Monday, March 31, 2008

Hallway Chat with an Internet Personality

A brief post today- I have to find and PC a post, which one of our readers found.

Last night, I watched the infamous "Peeps in the Park" video right before bed. Yes it happened. I had a dream about the stadium. So here it goes: It was night. About 12 of my gradesmen, and I, were driving to the Nats stadium, just as the video recommended not to do. Everyone else parked in a desolate field about 1 mile from the stadium. The others dodged lead as I parked in the empty stadium garage. I woke up.
On the topic of videos, this was Metro's most popular internet infomerical video, by far, with over 30,000 views. The other videos are slightly over 100. Anyway, they did a good job entertaining Washington.
You should also see...Depressed choirboys in England, parts 1 and 2. Sad Americans in England. Views are in the multihundreds.
Also, I was tabletopped for the first time today. For your information, this is a debalancing game played by two culprits/assailants and one sorry victim. Can't say all here now. I have grand ideas for the TTAG Facebook group, declined as Tabletopping Awareness Group. Free stuff!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

At Twinbrook

I was practicing at an orchestra rehearsal at a penthouse church in Twinbrook.
I rose at 7am to get there by 9:45am, and have time to spare. Due to it being very early Sunday morning, we did a high-speed bus trip to Friendship Heights. Once in a while experience. We got to the rehearsal site at 9:15, after meandering a little around the circa-1980's buildings.

At 10:00am, it was time to strike the first note. It felt like Monday morning at school, from passing through first period in a listless state, then cracking down to a test second period. (Sigh).
The result will be a concert at Strathmore (we'll talk later about this.) Anyway, the rehearsal went on for another two hours, after which Mother and I had lunch at seven seas. Being in the Rockville area, it was quite easy finding authentic Chinese food. There was also a Kosher Mart, where we actually bought a weighty Babka loaf, a delicate sweet bread imported from...Brooklyn. (see:

Anyway, it's the last day of a long vacation, and as I said on Facebook, sad that vacation has ended, but that I'm really missing my pals". Something like that.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's Academic

I just finished watching It's Academic sans the ice cream and tissues. It was a tight fit making it to my TV, getting to see the show, because I had another violin lesson at AU at 9am.

At 10:30, with our Insignia running, our team's handsome faces were broadcasted over the airwaves from where I was just at, on Nebraska Avenue. Our team was always ahead, although early on our team's first place position was threated by Westfield. About halfway though the game, scores reported as: Westfield 210, JFK 160, St.A 310. Before the final volley, scores stood as Westfield 395, JFK 260, St.A 475. St. Anselm's had a marvelous final volley, even though we lost 40 points to wrong answers then. Final score stood at Westfield 405, JFK 280, St.A 615.

So thanks, Peter, Marc, Daniel (and Matt) for making the show rather enjoyable.
And Stephen was there, vying for camera attention.
FYI Main House had the best attendance rate.

Technical PS- Soon you will be able to receive JangooMag through Facebook. Our staffs' plan is for readers to simply join the Facebook group for the monthly magazine, and it will be delivered to your Facebook inbox every month. The cost is free, thanks to our sponsors, who vary every month. Thanks!

Saint Anselm's- The official IA team of Atticus Sawatzki's Blog.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Tales of the Rich and Famous

Gordon Peterson (?-) is living life out as usual with his wife in Georgetown. He is still a TV star on DC Channel 7, WJLA, with his show, Inside Washington.

Barack Obama (1961-) is not home much on Capitol Hill nowadays. He is eying to move from his townhouse on The Hill to a large, white house at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., aka The White House, in 2009.

Little Brother is Out

He left and took the storm away with him. Actually, this is only the eye of the hurricane. He will be back tonight, and wreck havoc on my blog until I come home on Tuesday, when he will be gone until June.
I tried to take Little Brother to Rockville, or some other Metro-venture, but he only wanted to play on the computer. So yesterday was thrown in the trash. Nearly.
Nevertheless, I did some unique accomplishments. I wrote a sample "Sawatzki's Note" for The Cat in the Hat, and embellished that story into a meaningful novel with allegory. Today I discovered that people have joined The Banker's Club. Out of modesty, I did not make myself an officer, which I just discovered how to do. However, modesty doesn't reign in my "Free gift" group, where I play Oprah Winfrey in generously offering gifts to members. No one has joined that group. Likewise, I just finished typing a meaningful essay for The Bankers' Club on microlending in America. Over one page long, single-spaced. And now I have time to go beyond the call of duty for my Religion Extra Credit project, by reading and essaying about my topic. As I said, this day won't go to waste!

