joke?""Main House.""Brouhaha-ha-ha."

Tomorrow is school color day. They sold out of Wiill Jurith's economical Abbey Love shirts before I got to buying one, so I had to Cave it and get an $18 Anselm's shirt. Why didn't he sell them in the cave to make it easier for everyone?
And is there a "club-level" sport I could join? I need one now to fill in my sport for this year on the college resume.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

From the heart

Today, I performed a few cardiac procedures on a sheep heart.
Cardiac bisection, tricuspid valve trisection, cardiac liposuction, and aortic semi-lunar valve replacements were a sample of what invasive procedures we did in our double-period bio class today. Of course, you can call it Dissection. From the hack-surgeon's perspective, leaving the semi-lunar valve intact was the most difficult job.
On the woozy subject of the heart, here is a sappy song from the heart:

It's so hard to part from you,
when we are splitting ways.
As hard as it is for me to say,
we must really go.

We've done so much together,
Been through a lot together,
We have so much in common,
It's hard to let it go.

The train is coming to take me away,
When those cold doors shut,
with tearful eyes we see the last,
it'll be hard to say good-bye.

When will we meet again?
My train has sadly come,
I wish I could never leave you,
but the time has come;

When you're ten miles off,
I'll run to meet you,
We'll promise to never leave again;
I'll carry you through.

With a dreadful heart I know it's a while away,
Thinking of you every second of every day;
I'll text message you, I'll Facebook you;
Please don't drop me as your friend.

I know you won't, I will return,
like a soldier coming back from war;
All the time we have been gone will be forgot,
and we will start anew:

First you'll see my silhouette,
then you'll hear my voice,
then the door will open,
and I'll be with you again!

Atticus Sawatzki ----'-{<

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I have noticed...

That you rarely find coins on the streets in New York. However, there's always a multitude of coins in DC. Why is that? I don't know, but I would like to form an investigatory committee. Why I bring this up- I've been finding a lot of dimes and quarters around.
Not to mention 35 cent fare cards...

Anyway, I get to keep my little ego of eschewing the third shuttle. The E2 actually comes at a good time, and I got to Fort Totten about when the first shuttle arrived. I'll post an easy schedule of the E2 and 80 buses after school on the soon-future Main House website.
On the topic of Main House, we all get to wear house shirts tomorrow. I'm just waiting for Main House jokes all day tomorrow, but-

Sticks and stones might break our bones but words will never hurt us,
or the United States of America.

Monday, February 25, 2008

A different day

Rather a different week.
If I may say, next week will be my fourth consecutive three-day weekend. First was the CUMUNC event (almost 3 days off), then President's day, then Snow Day last Friday. This Monday, our calendar says we have the day off.
Who knows why, but we do.
Also, for the next few days we do different attire days. Again,
Tuesday= Reverse clothing
Wednesday= House Shirt (Go Main!)
Thursday= Sports Jersey
Friday= School color day

And don't forget about the St. Anselm's Tournament on Friday afternoon, as well as It's Academic on NBC 4 on Saturday Morning. Unfortunately, I had orchestra that day and couldn't make it.

Week Easiness Rating: good chance
Lots to do.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Travel with me

After church and its associated school, we had a little adventure in the car. First stop: Hains Point. They had moved the statue that was there, The Awakening, to its permanent home in Gaylord's National Harbor Resort, just south of the Wilson Bridge. But the thing was, National Harbor will not be ready until April, said a security guard. So basically a statue that belongs in DC is now in PG county and inaccessible? Oh well. Also in PG county- Oxen Hill Farm. There were a few typical farm animals. Sheep, Goats, Chickens, Turkey, Horses, Cows, Rabbits, and real slothful Pigs, to be specific.

Have you tried a computer-free day recently? Just a thought.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sweet and Sour

I just got home from scootering for 17 minutes to and from the car to find my cell phone. The phone only took about 2 minutes to find. Therefore you know the car was parked in some way far off land. The only reason in moving the car from the nice parking space in front of my residence to 7 blocks away was to go to the Orchestra, and to buy a violin. With the proper advice of a non-shop violin pro, I got a great-sounding instrument. I will not release the price of the instrument today, but moneywise, it will pay for itself in two years and nine months in place of renting, FYI. Enjoyably, it's priceless because I want to play this violin a lot, to make it sound "better", according to the violin professional, who had the violin design customized for his shop.

