Sunday, March 29, 2009


Saturday. After staying up past midnight, it was sort of hard to get up at 8am to go to the conference. Anyway, to my surprise, just about everyone from school who was supposed to be there was. Again, the OPEC got a room at nearby Government Hall, and got to work. So I supposed that it was time for me to be a sponsor. So I swng my weight and called out how Australia was the USA's BFF (fyi at this point in simulation, had increased oil production) and that we'd have to justify why I was subsidizing OPEC purchases by Australians. So I was sponsor. Now, if I just had voting powers

Meiwah's at 22nd and M. Never had considered eating there. I don't really know why I never have. So as we were waiting on the food,some really tall guy in a hoodie walked past our table. I instinctively pulled my belongings within arm-reach of me. Soon came an entourage and a coach. It was Rasheed Wallace of the Detroit Pistons, another high profile diner in this restaurant. Yes, the food was good (otherwise how would you get every politician to visit and have a picture taken?). And the price tag lived up to a comrade's stereotype of $15 Chinese food. There is also a Meiwah's in Chevy Chase. I guess that's how everyone knew about it.

So we were about 2 blocks from campus and 6 blocks from where I wanted to be. I got back in time, though. The OPEC resolution clearly passed, the non-OPEC clearly failed. Finally, we got onto the topic of renewable energy. Why was I so harried? The NGO NRDC was asking me about kangaroos. That went through well. Because I wasn't getting much attention, I decided to change my persona and talk about the rouge funding by oil money. The talk was interrupted as news of a revolutionist takeover in Saudi Arabia came in. "Should've listened to me". Then they took over the UAE. "Let's get them!". For this day, it was 6pm, and the conference, in all desires, was done for.

The Delegatefest. A highly guarded event with blaring music. As loud sounds disrupt homeostasis, I got thirsty. No snacks and drinks as promised. Not in the ballroom or in the geeklab, or in the adjacent battle of the bands. It was alright to socialize with people, but the music really started to hurt my ears, so I tried to leave. According to Physics class, that's 120 decibels. So I got parental permission to leave. Well, maybe not with the hounds. Three guards at each staircase, and a person watching each elevator. I positioned myself near the least guarded one, so that I'd be able to mix in with the crowd from the Battle. But no. More student guards came. So I remembered that there was an unobstructed exit from the roof. After crossing some groups of smoking children smoking cigarettes and who knows what, I gracefully opened the door, and twirled down the steps. And the stairway put me- outside on the alley halfway to the Metro. I had made it out. It turns out that others had done the same.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Earth Hour

Saturday, March 28. 8:30pm-9:30pm, your local time or your. If this works in the ideal situation, electric consumption will be cut by about 2% for the day- in the macro scale of things, that's a lot. And if 8:30 doesn't fit you, adjust the time.


WAMUNC is the great apex of the year. Unlike CUMUNC, this event is in the supposedly nice days of spring, with the smell of flowers and bustle of tourists and feeling of the end of the school year. That's a particularly April feeling. And that was last year, after the mental barrier of Easter break.

Nevertheless, I have been so tied up in school, schoolwork, and school peripherals that I forgot that there were only a few weeks left before the egg drop (Apr. 14) and exams (May)!

After school Thursday, we did the familiar drill of shuttling to Fort Totten, ride the red in a semi-private car, and have our leaders hide at the other end of the car. Quick to supper at Chipotle's- a whopping $9 for dish and drink, after the decent intro at Lisner (Obama would speak there tomorrow...). Comittee Session 1 at Gov't Hall. Plenty of competent OPEC players who knew their thing... not that easy to take all. But form your position, get up and at it, and do well.

"National Weather Service has issued a Dense Fog Advisory for the District of Columbia and surrounding Area until 9AM. Visibilities may be reduced to a quarter mile. Area of Fog is expected to develop overnight into the early morning."
That was today, just like yesterday. But cloudy skies don't dampen me.

After 3 classes (excluding gym), we were back down at GW. Now I (like that as I was the sole Panther at the OPEC party) had the opportunity to have an indoctrination session at the API's 12th floor HQ at 1220 L st.

If the event was placed the week after Easter, well, that would get in the way of my pending DMV adventure (My right birthday is April 17, a Friday, and I expect to use the time after school and before the place closes to take care of business). But saving the world is more important than self satisfaction.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

MD the Song

And yet another state song is coming under fire.

I don't know how it happens, but some of these songs are goofy, hateful, inciteful, and downright archaic. The year is 1939, and somebody or some group in the Maryland government decides to approve the Secessionist Civil War Song, with the tune of "O Tannenbaum"- an easy-to-sing job that frequents taverns and the like. Well. The legislators in Annapolis are looking at this.

But for now,

"The despot's heel is on thy shore" (aka Abe Lincoln)

"With Ringgold's spirit for the fray,
With Watson's blood at Monterey" (who are these people?)