PS- 10:30 am, I think, tomorrow, NBC 4, It's Academic. This will be a tale of one small school bravely fighting against Goliaths to win the prize.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

End of a Golden Era

Today sadly ends a golden era for private enterprise in cities. Eastern Travel and Tours is enjoying its last day at the peak of a golden wave. Ever since 1998, a bubble was forming. In recent years, some companies have been, again, riding the wave of prosperity, but it is Eastern that had the upper hand. What am I referring to?
The so-called Chinatown buses. Fung Wah started in 1998, catering to the Chinese community, shuttling passengers for $10 between New York and Boston. Other companies soon followed for the same intention, within 5 years forming a network on the East Coast. Eastern took the lead in catering to the "wider population". Low Fares, Friendly People, and by far, Quicker Service and Better Schedules characterize Eastern, as well as others, against the government-subsidized Greyhound.
The bubble was bound to burst. New start-ups such as Tony Coach (blast to the past- has priorities mixed up- chooses quantity over quality) and the tasteless DC2NY, in the past year, proved that the clientèle was a bottomless well. Well, Greyhound wanted to be the bully that scattered the people. Their new service, Boltbus, will be a Trojan Horse. The system, starting tomorrow, will run just like a striving company, running buses from the street corner. But it's Greyhound. The government is sponsoring this non-capitalist act that is on the verge of offending Anti-Trust laws meant to protect the smaller providers. If they were only entering the market, it would not sting. However, they are using their bottomless cesspool of cash to push private enterprise into bankrupcy, or shutting down. Offering tickets that start at $1, range up through the $7 and $10 range and practically capping at $15, someone without a strong conscience will be lured by the outer beauty of the price deal.
Who knows what will happen tomorrow with my friends at Eastern? What do they have up their sleeve? They must not fail, and most likely will not. Due to the drain of up to 400 passengers each way per day, if all comes to worst, several companies will shut down, (Tony and DC2NY top my list right now) and Eastern, the most "American Apple Pie" of the companies will have to make noticeable cuts to service. The older underdogs, such as New Century, MVP/Apex Bus and Today's Bus, will tweak schedules and tactics to recenter on the Chinese community. Maybe there is some law that Greyhound is violating in creating BoltBus. We can hope.
At least Eastern provides a quicker trip!
>Boltbus will then take their tornado to the NY-Boston route. They might have more trouble there, due to Fung Wah as well as Lucky Star each providing near-hourly service between the two towns. Later on that.

End of a Golden Era

It's time to get caught up on the journal. That means time for poetry. But I'm not in poetry mood, however, and the journal will look like a bullet list.

Got up and breakfast at the White House.
The Starbucks stand refused to serve me a dessert drink, even though they are not ashamed of taking my peoples' money for a shot of caffeine, street name, "frap".
Wasted the rest of the day in front of computer.
Went biking- hands got cold and swelled up.

Total waste of a day- Little Brother's fault.
Went biking- The Mall is scary at night.

Priority seating in The Supreme court, thanks to Court Marshall Thongtavee. A very special event.
Didn't have too much time to waste.
Violin Lesson, AU
Walked from Dupont Circle via West End to Home

Thursday and Friday
My last two days of vacation. They must not go to waste. I have planned a Metro-cursion with Little Brother for tomorrow.

The main item I was supposed to talk about is way too important to be relegated to the bottom of a journal entry

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Little Brother is Sleeping

...First we checked into our room on 75th street. Then, we all went up to the Columbia University area to eat lunch at Ollies. Then we took a walk around the campus. On the weekends, there is one main gate open, but all the others are closed, nearly. There was one other exit through the garage. Otherwise, the campus is surrounded in high padlocked fences, making an escape from fire a disaster. Then we dropped him off and basically went back to our room to get dressed for the Easter vigil. Two hours and 20 minutes later, we went to dinner at Lilly's 57th street, another new-Asian restaurant. The restaurant choice was limited because of the tight schedule. Afterwards, a 2-mile trek back to the guest house.