Nice new violin, bow, case, and a shoulder rest on the house.
I'm eager to try a concerto on it.

Friday, February 22, 2008


"...We had our first snow day today, and I made sure to take advantage of it. (Catch up on sleep, finish this weekend's homework...) Sadly, there was no snow in front of my house, but I guess there is a lot of snow around somewhere, and I ended up with a three-day school week."

Quickly said, but here are some juicy details.
6:05 am- Wake up to the wonderful snow day. Went back to bed,
7:35 am- Had breakfast
Where did my time disappear?
9:50 am- Shower and dress up
10:15 am- Sort coins to send to bank
10:35 am- Build a coin-operated lock
11:00 am- Start doing Biology cards
Watch some more cartoons
12:25 pm- Finish Biology cards
1:30 pm- Delicious South American lunch brought home and enjoyed
2:05 pm- Circulate over to Union Station to drop off Little brother
At Union Station, there was a big line. All seats that were not reserved were filled north of Wilmington. Had to wait a while.
But I do proclaim DC Union Station the best rail terminal in the US, at least. Reports- Philly 30th street- will I be robbed?, Penn Station NYC , actually quite dumpy. Grand Central is just like Union DC, except the platforms are a little grimy. (Granny smiths to Ruby Reds)
4:15 pm- Circulate back home,
5:00 pm- play more Locomotion
6:30 pm- A little dinner
Time goes somewhere...
8:20 pm- Jmag and Blog.

He's Going Away

This Little Brother is going to be going back to New York on the 4:05pm train today, 178 Regional Amtrak. No more havoc on my blog until after Easter!
Other than that, today is a full snow day, and therefore I can catch up on everything I've been lacking. Sleep, homework head start, J-MAG, violin, etc.
Let's reiterate the last few days' events:
Wednesday night- I had to run out to see the eclipse.
Thursday night- It's academic- you are lucky if you missed this one. 80% of the questions were about economics, artwork, or literature. Somehow I sat through it. Rushing onwards, I did find a 1964 Silver Quarter in my change. That's at least some good luck for that day. (approximate monetary value- $3.25.)

The Panther Paper has joined the 21st century! Visit online at
That's my kind of paper.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Little Brother!

He was using the computer nearly all night doing homework, and I'm ready for bed now.
Must talk later

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Little Brother's main appearance

I would have blog-told that he was coming today, but as I said, he was busy on the computer. So he was being a shadow to one of our comrades. Because of our early-ending test (I got a 96), and the other class' Intramurals, we managed to board that first shuttle. He insisted that I must not linger on the platform for the other people, and we got home faster than any other day. 4:06pm. I still prefer being with everyone else, FYI

Yesterday: After Mount Vernon.
It started to rain, and there was this massive line for the shuttle to the overfill lot. We walked, and it was actually not that long of a walk, because everyone was parked in the wrong lot, at a large church, instead of the high school, three-quarter of a mile further down the road. Taking US Route 1 was plain slow, but the beltway to Annadale, through Springfield, was great. Pick up some Chinese groceries, and went home to a good parking spot in front of my residence. Then haircut, and the end of a three-day weekend.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Must keep this brief

Two reasons- I have to go out and get my haircut, and I just had my braces tightened, so I can't stay still for long.

I started my day with the orthodontist appointment. I should be getting these braces off before this summer, which was what today's 73 degree weather felt like. Then we went off to Mount Vernon. The driving was fine until a half mile from the estate, where there was a jam because of the incompetent policeman, who could not functionally direct traffic. In the overflow lot, we had to wait half an hour for the shuttle bus to the estate. There were, in fact, three of them running the short route, but the drivers kept running into the congested circle. So there, it took an hour from the lot to the estate. Mount Vernon was free today, the only day of the year it is so, and therefore it was uber-crowded. The new exhibit building really took a lot of the history away. However, the little IMAX film was pretty cool.

