Monday, December 31, 2007

Last post of 2007

NOthing cool happened in the last few days, so I reckoned I better not put second rate material on the blog. What was really awesome was that the Redskins are still writing an inspirational story. Dallas can't play right in the rain- or, they wanted to help write the inspirational tale. Thanks, Dallas. The New England (Boston) Patriots won a 16-0 season, setting a record. Other than these signs I've been finding dimes all day. What an omen. Backtrack to yesterday, I nearly left my coat in the same store in Maryland that I usually nearly leave something at. Creepy. Now on Saturday, I enjoyed a long trip to wild and wonderful West Virginia, enjoying big, empty freeways between small towns. We went to an all-you-can-eat buffet, and of course I ate too much...
Happy 2008.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Shopping Rush

Today I went to Inkstop. I got up at 7am to do so as to get massively discounted technology, but there was a little problem. The ad said the store opened at 8am, when it really opens at 9. So I was stranded for an hour, walking around "Little West Virginia", as the neighborhood is sometimes called, and playing with my cellphone waiting. At 9 I was like a child in a candy shop, the discounted technology on one neat shelf. I got memory cards, reams of paper, a labelmaker, for $27. or so. Anyway, according to my original plan, I was supposed to take the D5 shortcut bus directly home, but that was a rush hour only service and I was stuck taking a transfer trip. At least the D6 was a new bus, which took off some of the pain. Anyway, Inkstop, great values.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

First Christmas, Blogged

It was a rare day when the computer remained off all day. That's why I couldn't say:
*"Merry Christmas"*
last night to everyone before the special day.

Before next Christmas I will have received my Driver Learner's Permit (isn't it 15 and a half in DC) , had a nice, long summer vacation and experience, Dr. Wood's Physics class, and a February 29th will have gone by. Lots of things.

Back to yesterday and the day before, I took the Tony bus to New York (Not recommended) via 4 stops and had a lunch in Chinatown. ($3, Fried Dumpling, Avenue of the Immigrants/Allen Street, Fried dumplings, wonton soup, spring roll and tea egg) I rushed back to a lesson and carol service for the community, and then had an alumni school dinner. Afterwards, we checked in our hotel, Doubletree at Times Square. Nice views from room 1403. Fun to ride the elevator to the top and down for thrills. Of course, time flew and it was time for midnight mass. It was so hard to stay awake while sitting down during the festive music, but I was somewhat awake by the end of Mass. Bed at about 2am.

Later morning, Christmas Day, Breakfast at a little deli east of the hotel on 47th street. ($3.25, breakfast sandwich.) Rockefeller center had a long fountain which was about a foot thick in pennies and various other change. Got some pictures, will post. Another service at 11, and Eastern bus at 2:30 home. The only store that would have been somewhat appealing there in Times Square, waiting for the bus to pull up was Office Depot. Yes, no better place to play in Times Square. Not too many people. But Office Depot was closed that day.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hodie christus non natus est.

Kristmas Kounter: 1 day

It was very foggy this morning, especially when I crossed the street into Foggy Bottom. Heeheehee. I felt like going back to sleep. While I was working on Facebook, I came across this link:
Click on a button and you charge a 19 cent donation from a corporate sponsor. That is apparently enough to feed a hungry kid, and something charitable to do during Christmas"If you have a computer, can you save someone's life with the click of your mouse?"

Saturday, December 22, 2007


I enjoyed my first year of Christmas shopping. I enjoy going to the large store and grabbing last-of-stock items off the shelf, the only time one may grab items one after another. But, unlike the news kept on saying, there were no entrancing sales and price cuts that made me feel like I was in heaven. (buy a hot dog griller and get an ice shaver free, eh?)

After that I had a sad time- while I was being nice and filling my daddy's car with gas. I finished and topped the gas off for safety, and pulled the nozzle from the tank, which, brokenly, splurted 39 cents of gas on the side of the car and on my pants. Ick.