This morning, we had to vacate the room by 10 am. Quite an early check-out time. This was a Bed-but not Breakfast, and the staff had the need of going to church for Easter. We moved the car to a nice parking space on 57th street, alleviating the need for a long walk. Since it was already 9:15, all the decent places we would have eaten were crowded, so we set off to 8th avenue and Wendy's. There was hardly anyone there, and for a good reason. The staff were stingy with the potatoes, and I've been ill ever since, on account of the rubbish they fed me. 11am service, was filled to capacity of approx. 2200. The mass took about 20 extra minutes. Not too bad. Afterwards, as with every Sunday, the school had a very nice lunch for us. Now that did not leave much time to get to the church for the 3:00 evensong. Luckily this lasted no longer than the ordinary Sunday evensong. Driving back to Washington was congested most of the way. However, we were able to maintain a high rate of speed for the most part. Let's see. Car crash holds up tunnel traffic for 20 stopped minutes in the Lincoln Tunnel. Rubbernecking slowdowns on the NJ Turnpike. More of that in Delaware. 5-car accident in Maryland, blocked one travel lane, half mile backup. Luckily we passed through before the police arrived, because one car was on the other side of the road, away from the other four, and you know the police. Investigation.
Arrived at 9:55pm. 4 hour 40 minutes, averaging 45.5 miles per hour, including 2 driver-switch stops. However, I didn't get to bed until 11pm.
PS no one was severely injured or killed in any of the wrecks.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Two posts in one

I went to New York in the family car. The ride took exactly 4 hours and 17 minutes, including a refueling stop in Maryland and two driver switches in New Jersey, averaging 49.68 miles per hour. That was a long stop, as we were flying at over 70 mph most of the trip to meet the 12:00 deadline for taking Little Brother out to lunch. We were at 49th and 12th at that...

Friday, March 21, 2008

My Good Friday speech

Last night I went to DC's Carnegie Hall- of the sciences, and listened to a Dr. Hau, a physicist, discuss speed control and packaging of light. However, unlike most theories, this was actually performed, and has multiple practical uses- fiber optics as well as dense storage for computer memory. Continuing on the Environmental Film Festival, I was requested to watch a wordless documentary from the 1970's. Sort of cool. Then I came home and had a meatless lunch.

At lunch today, I was cringing at the thought that restaurants were still cooking meat today, of all days, Good Friday. And also, the millions of Americans who will eat a juicy, meaty hamburger tonight, and at least some of those people will regret it, forgetting it was Good Friday. This crossed my mind as I remembered that the IADB's cafeteria is brave by going totally meatless today, something most companies wouldn't consider, because it would be "offensive" to some people, even though it really isn't. Anyway, it's going to be Easter soon and I'm going to New York tomorrow. I don't know what I'll do, asides from going to three or four lengthy services this weekend. (I'll try to limit myself to 2). There is: Saturday vigil, Sunday 8am, 11am, Evensong 3pm. In other news...

There is this new bus company, Boltbus, yet another bus provider between DC and New York, that will start service on March 23 from Metro Center. Unfortunately, this is Greyhound trying to sabotage private enterprise (The bus companies catering to generally well-off people) by dressing as an innocent. (I can think of other things as well...) They're thinking "Well, if we can't get the government to interfere we'll do it ourselves, at a big loss." As a person who has crunched these numbers before, fortunately, their business strategy can't last long. They'll bleed too much money by selling $1 to $15 tickets and paying the drivers union wages. The best we can do: Boycott the Boltboy. Please support capitalism, and denounce communism.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Day 2

Last night I had the violin lesson- one-seat ride N3 to American Univeristy and a ride in "a shoe", one of the cute little 22-seater buses Metro has. I recommend you take a ride in one some day. From what I know, routes 98, B8, N8, E6 always use them.

I was just working for about an hour on April's Jangoomag. I wanted to get my portions done before little brother comes home for Easter and takes liberty in hogging the computer. At least he might be geting a laptop soon... but anyway, I was at the IADB underground auditorium listening to a "power point reader" talk about filming in Peru, and then showed the 47 minute film. Sort of spoiled the beginning a little, but otherwise it was a cool film. Had lunch at the bank's upscale food cafeteria by Guckenheimer and Illy. Came home, worked on Jmag, and here am I. I really should play more music...

