Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tuck Shop

Did you really know the Tuck Shop had a website? It does! I have yet to decide who gets access to the password. Traditionally, we have to keep Jangoo and Tuck Shop somewhat separate (Yes, now I can admit it, Jangoo was doing ellicit business, but you may be able to use a common order form for both soon... got to run. More in this later

Sunday, August 12, 2007


What do you call a two-lane road with yield-turns? In Canada that is what is called a freeway. Apparently, Canada has not been using its tax money right. In a nation with a skyrocketed 18% overall tax rate nothing has been done. Everything is still overpriced. (Who ever heard of spending $15 per person at a Chinese take-out, or $40 for a toll bridge?) So, anyway, the only thing I know that you get is American-style general hospital care. So I collected my receipts to get a tax refund from the place up north when I got back to the nice place. Apparently, they had canceled that program in 2006 and away went the tourists. So then, we should think, would it be too bad if America was made the police of the world? (Or at least make us the bank).

PS: Subway makes this lobster roll sandwich, and I was asked to say that it was no good. And remember, Prince Edward Island potatoes are allowed back into the States/ Colonies, and a good lobster roll is done with Mayo, Salt and Pepper, and a little Lettuce.