The rest of the day will come later...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

It's going to rain at 3pm

There is this place in Lower Maryland, which I frequent about 6 times a year. This is the Chesapeake Auction House in St. Leonard's right off MD SR Route 2/4. I don't take too much stock in antiques, but rather we go to stock up on coins. Old US Coins at a good deal, with a nice dealer.

I don't think I told you yet, but I'm a prolific coin collector. However, I don't go out there just to buy coins; (if you calculate mileage, this would be extremely inefficient.) but for family time, if you were skeptical.

But I saw somebody famous today- Gordon Peterson, who is on a high-profile television political talk show emerging from his Georgetown home. I will now respect his privacy and not give away too many details.

That's all, folks, for today.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Right now, I just finished writing my Bio index cards. After I finish my brisk math assignment, I'm going to Staples to restock on another 500. Of course, I was at orchestra today- a different one though.

District Metropolitan Youth Orchestra Program, the new PG County spur of DCYO. The most attractive parts: Clean building, and exclusively for experienced people. Yes, and many higher-level DCYO people are flocking to it.

However, three teachers were out today due to the flu. The news says it's a bad year regarding it.
A friendly reminder from SARS guy and The Virus Board; wear your respiratory mask!
Please, Mr. SARS guy! Anyway, just be careful.

Little Brother wants to play a computer game, and I had to let in now on the blog, just in case if I couldn't tonight.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Book Reviews 101

Newsflash- Little Brother has returned into the city's boundaries as I speak. Expect possible minor delays in reporting in the coming week. Since I did not have orchestra today, I reaped the benefits of Intramurals, getting on the first shuttle. Unfortunately, we did not win because we were one point down and our clock was cut 26 seconds short. Yes, it matters, John.
Here are my two cents on two books:

Wheelock's Latin.
Fredric M Wheelock
Scholars have saluted this book the language book of the century. This would be perfect if you want to look bourgeois-smart, but as the book lacks colored pictures and a good story line, it is rather a textbook from 1956. (*)(*)(1/2)( )( )

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
Samuel L Clemens (Mark Twain)
Is this really a children's novel? It was at one time. A very compelling story, full of symbolism, irony and hypocrisies at every turn of the page. However, I do believe that the Norton edition is way different than what I read in the typical edition. An entertaining novel if you want it to be, a 1000 page dissertation if you want to put it that was. It's a versatile book. (*)(*)(*)(*)( )

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Post 100 Day

Remember, this is a special day for the Atticus Sawatzki's blog production crew!
This is our 100th post. And by luck, 100th falls on a holiday called Valentines day. Unfortunately, I did not have religion class today, and therefore did not re-learn again who was St. Valentine. I was thinking of making the milestone on February, 29, but daily blogging pushed the date ahead. We will still celebrate our blog's first anniversary on March, 1, capping off our first 366 days. Next year I plan to post 365 posts. That's tentative, though.

As for my other life, I just came back from the Trajan party, a brief little Latin translation brouhaha. Before that, I was doing It's Academic. I thought it was 4:00 when the party started, but I guess they started a little before, and I didn't get the first few lines edited. Oh well. I actually did the work before the parties, and therefore did not crash because of missing a few lines of translation. Only one more thing; "Mom, I'm on the first shuttle (at 4:40pm) and it left on time for a change."

And a psychology question: If you read the post labels, you may have been drawn to the Injury section. Nothing wrong. I understand what people want: Drama. Which brings up the point- what do you look for in the news? integrity, or entertainment and mindless ballyhoo.
What we call the news- Tragedies, adventures, romances, dramas, and inspirational coaches.

Atticus Sawatzki's Blog
100 posts strong
Always something new

Thank you for reading!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ice Storm

Valentines' Day has been tentatively chosen as Post 100 day.
But about the ice storm...
Yesterday as I was coming home, I took a crash-slide on the ice covered brick. That was with my about-40 pound backpack. As a result of the fall, my left arm was paralyzed for about 2 minutes, and later I deduced that my left wrist was strained. As I said yesterday, I had forgotten my keys at home but I got in eventually. However, that was just the start of the ice storm. After I had finished blogging, our DSL internet went down. (Not the phone, not the power.) It didn't restart until this afternoon. Because of the ice, we got an extra hour at home, and shortened classes across the board. On the con side, I could not take a quick candy reload mission because it was too icy. Now on the way home today, not to sound too much like Patrick Wilmore, I did make it onto the second shuttle. I would not have minded the third for today, as we would have been on the same boat. "Mom, I'm on the second shuttle." I did the mission today in 9 minutes.