Reminder: Tomorrow is Good Friday.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


It's my first free* day that will be followed by another weekday free day. I tried to not waste this precious day, but in my mind it started early. My circadian rhythm was "traumatized" like jet lag from being jarred awake at 6 am, which my body refuses to do, mostly. I probably woke up at about 6am, but by 6:30 I didn't feel like staying in bed. So I got up, had breakfast, showered, and headed out to a mission. First, at 9:13 am I caught two buses (D5 and L2) to T street to drop off a package, en route to Tenleytown (92 to walk across Duke Ellington Bridge to Red Line north) to purchase a music book on Store credit. At the 400-something foot summit, I headed down to sea level. (N2 to 32, needlessly) BTW, 6 times $1.35 equals $8.10, not $7.10. I guess it's hard to do math while driving a bus. Eventually, I made it home by 10:38 am. I tried so hard to not let my life go to waste in front of the computer screen, and I partially made it. I practiced the violin for two whole hours, not straight though, as I got distracted from my internet play-along, and started watching random YouTube videos. Now here am I and I have a violin lesson at AU at 7:00.

*from school

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Catch-up, on sleep

I play it cool
And dig all jive
That's the reason
I stay alive.

My motto,
As I live and learn
Dig and be dug
In Return

(Langston Hughes)

I wanted to include the poem "On hearing the intent of purchasing the poet's freedom", which included a jubilee about liberation from the toils of the world, but I lost the packet, and had to settle with the next suitable poetry.

Anyway, it's Spring Break. It finally came, and I'm enjoying my first few minutes of it, especially when it took a while to get our locker room open. Otherwise, maybe the admin will get the jist of things and realize that locking the rooms during sports causes more problems than it solve. Notwithstanding, we're finally getting smart-boards, the most attention- grabbing internet-ready digital chalkboards in the world. Yes, I've worked with them at St. Thomas before, and they're great.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Tradition and the roadblock

What is Zeno's theory?
It goes this way- if you go halfway (1/2), then half (1/4), and on (1/8)'ll never get there. But there is an end to tomorrow. Why I bring it up- Math quest. Not a fun, joyful computer game, but rather a 30-50 point twiz (no way to spell it). On top of that, there is one tennis practice in my vacation, which is at 3:30 tomorrow. Oh Well. Vacation will come soon enough.
Some orders of business:
X Collect A+ loan from customer YYYY
Collect other loans
Inquire about EC religion assignment, session 3
X Inquire about tennis practice tomorrow
Finish math practice quest

Now onto my tradition- I completed another online order today, which will be hand delivered tomorrow. That's what I do, and like to do. Brings good memories of summer when I do.
Jangoonow- internet shop online since 2004:
I'll have time to update it by Wednes

Sunday, March 16, 2008


It's already Holy Week, and vacation is two days away. But more critically, I have two quizzes tomorrow, and I want to make sure I'm in the total know about all the material. Got to go.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Keeping it real

There are two speed bumps in the way of my Easter vacation called Monday and Tuesday. Actually, Monday is the bump, with two quizzes which require frantic studying and CliffNote cross-referencing. Tuesday is really just the support group for the excitement of the vacation. No test, quiz that day. Anyway, while I'm still on the computer, I'll SparkNote a little to test my reading comprehension. So that's why I'll keep it short tonight, and you'll hear my freedom ring on Tuesday.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Thinking about it

People have taken regained interest in the Jangoonow website as an order form. I actually just finished polishing updates, and encourage you to look in the near future. Please do note that I will restock on candy over the looming vacation. The website is harder to maintain than the blog because of time restrictions on many nights, but over the break and vacation I have plenty of time for updates.

A little different afternoon today- there was a special presentation by the debate team about hot political topics, and education. Was interesting, better than intramurals with basketball, on account of really tall tenth graders. Tennis today, my legs are a little tired from the two laps around the facilities. Not much else, except a weekend of studying for two quizzes, English and History, as well as online Bio Cards (they make up one whole letter grade for my pending bad score on the hell-test (Satan True-False, yes-no-maybe so matching, and several roadblock no solution-not the letter E- multiple choice answers), and math. Keeping my thoughts straight.

Money News- buy new stock in bankrupt companies. There is a near- certain chance that its value will rise quickly.* (Reference: Washington Group)
Sponsored Ads:

>Are your outstanding loans destroying your friendships?
Interest payments creating resentment?
Save your friendships and money!
You should consider refinancing your loan with me!