In another pair of pants we went to Rodman's and bought about $40 of European imported sweets.

The Redskins are fighting for a Wildcard spot after dominating the Giants. No matter what happens, the inspirational-coach-movie will portray the Redskins winning.

Friday, December 21, 2007

It's something important

I don't have to get up at 6 am until January 7th. Yippee! If you want to know where to buy electronics at half price and don't have any objections in pumping money into China's economy, visit the website, Or, if you are so tech savvy you must get massive quantities of American electronics at a Chinese price visit Shenzhen, China. Says a website, there are hundreds of multistory wholesale electronics shops. I'm planning on going there in, about, 2016 or so, if the stuff's still cheap.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

One last exam

What is in my way before a merry Christmas Holiday break?
Studying for the final final exam
Doing the final final exam
Having a school mass after the final final exam.

Main question- do we get any holiday homework, or is it given to us tommorow to our discontent, or is it mailed to our cheery homes to remind us of the real world? Or do we not get any at all?

A new cooler of coins is starting to grow. Unfortunately, I can still lift it with one finger. As I sort through the incoming coins to pluck out the collectibles over the coming holiday, I think the bucket will get quite heavy by New Year's Day. Of course, I'm going to fill it to the brim. Also, I can only guess how much money is in the cooler, for now I have no need, and it takes too much time, to put them in neat little bank rolls.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Post 50

Hurray. It's my 50th blog post, half of which came in the past two months, when I made an attempt at 5 posts a week. Now we had our ("50"/10)th exam today, and one exam only, which let us out at 10am. Since the shuttle wouldn't come for another half hour, some of us had a nice walk through the community on Michigan avenue to Brookland Metro. Somewhat quicker than taking 12th street.

Nevertheless, there are still two exams left and I know the readers want these exams to be over as well! Maybe the 100th post could be on Feb. 29, 2008? That's a special day.

Jack Evans sent us a nice "Happy Holiday" card on glossy paper in full color; the type you receive from relatives. Paid for by Evans 2008, Treasurer, Dennis Black. Evans has been the area councilman longer than I've been alive and he's probably going to be elected again and again.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Exams, my life for now

The English exam was simple- completed poet ID and names and an essay on the allegory in The Grapes of Wrath. Science- there were only 30 card questions and about 10 Hardy-Weinbergs. Tomorrow- some Latin and going home at 10am.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

O Tannenbaum

Today we got a Christmas tree! A sign of a Germanic dark age ritual. Other than this reminder, I was nearly insistent to take the bus to get the tree, because I was in fear that there would be no parking out front. Of course, it's only what one would do if they wanted to make a statement, but we were lucky in that we had a parking space just about were we left from. There surely are exams tomorrow. Science may require thought, but the English exam will be jolly. I will do good on the English exam! HAHAHA. Lame joke. Starbucks is irritating me; they opened another new one two blocks from where they opened a new one in June. Worse than McDonald's, I think. Did you know you could fireproof a tree ? More on that later, I got to catch some sleep.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

What's Better?

The exams went fine, however, I did use all two hours of both exam sessions to dolly some extra credit, in French. What is better? a little kid asked, a half day of exams or a whole day of classes?
The two hours didn't make much of a difference, though. The fun part will be getting out at or before 10am on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Our very first high school exam. In a mere 15 hours I will be sitting nervously while some teacher, who comes on time, hands us our language exams. I'll fill out most of it right, trip up over the pronouns. Then I start doubting my answers. I avoid changing the multiple choice and it comes out sweet. Three hours later, someone will hand out the Religion Exam and I will miss some part of the doctrine (God is...) or be misguided on an essay. That was based on the last test, but I just have to get the Christian philosophers straight.

In my other life, a girl who I have never met before tracked me down to my Facebook from a piece of apparel. During the summer of '05, I think it was, while I was at Saint Thomas', the boy's school hosted a choir week for girls. "There I was a hero". Sweet and nice.