"Dear Mother! burst the tyrant's chain,
Maryland, My Maryland!
Virginia should not call in vain!" (outright obvious)

Huzza! she spurns the Northern scum! (wishful thinking)

The whole text is available at

Luckily, I think that the whole concern is about several lines, not the whole job. Virginia removed "Old Virginny", and yet has not replaced it. What a terrible fate- to not have a state song- only NJ and DC have never had one.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Coins and Coffee

The right coin show for you is a excellent experience. If you did not know, I'm an avid collector of five years. I hadn't been to one in a while, so when I saw that this event in nearby Annapolis was coming up, I decided to go. Knights of Columbus Hall, Rt. 2, just off Ocean Gateway. Quite convenient. A mere 18 miles from the Beltway. So it really didn't take that long to get there- I was so indulged in composing a choral piece. But it was great- not too many dealers or hard sellers, just talkative people and lots of well priced merchandise. The budget I was put on wasn't all that bad: Always could use more. Nevertheless, I was abe to get a selection of fillers, as well as a 1889 New Orleans Morgan Dollar ($16) and an EF (aka really nice) V nickle from 1883. Sorry if you don't know coin lingo. I'll try to explain the hobby (and, for some, career) in layman terms sometime on this blog.

If we were just 2 miles from old town- why not go there too? As usual, others came to that conclusion as well. The town was bustling, but not to the point of New York maddening. Lots of ordinary folks- If you took a survey, about half of them were from Baltimore, some from DC, and some from wherever, USA, and some Navy students and their friends and family. It was sort of like DC on a state level- there were the lobbyists; the teacher group and the Maryland Banker's Association were two I saw- the State House (which is on MD's quarter) was prominent in the skyline.

And what's a trip without Starbucks. The one on the harbor was the first east of the Mississippi, I heard from an uncle. He was around when there were talks and murmurs about the novelty coming to town. Well, Daddy never thought Starbuck's would last around here: The Seattle people were depressed by the bad weather that they needed expen$ive caffeinated drinks. So, the shop did not become part of the family. The meter lady was giving out parking tickets on a Sunday- this town was serious about their parking revenue. So before two hours were up, we were back in the car and going home.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Again?

There was no green monster and there was no funk music today, but surely spring came today. And for some reason, I was up at the time, around here it was about 7:30am. I actually set my alarm clock for a different time than 6:05am, which is not typical of me.

SO what was the big deal? To get studying for the next 6 weeks done. I thought I had finished it all Wednesday morning, but, golly gosh, no. Well, I did some work at Georgetown Library, took breaks, daydreamed, had lunch, and soon it was suppertime. I suppose the lethargy came from the unexpected cold drift that passed through- temps in the 30's in spring?

Nevertheless, its Spring, and by the time this season in over- It'll be summer break. Always a time for the strange and unexpected to happen.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Funk The War

March 19, 2003

Six years to the date? According to plans, this war is set to end by year 8. So therefore, we can start packing away the protest stuff for a while. But this was not the case for a group of re-creationists. I passed by the affair when it was just starting to gather at Franklin Square. Nothing much, but there was raucous '70's music and lots of collegiate and high school types, retro style, and lots of coppers in blue shirt and helmet.

According to the independent press, various symbolic targets of last year were targeted, as usual. Lobbyist's row (K Street), a recruiting center, and the GOP HQ, which had "too many cops around to break (the doors) down." So if you come by the Farragut Square area, check out the plastered signs. If things go faster than expected, next year's Funk will be dilatory.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The shoemakers, cookie makers, luckifers (bringers of luck), and bankers. That's right- your banker is a leprechaun. Luckily, this is only in fantasyland. Last time I checked, there is no widespread elfism in Ireland, either.

Nevertheless, tradition and the liquor companies of the world make St. Pat's day into a federal affair. Yes, and yesterday, we dropped Little Brother in Pottstown. If you need to know, I was wearing green- the little loopy for the ski tag on my coat. Pennsylvania food differs from hoity toity city haute cuisine- desert in a tablespoon!? Anyway, it's more German than Irish, and so is the mood. The Columbia Diner did not mention the day, and for supper at the Charcoal Pit, it was a sidenote by a nice waitress to a festive family.

After getting back home, the other three of us rushed to the White House to see the fountain, which was dyed green, a Chicago tradition. The same thing that was done on the Chicago River- dye it green- was brought over by the First Family. It had a tint of green, but not a lot. Naturally, what nation would want a green monster in front of their president's residence? But it was surely festive enough. The large crowds of revelers would dissent.

And naturally, St. Patrick's Day (if it's on the 17th) marks 1 month until my birthday. So the countdown begins.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Top 100 Blog?!

On the website "temporary attorney", the one that infamously rants about the miseries and deceptions of law school and the law profession, was a little enblem about it being a top 100 blawg. It turns out that blawg is a pun. b-law-g. Sorry if I killed the flow. Then people make these lists about the Top 100 blogs? Based on what? I guess readership or revenue. Now there are news blogs, specialty blogs, neighborhood blogs, journal blogs, and rant blogs, and lots of other types of blogs. Some get higher readership than the others, by ad placement, real-world connections, and KEYWORD PLACEMENT- that's how a lot of readers found this blog. Other than these, I suppose that blogmasters register with an index. Nevertheless,I read a stat that 25% of all college students have a blog- now that's a lot of blogs. Some are well-written, some creative, but the point is- bookmark the ones you like, and the ones that people you affiliate with edit.