*A.S.' blog is not responsible for your financial decisions. Please consult your professional.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

My time to shine

Who does the world stop for when this person has another heart issue?
Dick Chaney of Observatory Circle.
I was playing tennis in Rose Park when I noticed no cars were on the parkway, at 7 pm. Within a few minutes, a short motorcade as well as a DC ambulance passed by. You know it's him, or maybe it was his dog. Then the world started to spin again after his motorcade passed.

Yesterday, I came into class to the awe of the plebs and senators of the grade to the site of a student who ironically fractured his hand on his brother's head, in instinct to an action by the brother right before. It was all Karma, maybe he'll use P.C. terms when referring to anyone else on the entire planet, whoever they are.

Of course my Phys Ed shirt just had to be in his locker when he was out. We were still doing Krazy Kickball today, and it was hard trying not to pay attention to the score, even though this was a Krazy game. And I was not the worst player on my team, I think.

Two periods later at announcements, we all found out that vacation will begin one day early! That was a lot of joy-whoops. Also, we were formally told that The Pope will be in Washington for my birthday (April 17), oh what a special day, and I might be able to spend it with his highest honor at Mass. If I can win the lottery for one of the school's 40 tickets for our school's High schoolers. That would be just over a 50 percent chance of receiving a ticket if half of the High Schoolers sign up for the lottery.

Bad syntax- the Pope would have been here regardless of it was my birthday or not. If you can go, I say you should, to the pontifical Mass.

Something I saw in today's express made me quite perturbed- a school in Connecticut abdicated the school VP for buying candy on school grounds. This was an offense against their healthy food policy. Why I was perturbed, the day before I sold some candy to a certain student government official, who will remain nameless. We all have our faults. (PS: I did not sell on school time.)

Back to sports, I did my first practice today. Not bad at all- the worst part was the two-lap circumvention of the property- from the courts to South Dakota, "up the hill" to the monastery, through the cemetery and on the 16th street NE side of the school, and back up a hill to the upper parking lot. After that, we had a little study session on the train. The Bio test's hardest part is that chart of hormones, which I may not take stock in when I graduate from college- if I don't go into medicine.

Anyway, my Melatonin is signaling for me to study for three more good hours.
(aka: My body doesn't have to go to sleep for 3 hours)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Un Crepe

Congratulations to the French Club today for hosting the first really successful Crepe Sale at the school. Successful because the buyers enjoyed the crepes (thanks to Alex and Chris), and the line never became excessively long.
Because I did not have to rush out to CUMUNC, I got to eat an Alex crepe. C'etais bon.
The Crepe Sale was also beneficial to the French club, as they are now able to purchase a new DVD set for their meetings. Membership is free, and there is no painful initiation rite.
Exact money count is not able to be disclosed.

Anyway, on the way home I was beseeched by a charity. Unfortunately, I did not have much money, and therefore could not contribute much to his cause. I told him I would call back, and I am not a liar, so I will. I thought that I had to list the guy's name here anyway.

Capital Hill Sports League
(no website yet)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


4:04 was the time I got home today, a new record for a 3:20 pm departure. Since nearly everyone was out at some sports activity, there were plenty of open seats on the second shuttle. As I may have said before, I needed to diversify my assets by adding a (voluntary) sport to my list. That would at least make me a High School athlete. Good. I "joined" the lacrosse team last night, but unless Jeremy talks to me and I have to bring equipment, it'll feel too shallow of a sport. I have to confer on a few things this evening to make sure I'm doing a sport for spring.

The latest Priory Press came out today, with my article in it, "Praise for Changes." I haven't had the time to analyze the published work, because I was real busy with the National French Exam as well as "the brain thing" at second lunch.

Update on DT: It's complicated. DT has had fruitful relationships with three different women. Did anyone ever expect him to stay married for long? Anyway, DTJ, the oldest Trumplet (graduated 1996), as well as Eric, the 2nd oldest guy Trumplet (graduated 2002) went to the Hill. I haven't been able to find out if the fourth Trumplet, Tiffany (born 1993) , is at the school (product of DT's second honeymoon)
Source: Wikipedia

Monday, March 10, 2008

Little Brother's main appearance


This time, his next four years came in the mail today. There is a likely chance that he will go to th Hill School in Pottstown, PA. This little town is about 30 miles from Philadelphia, and 15 miles from one of the world's largest shopping malls! King of Prussia Mall, King of Prussia PA. A little more about this elitist private school: the Donald Trumplets go there. Therefore, my parents become fellow school parents with DT. He even probably goes to the school at least once a year.