Monday, December 10, 2007

A weekend, a poem

This is highly compressed language, or POETRY

Weekend come and gone

DC Youth Orchestra, yep, nothing better to do with a Saturday. Afterwards I went to a Chinese supermarket in Rockville to load up on Chinese groceries.

It's already Sunday?
Went to church group
Performed at St. Anselm Christmas concert

Friday, December 7, 2007

Two and a half day weekend

It's Pearl Harbor day today, and nobody told me before TV did. For some reason they forgot to mention that this is the second day of Hanukkah.

The 8 hours of free time on Friday should not be misrepresented. It is the best part of the weekend just because there's more weekend ahead! Intramurals were fun today, because Main house dissed Moore at volleyball- 3 games in a row! In orchestra today, I had the feeling that I was outperformed by a little sixth grader who played a solo maybe better than I did.

I submitted an article for the Press last night after blogging (or as I call it, E-Journaling) I won't spoil the secret until the paper comes out. I would like to encourage more "freshies" to write material for the paper, because good literature comes out of hardship. Not like being a Freshman at this school is difficult.

Anyway, that was so cool how we used the new school lecture hall. Those nice seats are as part of the future as a Segway.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Another Post (Happy style)

(insert a phrase from George Horton paraphrasing Greek literature)

Because I did my Math homework last night I did not have any homework tonight! That's a first in a while. For the record, Montgomery County Schools opened 2 hours late today, and therefore we had a neat-o 1 hour delay, which I used half of for a snooze and half for treading through ice. I didn't have a problem with the trains, but apparently some people did. There are automatic snowmelters on the tracks to take care of the ice. While the temperature barely broke over freezing, parts of the park's snow/ice has broken into islands in the park outside my window. Likewise certain streets are still in a thick layer of frozen wintry mix, while other (side) streets are melted. Whatever was going on with ice adherence today will not disturb my normal Friday and Friday night tomorrow!

Also: I found my Biology folder back where it belonged. Nice people-returned my exam study material.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

DCYO Recruiting

Can you play a Vivaldi Concerto? If so, great, because that is what our conductor wants.

Last Saturday, Mr. Vales revealed yet another ambitious plan for our Junior Philharmonic. He compared us to the other, (top) orchestra and said we could be as good as them, when we had enough people. He pulled out a board with all the available seats, and had us all fill in a chair to represent ourselves. We had 35 people. There are 88 places, which is the size of a full Philharmonic. We were always called the Philharmonic, and now Mr. Vales wants a Philharmonic. "We will fill these seats by 2009". "Three oboes!" someone exclaimed "It's lucky if we have one!" He said that if we all brought someone to our ensemble, then the rest would take care of itself.
according to Mr. Vales, "We can be the best in the county".

Most of us have been playing with this institution for many years. That is testimony to the enjoyability of the program. Timewise, this takes no more than 4 hours of your Saturday, and requires only a few hours of practice a week. For this you receive the chance to perform at high profile events and a great portfolio for college applications.

So I encourage everyone out there, if you think you are qualified, or for that matter have any sort of musical inclination, visit this website, All orchestra positions are avalible. Harps and Percussion and all woodwinds and brass and strings, including violin!

Thank you all for your time, and remember, you can be great!

Ice Day?

Snowball-able snow so early in December? Cool.

The only reason I'm here right now is that the mayor decided to take a snow day. You see, the DCYO-JP (DC Youth Orchestra Junior Philharmonic, who is recruiting), which I am a member of, was supposed to perform at the livable walkable community event. This was called off, as many other things were, tonight, for a reason I don't see. Now tomorrow, I believe that there will be ice on the roads when it refreezes tonight. (Actually, it was below freezing nearly all day- the roads just didn't freeze like everything else, and the snow would not adhere.) And when there is ice on the roads it isn't safest to drive and the government says not to go to school or work because of that, even though it doesn't bother my travel.