Much nicer than running to the station! PS I think my wrist will be alright for tommorow.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

And I did it again

Since there is not much to say...

I don't cut ahead to "the people I'm going home with" in the shuttle line, as I fear an investigation by the middle school on "why the 9th graders always go home together." Today was an atypical day, judging from the front of the line, some people had intramurals (the other 9th and 10th grade), and lots of classes let out way early. My preparation for the dash did nothing to propel me ahead of the third shuttle. Third Shuttle (sometimes fourth) resembles the 4:40. Anyway, I don't wait for third shuttles and therefore I walked. For the fourth time I walked all the way from the school to the station (once after orchestra on Friday, once after a concert, once after a half-day of exams-with everyone else, and today.) But this was the first time that I walked to Fort Totten, as no 80 bus came to lift me up. Nothing special walking. Just watched as the first shuttle passed me and caught off guard by a dog, and was pretty tired as I landed with the second shuttle's passengers at the station. They called me brave and I had to explain that there were no gangstas. Unlike daily blogging, I suppose this isn't something that I should keep up, eschewing the third shuttle when alone in relation to classmates.

Monday, February 11, 2008

I did it again

Some people say it's for personal achievement, but I only do it for practical reasons- getting home fast. Maybe it is sort of the former, seeing if I can make it to be with everyone else. Classmates, and friends, if I may be that bold. I know what it is like; looking at the street below from the Fort Totten red line platform, watching anxiously for the next shuttle to drop off the rest of the entourage before the next train came.

I guess it's something to see someone come up the escalator out of apparent nothing.
As I am suggesting, I repeated the B51-passes-you-then-you-run-for-the-80 routine. It worked, again. I must mention, this event somewhat resembles what happened Wednesday, February 6. I avoided a mob and ended up behind the benefactor, making me #15. If I would have counted carefully beforehand, I would have avoided the situation and left him in his #15 place. So I did the aforementioned routine.

It was lucky that the routine worked, particularly today, when there was a train delay (Our train repeatedly malfunctioned), which kept me out of home for half an hour. For that matter, it was so bad that by New York Avenue, I was doubting my ability to get off at Metro Center, therefore requiring me to Farragut North it. I got out fine, and I was mighty glad I had the communal entourage to support me through those hard delays.

Now...about after the successful awards ceremony last afternoon

I zipped over to the Cathedral (the place I spent a miserable night on Dec. 1, 2007) to watch a fellow St. Thomas alumnus sing evensong. Went well, got to boast of my recent part in victory, came home and had a nice pasta dinner. And I worked on the history project.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

CUMUNC IV (Sunday)

The wind blew and whistled through the building, the temperature is falling fast. But, I will not speak of that, rather I would speak of one of my best days of my life.

It was 9:50, I had intentionally come in at 9:40. The fellow delegate was not here yet, so I had to entertain the thought of dictatorship. Not necessary, as one could clearly see people from "a mile away" from the top floor of the Przyb' Center. Everything had to be carefully said and done to be a breadwinner, the whole South Africa-Japan bloc knew. So on the stage we pressed to get our paper, authored by South Africa (Very good thing) through the question session. Unfortunately, the front-row countries such as China and England had a different agenda. By the grace of heaven we were able to merge the infidel's paper into ours. The conference barely held together as we finally voted the resolution in. A little parade, and the conference went downhill. A militant group took away Singapore and we threw paper airplanes and paper anti-aircraft missiles to intercept.