PS- He got a significant scholarship to go there. Little Brother will also have an appearance on the White House Ellipse when we go there Easter Monday for our yearly ritual breakfast. Will blog.
There are two major events in town that day: that and a zoo event. The history goes back 100 years, but there are 3 types of people who go to these events- the people who call the White House their gent (like me), those who call the zoo their gent, and those who go to both- start at the White House and bus up to the zoo after all-you-can-grab.
More on that later.

>No one's fired yet.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


I had to get up "early" to get to church today. While I woke up a little before 8 in real time, the Daylight Savings Time debacle sliced an hour off my sleep. But that's fine. I have to get up at 6 tomorrow. Still, it's nothing like Scotland (5 hour difference, the sun shines near perpetually up there) Anyway, I got to go out now.
Adventures on a Sunday!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

I can't spell "Wednesday" right

I was worried so much about the excess of homework this weekend- until I cut the amount down to studying for the Latin vocab quiz. Why I was so worried- I was out from 9 am to 5 pm playing music down in Suitland (DMYOP) from 9:30 until 1, and taking a broad sweep over to AU for a ! one hour-15 minute! private lesson. Getting home at 5, I was pretty tired, but was able to get to Bio cards at 5:30. Unfortunately, I don' think I'll be able to dash over to the play, "You can't take it with you." Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

PS Daylight Savings Time begins early tomorrow. Spring forward one hour, aka lose an hour of sleep.

Friday, March 7, 2008


Taking of Pelham 123, good movie.

I forgot to mention that yesterday, we saw Chrysler's 1955 version of Huckleberry Finn. I wrote a brief report on the movie, and will post the important material as soon as I get it back. Otherwise, it was a typical Friday, until intramural. James Mwombela, I can't accuse him too much of Main's lost, but in general Main 10th graders don't take house seriously enough, as James is on the team I underestimated Tomas Husted, who shot a 2-pointer (OK) and then a 3-pointer with me supposed to be guarding him. Shame on me, possibly costing Main-2 a 3-on-3 b-ball victory.
When will we move onto some sport Main is really good at?

In the excitement of the weekend, my shirt was locked in a "burned" locker (the inspirational coach had to get it out) and my tie disappeared. Now I'm going to come in on Monday with a different tie because someone lost mine, to reminds everyone about the terrible prank someone pulled on me on Friday. Luckily it wasn't my nicest tie. But still.

Sponsored links:
>Crepe Sale Wednesday, March 12, 2008
The cafeteria, both lunch periods as well as 35 minute period
Crepes $.75, toppings $.25, fruit $.50
Fudge will be available by the spoonful!
Proceeds benefit French Club activities for all to enjoy.

>Main House now has an unofficial website.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

It's Academic

Crushing quizzes are fun, but today was a special day for the It's Academic Team, because they received all-new high tech buzzers to replace the simpler, older version which have aged out.
The new equipment is able to organize into teams, as well as setting answer order, replacing luck if the first answer is wrong. It also sports a timer, which we have not used yet. Also, a laptop-style case.

On the same note, future IA events:
March 29- Round 1, on TV, NBC 4
April 12- Round 2, filming in NW DC, you can be on television.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Jangoomag 2008 is ready! This publication was continued in January to add valuable age to a future grand magazine. It's at You can also request a print copy as well.

But otherwise, I have been officially approved for an American Express kiddie credit card. FYI American Express has the tightest credit standards. Any other bank would have let me have my card whenever, but AE requires that I be 15, which I will be in about a month. Of course this would all be wired to my dad's account, but maybe he'll approve of it.