Keep posted on for the latest school closures. Rappahanock county in Virginia and The Potomac School, VA have already posted 2 hour delays for tomorrow. My opinion: It doesn't matter to me if we had school tomorrow or not. After all, it is going to be Thursday and it's not a bad schedule...

Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Big Idea

I promised on Thursday that when I had more time, I would give my big plan. I read online about these High School Entrepreneurs. Their stories are amazing! But there is a benefit- they also give scholarships for these people for college. I suppose that this is a limited field and that I may have a chance to shine, and to get pocket change without being dependent on a parent. I've done lots of buying and selling and much of the other professional matters like evaluation... This is something that I will think about over the long Christmas break in 20 days.

The worst night ever

Last night was the worst night I ever lived through! This all-youth lock in at the cathedral could have been the fraud of the day. You see: They showed pictures of happy children on their website. The real faces were those of people who did an all day long test. Exausted faces emerging into the sun for the first time in more than 14 hours. These high school age group leaders just could not manage anything. For example, we had to wait a whole half hour in line just to get a bagel! and not to mention the warm orange juice. The disrespect of the church- how terrible! Sleeping and eating in the nave of the cathedral! Not like I could get to sleep; there were people screaming and stomping all night, waking me up at regular intervals. After all, the light was on over my head all night. Between 7pm and 1 am these big children stuffed us with propaganda- they actually did traumatize more than one person about what they said about how there was no justice in the world. That was from 7 to 10pm. Then we had a Woodstock-esque christian revival song event. They can be fun, but I don't have to tell you about this one. Then we had a midnight mass of the most sacred sacrament of Holy Communion while we sung improvisational church music. In sleepwear on the altar of this high church- How dare they! So with less than 2 hours of sleep in all I slouched over to my orchestra event. These big children destroyed at least half my weekend.
Main problem- too many people!How were you supposed to meet people when there were 440 paying participants? Each participant paid $38. Go figure. The diocese recieved $16,720 (Nearly all the staff were volunteering.) while apparently the majority of the participants were in misery. I would have happily given 2 $20 bills to support whatever nice mission the church was trying to achieve. This was unnecessary, I thought. A few people, however, liked it and want to go back again next year. It just must not be our parish's style. Don't take me wrong- Most Christian sleepovers are great fun and whatever this sleepover was trying to claim they did. For example, I would have preferred watching a DVD in a cozy sleeping bag with people I knew at my local parish over the cathedral's own movie theater and that rock band that was there.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mid-Week Blogging

I would not have usually been blogging now other than by public request. I suppose it is assumed that one should blog everyday like one would journal or diary everyday. I think I should attempt to try to do a blog every day.

But today I got a little word of advice: I did run two blocks after a bus yesterday. I did make it, but it was not worth it. I then was panting all the way to school and until the end of first period. There was also a little bit of coughing involved as well, and I was afraid that I had caught a cold, but I didn't. Moral of story: try to resist the temptation of chasing buses.

Otherwise I guess my mid-weeks are routine. There is a larger thing I want to say that will have to wait a little. Hopefully I can post my big idea tonight, and if not, soon. You see, I like, and I must, if I want to be happy the next day, get to bed by 10:30pm. By that time I always have my schoolwork done, and sometimes a little time to spare. But otherwise, I just hope the "workweek" goes by fast. PS I do floss every night :)

Monday, November 26, 2007

If you want to know

Says Fox 5: It was Mr. Chaney's heart. Nothing major, the hospital said.

Somebody important

Outside GW Hospital there were over thirty secret service vehicles. A street was also closed to park a multitude of cop motorcycles as well. It being the preferred hospital of the American Royal family and their nobles, that is only a sign that someone important had an medical emergency. We have not had a reason to enter the hospital to find out who is there.