Lunch was the same as yesterday, and the fellow delegate had a celebratory sk-cub-rats (read backwards) Frappucino. Then there was the closing ceremony, which was the awards ceremony. Our conference group, the SOCHUM (Social, cultural and humanitarian.) had our awards first. The outrageous militants (China and Israel), all three being 11th graders, in a corrupted manner, got the two Outstanding prizes. At least a Saint Anselm's character won the grand prize, a gavel. At least the other awards were given without corruption. A classmate (9th grade), who performed well, won in the 1963 US security council run-up. But there was the big prize. Best High School. Who guessed? We won with a yelp, upsetting McGuniess' 5 year winning streak. I guess all our people performed do well. "South Africa deserved to win", and we did. So did Japan. You'll hear it all on Thursday at announcements. Again.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

CUMUNC III (Saturday)

It was about 9:50am. I was thinking I might become the dictator of the country, as Chris was not there yet. But he came. That was probably a beneficial thing, because we actually pressed our papers through the vote. Good thing for points. That took us through until lunch, which was a boxed sandwich, and a bag of chips, and a brownie that actually tasted United Nations-fresh. As well as a whole table of soda cans to pick from. Some research about the child soldier problem, and a power play in creating a popular working paper. Unfortunately, the European economy crashed when Russia sealed the borders and France dropped the Euro and reverted to the Franc. But, we got our version into the passing process. Then time was up, and following the customs of St. Anselm's, did not go to the Delegate Dance.

I was driven by the faculty member to the station in a sweet little car. However, there was surprise track work and the train didn't come. Until I boarded the G8 home. At least the ride was quick, but I hurt my ear trying to talk on my Cell over the loud people. By the convention center, however, I was the second-to-last person on the bus, and had personal time with the driver for about 5 blocks. Now I was supposed to meet my mother in Farragut Square. Apparently the ride went so fast she had not made it to the square yet. I jumped the 38B to my doorsteps (in the West End). I called my mother and found that out. (P.S. I live 10 blocks from the square.)

It took 45 minutes for the complete trip, nearly as fast as a rush hour train trip.

CUMUNC II (Friday)

I got up at 6am as usual. My math homework was done. I was fine, until about 3rd period, when sleep deprivation hit me. I was still fine. At 1:30 the Italian started moaning about putting our issue to the side. We, however got that Trafficking paper passed, and our school made sure to be the writer of a working paper. About 2 hours in, the chair had us split our paper, and the Italian's papers into different topics about global warming. A crisis situation occured, and it was slightly fun because it somewhat involved our country, South Africa. It was basically less polution or more good HIV drugs. And so then it was dinner break. Their food court was schism-ed from the Catholic part, basically selling out of any good meatless options for a Lenten Friday. Session 2, we did whatsoever, and time flew to 10:00. I was able to Blog last night as I did not have to go to school early today.

By request, I mention that Tomas received a 103 on his Huck Finn Quiz. An A+++.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Backlog: CUMUNC I

(Thursday, after school). I had some math homework. Also, I had to write a position paper- which had been changed in that last few minutes before getting on the shuttle over to CU. "We're screwed." Nearly. Chris and I had worked on the original paper since Wednesday, and combining the two versions at lunch. We scrounged the details of International Affairs and scrapped together a draft. Luckily the conference had something called the Resource Room with four laptops. So we typed in all the info and had something slightly decent. Then I nearly had a bite to eat. I think it was such a waste, though. Once I had gotten my little plate, it was time to go in to the opening ceremonies. Thus like the real UN, I threw away food without shame. So this is the opening ceremony. There was the worst speaker I had ever heard. He sarcastically said he would keep the talk under three hours. Kahn and Lockes' world peace. For half an hour.

So then we got started on the conference. Unfortunately, we did not get the upper hand that day, but we did become sponsors- something important for the points game. So it was quite fun for 3 hours (I will elaborate later.) It was 10:30 when we finished, and 11:30 I got to bed.

More later!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Who is the winner?

Remember paperfight? I never declared a winner on the internet. Where it stands is that they were both winners. It was a cool game. But in the pragmatic sense, I would have to say that Riley wins my 10-second clip, but Malcolm had some good moments. Of course I must call it a draw (aka you're both winners), as there is no set way to win. (Fight until someone surrenders? How it looks on screen?)

But I would not be typing "write" now if it wasn't for the generous action of one classmate*, who noticed some thing that I did not. He let me go in front of him (I asked "really?", and I suppose he decided that I would probably go ahead of the communal entourage,) and landed as the last person to board the shuttle.

