Thursday, July 30, 2009

Found In Change

A mercury head dime was found by a certain Mr. Ross a few years abck in the dusty field of lower central park. Blackened by years in the dirt the 1944 was still a surprise for us all.

An Indian Head Cent from 1899 was also found by a certain ntfletch's grandmother, as he relayed to me.

As I reloaded my Smartrip card with nickles and dimes, I checked the coin return and found a 1942 war nickle- a good amount of silver in it, characteristically dull gray.

PS- Mars Candy Company is giving away .25 million free candy bar coupons on Fridays starting at 9am (I guess to give the West Coasters a fair shot during daylight hours)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Seldom Flier

You know you haven't been on a plane in a while if...

You expected not to pay for your first two bags of luggage
You think the drinks and peanuts are free
You licked your chops in anticipation of the meal, also free
You call the flight attendant "stewardess"
You think the pilot's all jolly about his paycheck
You read the inflight magazine because there's no better entertainment
You thought smoking was allowed on board, and there was a lounge to do so in.
You call for a blanket and pillow, and expect to not shell out a Hamilton- or swipe your card
You deny that a plane can make it from DC to Alaska nonstop
You refuse to believe that transcontinental flights are $189 (plus taxes and fees)
and that transatlantic flights are the same price.
You thought you were still on the ground because the takeoff was so quiet.
You believe that the stewardesses are registered nurses
You think the average flier's outfit is scandalous

Like Daddy

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Whole 9 Yards

It's not wise to bet against a remarkable US recovery. If one had bought a handful of stocks in February, when the news was pelting feel-bad news at you, a half-of-average rate of return at this time would be a whopping 16%. I'm not here to talk about money, though.
These days, the news establishment runs those fell-good stories. Ain't it all bright and merry? Obamacare hits a snag. At least someone cares about running deficits.

Think Positive

Friday, July 24, 2009

Forecast 2010

DISCLAIMER: The atticussawatzki blog does not typically take sides on politics. This is not apathy:it's just an open forum for discussion.

Who's in and who's out

Conservatives gain seats in House and Senate. Many view one-part control of the three branches as a speeding train without brakes. Even with an economic recovery, people are spooked by the Summer of 2009- socialized medicine in the works? Obama is still likable.

Va. Gov. Tim Kaine gets a job in the White House.

Md. Gov. Martin O'Malley is voted out of office for all the things he did incorrectly (just things)- and was able to do a successful 2012 presidential bid is out of question.

DC Mayor (and maybe future governor) Adrian Fenty is reelected with plenty of room to spare- even though opponents try to start a rumor (it happens every cycle)

MoCo County exec Ike Leggett makes it; claims he helped county fight budget crisis and blames Mr. O'Malley for everything that he couldn't fix single-handedly. His new private office bathroom wasn't too politically scarring.

Rep. Norton (DC) gets more representation

George Bush enjoying himself in Texas.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Berkeley of the East

Takoma Park is split into three parts: Takoma (Park) DC; Takoma Park, MD in PG County; Takoma Park, MD in Montgomery County. But it's all the same : Berkley of the East.
It is, after all, a Nuclear Free Zone: it does not do business with companies pertaining to nuclear weapons, and will soon not do business with nuclear power (bye bye power company, enjoy your natural-wax candles at night). I'm waiting to see a wind turbine sprout up beside the Metro tracks. I guess they'll enjoy burning coal til bad things happen. But there are charming things, like, well, I haven't visited in a while. People accepting each other, some community spirit (the republic of Takoma Park)

Takoma Park, MD in PG County was merged into Montgomery County, thus giving access to the higher-ranking and notorious Monkey Blair. Further plans of merging Takoma Park, DC into MD are still under discussion...

(The title originally read Berkley)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Mechanical Pencils

A tisket and a tasket. I have lots of mechanical pencils that were on sale at Walgreen's. Now these Papermates are refillable, but at this price, the economics of refilling do not make sense. Of course there are the environmental benefits of not using them as disposables, which may make it all the worthwhile. but then you might also need a spare eraser when you refill the lead? Is it still better for the environment? Well, you save a lot of plastic.