That was my report, and I beat the other news people to it. But remember, it's bad to rejoice at some politician's personal misery, but the news like to sensationalize it anyway.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Last Week

  1. I've been busy with my Facebook account. What I like most about this service is that it makes me feel smart. (You have to register with someone you know in High school or college). For that matter, I nearly had my account deleted when I did not friend someone at my school in a timely manner. But unlike that MySpace, which I suppose I will never get an account with, it does not have the trashy things, and the friends you get are real friends you know and, perhaps, trust. So there. (click here to view)

Friday, November 9, 2007

What a week

I took a peek at ntfletch's page and decided to share more about school
An observation-the more school activities you do, the better grades you get. So be busy.
And they say that overacheivers have no social life. Really?
So we are doing the Bye Bye Birdie musical the weekend after this one. We just started instrumental rehearsal on Monday, and a dress rehearsal on Veteran's day. But it's coming together really well.

More on this later

Friday, November 2, 2007

Haiku is so cool!

Just about a few days ago some comrades and I started having safe, sane, intellectual fun called Haiku. Haiku is like what you see below

Haiku is so cool
So cool we built a website
Click here to see it

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

High School Stuff!

Facebook makes me feel exclusive. To register, one must give their high school. You see, it feels like it was made for me. But enough about that. I believe that this is the first blog that I mention school, so here goes. While I still have 16 hours unrelated to school time, it always feels squeezed. First of all, I am forced out of my cozy bed at 6 am by the alarm clock. 50 minutes later, I must be outside and walking towards the Metro. 55 Minutes pass and I am in class. 5 classes in the morning, 1 hour 20 minute extended lunch period, 3 classes in the afternoon. 3:20- run for the microbus for quick transit to the metro. Get home around 4:05. The days pass. The weeks pass. I calculated that I have about 135 more weeks of school until college.

And for today's action
On the train home a typical riot happened. On the opposite end of the train a kid starts shouting. Then everyone else from that school joins in. A few seconds the police come from nowhere and apprehend them. Not everyday stuff, but some action it was. (Just so you know, this wasn't my school who did the riot. It was Bernie Backus School's fault...)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

White Rabbit Galore!

Report from the Tuck Shop: They chartered 10 bags of White Rabbits, much better than previous one-bag purchases. Fresh from the bag, ten bags, day after day. I was about to put an e-order for pickup on Sunday when I realized I had two bags at home! I mean, that would make a great photo! IITYWYBAD? Look it up. It's a real acronym.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Bonus Gift Promotions

In March I commented that playing with free laptop offers were the most time-money worth way to a laptop. In fact I still think it is, but only if you have great organization and a big credit card. I did try, and I quit, after handing my card to subscriptionists (Yikes!) Part of it was that my charge card, which I already paid a $3.95 premium on, was not big enough. Part of it was that I used the worst possible company,, who made you buy more junk (Such as DVD's and club memberships) before getting to claim the prize. So as I go, I will try it again- when I have a full time clerical staff.

If you are concered about Chinese Candy

Recall after recall, not everything made in China is safe. But we do guarantee the safety of what we sell. After review of our products, most of our candy is made in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, all of whom has had no problems. Our American Ginseng candy is made in California, and that leave White Rabbits, which are of high reputation. On top of that, they are distributed to over 50 countries worldwide, and American imports are closely monitored by QFCO, inc. of California, the American distibutor of the candy. As part of our quality monitoring, we sample our candy a week in advance before making it available to you. I never had a problem. So enjoy!

Who do you call a crook?

Stuck in a residual delay, with the whole train's A/C system broken, and fog condensing on the windows. That's what happened just to save one crook's life. Now imagine a group so inspired as to do that in 10 strategic points in the Metro system. Likewise would we be accomplices to the crime by shutting down the entire system? So apparently the Metro is a popular way to go, and a bus doesn't hold that many people, American style (Reverse Tokyo Style) and a riot started. Option A: Hit the crook, Option B: Leave many injured as they cause a rush for the shuttle buses, as well as harm the American money and the enviroment (the buses). I got some feedback. "Who cares (about the dude)", was the most common.
What happened that harmed the American economy .