Situational Irony...I guess...
In fact, I don't take generosity for granted, and, having no need to rush home, studied some Religion on the platform. Eventually the rest of the entourage connected with the stray pieces and traveled to their respective abodes.

Remember... Don't be too surprised if I can't be e-present tomorrow. That conference runs late tomorrow, and I still have to get to school on Friday. I think I'll just double-post on Friday night after the conference, parts 1 and 2.

* As policy, I leave out names unless it's cool with them (aka requested) , it's necessary (Riley and Malcolm), or it's someone who I have never met that needs an e-slamming. (The Bush Family)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Paper Fighters

I write this post as I review a small video clip from my cell phone.
This clip is of what we call a Paper Fight. In this sport, both parties roll free newspapers and perform a ninja fight. This game is relatively safe, and is much fun, when it is staged. The sport would be great at any unsupervised, responsible, party. Adults and the media may take offense if it becomes popular, but it still would make a great late-night TV show and YouTube material. Also, I have been convinced that the Bio Club does do seriously cool stuff. So I encourage you, even though I have not yet (let's check my schedule...), to join, as well as get the opportunity to win a Bill Gates XBox.

I nearly forgot to type this because it happens earlier than in a lifetime this year, but today is Super Fat Tuesday, one time in about a hundred years that Fat Tuesday aka Mardi Gras, and Super Tuesday collide. Whatever incomparable indulgences and marked mischievousnesses you do tonight, don't forget tomorrow is Ash Wednesday.

Monday, February 4, 2008

"Little Brother"

In my story of my life, I sometimes must make mention to him. Well, he will be back, but his impacts on my blog might show up before. Ever since Little Brother went back to New York in early January, I have been able to blog every day or night. But there may be a break in the chain on Thursday and Friday, when I will be at CUMUNC, Catholic University's Model UN Conference. That will go on until 10:30 at night. To say the least, there will be a whole pile to write about on Saturday. Then Little Brother will desced upon the city, and who knows how many nights he will keep me from my blog. Maybe I can circumvent him... He will be shadowing someone in section III-B, (the other class), this month. More details to follow. I have been quite generous to his image so far, but, of course, there is a lot that any sibling could say about the other.

PS. WE WON on TV! Saint Anselm's beat the others on a landslide victory against the other It's academic teams. The NY Giants won the big game against the Boston (New England) Patriots. If I were doing the choreography, I would have let the Patriots score in the last second and upset the game.

Crepe Sale Friday. "French Pancakes" are not for sale. Real Crepes are for sale. Bring your money. 50 cents for a small, one dollar for a large, first topping free, 2 for 25 cents, 4 for 50 cents.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sorting out the market

Arabic, Hebrew, Persian. Those are the three languages which Blogger is now in. I never knew Persian was its own language.
I went ahead and posted a 1 GB chip on Facebook. I think the marketplace is underutilized. I think part of the reason was that there was no good selection there in the first place. Just Georgetown priced athletic stuff before, 2 pieces.

And so I bought a CVS Scientific Calculator today. I don't take no stock in TI-83/84, because it is going to be antiquated by the time we actually need it in 12th grade. "Senior year, Atticus will need a graphing calculator."

This month's Jmag is nearly ready.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

The whole thing

I just finished doing my Bio cards. That is after I came home from DCYO and got supplies for my History project. (I will be writing more on this when I start building my model.) I feel so good getting homework out of the way! And so I wish to get along to connecting my industries in Locomotion.
BTW, how did we do on television today? Unfortunately I was busy with orchestra and therefore could not make it :(

Friday, February 1, 2008

Snow Hour

I wish I could have blogged this morning at 6:30, when I first found out about the delayed school opening. That was, of course, after I showered and started to eat breakfast. That delay was about the "torrential" rain, perhaps. Rain that kept my socks wet all day, and carved a gully in the soil. So for that we got some extra time at home. Intramurals, EVERY player made a shot on a frequent basis. Whazup widdem? Orchestra, shuttle metro, home.

I'm sorry about having to say this, but I have to show some emotion. I was happy this afternoon, because I totally aced that history quiz! (mine was graded on the spot) Then I sort of lost that glow when Main lost to Austin.