French quiz study X Religion quiz study
Math sheet do X Latin Practice Test X

I got my homework done on the Metro, except for studying for that Religion quiz. How Sweet. Except, I am going to find something useful to do. But before that's all said and done, I enjoyed a double lunch period today, with Model UN between the two periods. Some people ended up with a triple lunch period- response: I'm finally in class again. (After a 2 hour 50 minute siesta)

Biological Lab Adventures today with Dr. Juniors: Taking blood pressure. I won't release our patients' medical info, as well as everyone elses', as any non-corrupt institution would.
Last week: Invasive Cardiac Care

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Happy Fruit

I received my second crate of fruit from Friends of the (South and Central) Americas. This time, unlike the civilized supermarket 5-pound box of Clementines I received in December, this big box of navel oranges was not cuddly. Somehow I dashed out, like last time I received a crate, picked it up quickly and got on the first shuttle. Well, this big box of 25 oranges rushed lactic acid into my forearms (aka soreness) in a few seconds, because there were only tiny finger-holes on the longer side of the box. That was not too much. Metro Center was about a cup of lactic acid, but from Foggy Bottom to home, this was a gallon. The box in my arms made my heavy backpack literally feel like a paper towel! So I got home, without losing an orange on the street, and the weight of my backpack came back to me after 5 extra minutes for the walk from station to home.
Be grateful for Clementines.

Sounds sort of like the $500 in coins ordeal from last summer?

Monday, March 3, 2008


Texas Hold 'Em wouldn't load last night, so now I'm playing it now and got to be nimble about blog- poker switching.
I had to go to H street Northeast to hand in the papers for the job program. It required taking the X2 over. I thought I'd be stuck on the street corner for half an hour, as I saw Tic-Tac-Toe and one more, four X2's in a line in the other direction. One did come before the glob returned, however, so I could return to the computer quicker than not. On the way to H street, I saw a van tip over. More on that later. The H street corridor resembles U street 5 years ago, with this place I had to go to turn in the form resemblant of the 14th street Reeves Center. Basically, this was one place I did not want to spend too much time in.
I was overly fancifully dressed, and well prepared- I was out in 30 seconds as I had already filled out my form in the comfort of my home. Watching my steps and looking both ways frequently, it was good that a bus was right there to sweep me back to my territory and to my lunch and Texas Hold 'Em. I forgot; the bus coming back from H street was detoured, as the Capitol police were investigating the van, which had tipped over when I was headed to H street, that was on their turf along with ambulances and fire trucks. A witness said that the van was in pursuit by the police. At least one injury was reported. (My original reporting)

Enjoying that free day junk!

Sunday, March 2, 2008


I spent part of last night playing online Texas Hold 'Em. No, not the type that requires a credit card, but the sinless version. I'm sorry, but I'll be heading right to that Facebook thing right after I finish blogging.
I just got home from playing tennis in my community, after church and Sunday School.
Otherwise, It's 2:45, and I have to decide if the tournament finale will be worth going to. I missed last night's game, so I don't know if we passed into this round or are just about to start in the third place game. I think I could be a good sports blog-tator...
We started cleaning a long-neglected closet which has been stacking up like rock layers. The top of the pile resembles 2006, but by probing the bottom you can guesstimate that the bottom was founded in about 1995.
Tomorrow I have no work to do. Maybe I'll go out to the bank to deposit a hefty load of coins, but I really also should go to U Street to apply for a summer government job. Let's see what they think I can do in life. Of course, my generation says "that I'm a winner and it's fine if I don't fell that I need you to be my boss, because I'm a winner and someone else will want me and spoil me rotten."
So long for now!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

One year later

I just got home from a 6 mile jog to Fletcher's cove on the C+O canal, which terminates just at the Watergate, 1 block from my home. Today is one of my few free Saturdays without orchestra practice. But here is the first anniversary of Atticus Sawatzki's blog. I said yesterday that today I would say all the sentimental stuff. As I said yesterday, the blog went to England and back, and Canada and back and everywhere in between. But let me do some talk. 2007 I actually did 54 posts in 9 months. I never thought I did so much. But I did, and am on track for 360 psts this year! Woo Hoo!

"Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2007
Hurray. It's my 50th blog post, half of which came in the past two months, when I made an attempt at 5 posts a week. Now we had our ("50"/10)th exam today, and one exam only, which let us out at 10am. Since the shuttle wouldn't come for another half hour, some of us had a nice walk through the community on Michigan avenue to Brookland Metro. Somewhat quicker than taking 12th street. Nevertheless, there are still two exams left and I know the readers want these exams to be over as well! Maybe the 100th post could be on Feb. 29, 2008? That's a special day."

"May 6, 2007
I am very pleased to announce that we have had a steady increase in visitors to our website. Thank you very much! Invite your friends to see! Also, we have started a video series. More on that soon including DVD's"

Maybe more later.
Atticus Sawatzki