And 25% is just a statistic- most blogs are dead---the owners never had a real passion for it, and luckily, they don't show up on top of a web search.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Virginia, not Florida

Friday. First day of extended vacation since December. Little Brother had us go...west, but not too far. I-66. Exit 73- We enter from the Key Bridge. By Exit 64- the highway expands to four lanes each way: Much traffic joins from Beltway. Just prior to that point, Traffic to the big shopping mall and the airport split away. Why am I narrating this drive?! Anyway, past wherever it is now in Gainesville, it becomes a really pleasant country road- there's farms, Chapman's Mill (, and mountains. Front Royal and Winchester, a short doodah. Front Royal was a stop for lunch- Top's China converted last year from a chinese takeout to a more authentically Chinese buffet (there is real Chinese music on a non-region 1 disc!) Winchester has gotten more upscale with the proliferation of wineries in the area. Thai? Haute French Country? Surprisingly, I didn't notice any really upscale hotels for these winery types. But, the goal was to not spend a lot of time.

According to the official state vintner's guide, the climate is similar to the grape growing regions in France and Italy. Nevertheless, I'm not going to be 21 for a while, so what can you say about something you haven't tried.

All in all, an excellent thing to do for day 1 of spring break.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The 411 On Vacation

I was already having vacation-itis. As usual, I was up at 6am. Quite a bit tired, with a mild cough that wasn't contagious. So therefore, I would make the attempt to get to school. Hours slowly passed by, and it was 2:50. For the first time in a while, the Chess Club had brought boards, and I played past 3:20. Awesome player set up 6 powerful pieces aimed right for my king. Somehow, I survived 10 minutes like that.
It was sort of like going on vacation, preparing for spring break. Did I need this? Yes. No.

Well, time for some rest!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

On Money

A double or nothing bet. On my tennis skills. It's on the Tuesday after next. So whatever has been going on, little brother has taken an interest in buying collector coins on eBay. Yes, I come home and he's there with his account card and coin price book. So yes, he just started this on Sunday, and he expects to start receiving deliveries from across America- tomorrow.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Hour Gone

I felt that hour disappear. On this warm weekend, I did a lot and a lot of homework.
Nevertheless, I got out, but I sure miss that hour. It used to always happen during Eastertime or so, but not in the new plan. I'm tired- I actually had somewhere to go this morning- church doesn't wait.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's Academic, 48th Season

Entering the nondescript driveway off Nebraska avenue, the unmanned gate was approached. The keyword: It's Academic, and it opens. Then, one drives past the neatly-kept circle with an American flag in the center to park next to the 242-m tower.

Luckily, the taping began on time, and competing were T.C. Williams, multichampion Richard Montgomery, and St. Anselms. By all accounts, St. A's would falter.
But St. A's took an early lead, but was contested before halftime, and overtaken by the champs.

I forgot- the show hasn't aired yet. Don't want to spoil the ending.
Show airs on May 16.

Friday, March 6, 2009


I sort of blanked out about what I was to be writing tonight. It's 11pm, and four days until spring break.

While I'm not planing on going to the Gulf of Mexico, I digress with the media, and do believe that it's still safer to drive to Mexico than...driving is always the most dangerous thing to do that is compared to. Flying- safer than driving,nevertheless, just lock your doors, and don't stay out after dark...

This type of talk always makes it to be a quotable in the Express:
" It should have gone much faster, but all the taxis and double parkers on Columbia Road were major hazards...why can't people just pull to the curb...a taxi driver decided to stop in the only lane and converse with another driver"

Next up: The Half-State of Columbia.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Square Root Day

Take 9. What equals itself and multiplies to 9? That's 3. It's big news, as it happens not so often, increasingly not so towards the end of a century. I mean, it's not a yearly like Pi Day or Mole Day. 4/4/16 sound good?

Past Square Root Days in recent history

Sunday, March 1, 2009

2 Years and 405 Posts

I do not do professional sports reporting for a living, but the hold was tedious. Championship game, They beat us in the same situation twice before: would this be a third defeat? Panthers down 1 point at the half, up 7 points at 3rd quarter, soon we were down against St. Mary's by 2. Then a lay-up racket ensued. One by one until a tie at 39 with one minute, with St. Mary's at the advantage and with possession. They stalled. By 30 seconds, this was very obvious. Yet the Panthers did nothing but wait. An attempt at 5 second to ruin us failed; at the buzzer, it went in. 39-41 Panther loss.

It was very cathartic with all our team spirit. Some people believed it to be a bad call, but it was a straightforward textbook stall. A lot of people left before the awards ceremony.

I said one thing before leaving:

The snow isn't that great this time around.

Two years of Atticus Sawatzki's Blog:
From March 1 ,2007, to Victory, to Another Day, and The Big Day, we've been there.