Sunday, September 2, 2007


Last Wendsday, I moved my computer from my bedroom to the living room. I had a logistical issue; my phone plug in the living room was broken! I had to wait until today so I could get the replacement plug. After a wiring mistake that I made about an hour ago (from the outdated home use of the 25-cord system) I was devastated. I was desperate to get back online. No e-mail, no web fun at home. I had to go to the Library to satisfy my needs, not saying it is a bad place, just four blocks away. I was in glee when I got it working a few minutes ago! So my advice, try to stay connected to stay happy!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tuck Shop

Did you really know the Tuck Shop had a website? It does! I have yet to decide who gets access to the password. Traditionally, we have to keep Jangoo and Tuck Shop somewhat separate (Yes, now I can admit it, Jangoo was doing ellicit business, but you may be able to use a common order form for both soon... got to run. More in this later

Sunday, August 12, 2007


What do you call a two-lane road with yield-turns? In Canada that is what is called a freeway. Apparently, Canada has not been using its tax money right. In a nation with a skyrocketed 18% overall tax rate nothing has been done. Everything is still overpriced. (Who ever heard of spending $15 per person at a Chinese take-out, or $40 for a toll bridge?) So, anyway, the only thing I know that you get is American-style general hospital care. So I collected my receipts to get a tax refund from the place up north when I got back to the nice place. Apparently, they had canceled that program in 2006 and away went the tourists. So then, we should think, would it be too bad if America was made the police of the world? (Or at least make us the bank).

PS: Subway makes this lobster roll sandwich, and I was asked to say that it was no good. And remember, Prince Edward Island potatoes are allowed back into the States/ Colonies, and a good lobster roll is done with Mayo, Salt and Pepper, and a little Lettuce.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Trip to England

"Part of the time I was preparing this email I was test-driving a Mac in London. I only had about 10 minutes there, and that was all the computer use I got in England. Since July 6 I've been in England on a choir trip. For the last week of so we have been looking at old cathedrals and singing in them. They look so much the same that I stopped taking pictures of them. Some of the places we stayed were just plain nasty, but there was one super-modern one. Now if you go to the tour blog,, it will say a lot, maybe but I don't know, about almost a total of 100 hours of singing, (it's true! sometimes up to 6 or 7 hours a day) but it will not mention some things.
Our bus originally came with a trailer attached, in which we kept our luggage. When we were going up a really steep hill the trailer snapped off and rolled partway down the hill, however not hitting a BMW that was behind us. About a week later the bus sprang a gas leak. We waited in a parking lot for four hours at night for a replacement bus to come, and that was the end of the travel problems until we had to literally run to make the plane because the check in and security lines were so long (American Airlines). Otherwise the trip was fun."

PS. The country is totally socialist! The tax rate was a whopping 18% and I did not get to go to duty free to shop for cheap stuff, neither did the rest of the group. This might have been a good thing, as I got an offer of 2 pounds (approx. $4) on a single crunchy bar on the way home. The milk was disturbingly cheap, and International pay phone call pricing was gouged to subsidize 20p local and national calls. Nessie was cute (Scotland, not to offend) and I recommend Rowan Glen yogurts.
Quotes: " A Scottish coach with a Scottish Driver", "They're all driving on the improper side of the road", "Lots of crashes happen within the first half hour of the Chunnel because of England's "backward" driving system" "Even the light switches and power goes the wrong way." "It's alright, England, we understand"