There was a shipment from somewhere in pool supply land that allowed for two new pool-bottom vacuum tubes (public pools tend to not use robots on the account of wily nature of the tubes in that they like to tie themselves into knots), and four new, glossy, red rescue tubes that are ergonomically soothing. How so? Your elbows don't sag down into the foam when you rest them on the new tubes. And there is something about the fact that they are- new. New plastic scent, sharp corners and crease- free, and 'GUARD' in ghostly white bold print, as if they had never hit the water with the weight of a person before.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Memoir, 1 week ago

Waking up on a cool morning at 6:30am, because you went to bed at 10. Seeing a real life groundhog, like Punxsutawney Phil, but with less celebrity status, and brown rabbits, admitting to nerdship and going to breakfast at 7am to avoid the big sports camp groups. Doing some summer homework (I'm falling behind- and the milk says August), watching calories because of all the temping dining hall treats. Attempting to retrieve a $10 frisbee- on two occasions. Considering what was on the other side of those hills to the west. Seeing the American Reinvestment and Recovery act in action. Never need a jacket (except in the classroom), and never humid, and no daily thunderstorms. Not touching the computer for a day, watching Little Brother look at pictures of trains.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Day In and Out

I didn't forget- post 497 will be about the sans-culottes

but it's only 475. So away I went from the three-story palace of Bucknell engineering. But first, the Soccer camp kids came on Saturday night- 400 of them. Lots of them. And as a going-away present, a thunderstorm. Off goes the steam whistle, but it goes ignored. Comes the rain, and we run in. Then yearbooks, and now, the eternal quest to find those folks on facebook.

I'm thinking that I can get rid of pool tile algae with the abundant supply of AJAX oxygen bleach powder. I feel like the groundskeeper from CaddyShack. 8 hours from arrival at home to work duty, let's say.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

People in the Last Day

I forgot that not all local food is health food, especially in Penna. dairy country. Parkhurst does a fine job of providing delicious meals. Fine in that I got into eating 5000 calories in one day- twice than what's healthy. And I'm off to dinner. I also found it interesting that some people have seen the insides of a tractor, some who live on a farm, some have never seen the insides of a computer before, and some Republicans whose parents do not make .25 million dollars a year. I'll write more insightful thinks when there aren't 3 people looking over my shoulder

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

ENG @ Bucknell

5 minutes until an Ethics session. I've been enjoying. Nice Parkhurst dining, coll labs. But, got to clear my data from this computer before class

Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4

i was at the pool today, but i made it back in time for the fireworks-on the mall. So it was another splendid show and a quick trip on foot by the freeway home. and now I go to bed before 2morrows trip.

Friday, July 3, 2009

July 3

I am really tired, but I am really tired, but I think that July 4 is a great day for us. Parades and fireworks (if your jurisdiction hasn't banned them yet) and lots of American food. Of course there are those who think that July 2 is the more important date. I'm not sure, though. but it sure does feel like Dec. 24.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Nick Jonas 2028

Nick Jonas seems insistent on making a youthful presidential campaign. Not to play a race card, but if one has not yet, we would also be tremendously overdue for a continental european to become president. He has the talent to run the country...
I've heard years ranging from 2028 to 2038 (?!) to 2040. But it wouldn't be the first time that a celebrity became president- think Reagan. From the horse's mouth, " as soon as he is old enough" ( Sept. 16 1992 would make him 36 in 2028. It's going to be time for a young president, anyway. Reaches the whole 18-40 contingency, which might work if young people start to vote. Say, can a 34 year old run as long as he/ she is 35 by Jan 20? BTW I'll be 35 and 6 months on election day 2028. But I'm not thinking of running then (never say never)- I'm not a uber-well-known brand...yet. That'd be a lot of catchup to play in 19 years.

The AARP and the Senior contingency might have a reservation about this...
But if he needs more political experience, to make a long story short, he can become the Governor of California.