Sunday, July 1, 2007

How to deposit $500 of coins

How much does 5000 cents, nickels, dimes and quarters weigh? A ton. (Not quite literally, though.) So after 5 years of waiting, wrapping coins, and having pleasure with the ranks of rolls, I turned them in. It took some thinking. In the end I used a kid's scooter to transport the small cooler. It turned out that the first bank (distance not given as protection) was closed for the day, so I resorted to the one with the coin sorting machine. (This was at Wisconsin and M street, later that night to be a SWAT team panic/media frenzy) Having to undo years of wrapping, I discovered First Union rolls. What a long time it has been. The total was $569.17 (3 cent rolls were delinquent a penny, unavoidable, and a Canadian Quarter and dime were rejected) So it turned out that this was noting to them. An El Salvadorian man had been saving coins for 4 years and put $4400 through the machine in 2 days.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Joe Darby

About 5 minutes ago, 7:33 PM. We have discovered Joe Darby's place of residence, of which I will distribute. Hiding in fear of Cumberland folk who say he is "a bullseye", he covered his location on National TV. We ID'ed the spot as downtown Winchester, VA. This suggests that he lives in the area. FYI Joe Darby was the revealer of the torture videos and Pix in Iraq.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Yahoo possibly beat Gmail.

After being #2 since gmail became cool Yahoo did something revolutionary....
UNLIMITED STORAGE SPACE! What that means for you is that YOU can send me
large files through Yahoo.(If they can transfer, and no junk, and no LORD OF THE RINGS for the time being.) Just email me to one of my other emails ahead so I know to check. In homage I also set up a direct email link for probably a growing number of Yahoo fans out there.
The question is "Is Yahoo better than Gmail Now?" This can become a controversial discussion!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

New Product Solutions

If you are allergic to a certain item, you can tell us confidentially by e-mail so we know. Although we already keep common and serious allergen products separate with care and wash hands after handling, this will help us with the free samples and such.

We are now offering portion controlled items in clean ZipLock bags.
Wasabi Peas and DIY Bubble Tea.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Jangoonow Begins Again

I am so excited about this! This project that we are doing is the equivelant of the summer of '05. Our changes includes revamping our catalog from scratch and create a fun, money-to-all shopping community. Serving you the best!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Now Hiring

We are looking for recruiters, newspeople, franchisers, advisors and idea purchasing for our great name! Qualifications are easy. You just have to be a great person who loves Jangoo and selling things! A previous order on J!, history of entrepeneurship, location, and a wide circle of friends are preffered. Email me for specifics and items (Samples and sales items, business cards)

Summertime is here!

Many are excited about summer vacation, and about Jangoo Online. I tell you, it's like no other web shopping experience you have ever had before, if so. Our wide catalog allows you to chose from many categories, and checkout is made faster and easier than ever (Soon we are going to accept paypal and put listed auctions on Ebay.) No credit card needed so kids can use it without skeptic parents! Service starts June 11 and pauses on July 4 for a trip. A larger service will then be available July 23.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Our Progress

I am very pleased to announce that we have had a steady increase in visitors to our website. Thank you very much! Invite your friends to see!

Also, we have started a video series. More on that soon including DVD's

Saturday, May 5, 2007


Today I went to the Flushing Chinatown. I got some more products for my online store as well as a punchlist of items to include on a short doc(umentary.) Look for more on that later!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Coney Island

Trying to go to Coney Island on $20 is tough. First of all, on weekends it is a 45 minute trip on subway from midtown to the Island (On Weekdays there is an express train.) First I did the Cyclone. Even though it is celebrating its 80th anneversary it is still scary on the drops. They must be equal to a modern coaster. sitting next to this thin fifth-grader there was a lot of room to shift and hence fall out, so that was an extra scare. On the falls you feel like half of your body is being ripped away from you. You should try it sometime for its heck. $6./$4/reride. After that I and a few friends dug a canal ( 50' long!) and a well on the beach. (Free) After that we headed on the boardwalk to brighton Beach, a Russian Neighborhood. More on that later.

Of Late

Jangoo introduces a new Ad service. If you let us put a standard ad on your website we will pay you upwards of 15 cents.

Jangoo also introduces a CCTV style news system for its news and the Tuck Shop. Postings to come soon staring Atticus and Augustus Sawatzki, and Massimo Pellegrini as cameraman.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

I did not abandon!

Sorry. Easter was too time-consuming.
Jangoo did a profit review. The result was good at $6.00 plus $11.00 uncollected. Buy on, investors!

I just got breaking news: Oh how I wish I had an airplane to investigate this atrocity! Hate Crime killing spree against stunned German speaking students occur by a mentally disturbed Mongolian! 35 dead, blood spewed on streets. If you can, I think it would help to give them a prayer and visit V-Tech to support the community. PS There is an airfield with a sufficient runway to land a 33-seater plane.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

April Fools and Vista

The G-April fool's jokes get more realistic every year. In 2000 they advertised a telepathic-typing device. Who would fall for that?

I tried Windows Vista today and I H8 IT!
Asides from its slothfulness and an annoying color schme the toolbar is non-functional; the EULA Toolbar screen cannot be X-ed out,
and to pull something up from the toolbar you have to pull that EULA screen out of the way as well as pull whatever you worked on or anything else that
you did not move to the tool bar. They've been working on it for years and what it really is is regression.

Stick with whatever edition they have now.

Also, yesterday I was at St. Mark's place in New York. There is this excellent japanese market in the basement of 35 St. Mark's Place. Nice and Clean. Next to that at 37 is the Bamn Automat. It's semi-revolutionary in the food delivery aspect. Visit for more information.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Ohio's Teen Social Problem

Ha! everyone else uses the same news story about the Ohio 'youts'.

A boy ferociously punched another boy, which started a mass riot in the immediate area. The centerpoint was the two gangsta' boys. The poor victim of the punch self-defended himself with a .22 caliber and shot the attacker in the cheek, bringing the battle to a close and safe ending. To make the story more sweet the incident happened right outside the hospital. This ensured that the aggressor got walk-in treatment. I have experience with .22's and it is rare to send someone to the hospital let alone put the victim (or loser of the game, if so) in critical condition, which was reported. The causer of the problem then took an unnecessary and wastefully luxurious helicopter excurision with a personal flight attendant/ EMT to his 'hood compliments of your tax dollars.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bus Ride

I took a bus ride on my favorite Chinese bus line (to be politically correct we should call them Budget Buses) It was the average of fast, but there was this woman who had problems with the driver. She claimed that the buses always took a rest stop in South Jersey and that it was inhumane to go the whole way without stopping. "I need to go pee" she said. But there was a toilet on the bus. So when the driver did make a stop just for her he rolled his eyes at her, which should seem to be a normal reaction to someone that annoying. So anyway, she took evidence photos of the bus and the driver's face and called the Better Business Bureau en route.

Now this is not usual but it did not seem to disturb the other passengers, who were of all racial backgrounds, FYI.

Eastern Travel-

PS- I did some reading on giving microloans to people in developing countries. It's an excelent idea and it doesn't cost much money, only a dollar a so per person. And it gets paid back too!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Our Boston Trip

I sent this sort-of-desparate message last night
after arriving back from Boston. The plane trip
really should have been less hasslesome.

i just came back from a school trip to boston.
hotel-nice, but i was e-stranded from the
computer the whole time- there was a comp-
uter but no internet access. It was freezing cold.
'twas zero degrees fahernheit. 'twas a good
trip though.

After being served a surprising dessert of Kasuagi gummies I'm about to take a plane ride! I don't know what I am more excited about; the plane ride or my first trip on the AirTrain.

This station seemed to have been designed as part of the airport. They tried to be cool by naming their stations with letters; I got on at "D". It felt like I was trapped in a bubble waiting in the enclosed terminal. The trip went at a slower speed than I would have liked it, and the train was overcrowded, even at midday. We switched between the two tracks quite often, having to slow to 10 in the process. Not enjoyable.

Of course we managed to spend a lot of time at the airport checking in. It would have been faster if we would have taken a bus. No complications on the flight; I truly enjoyed that take-off jolt. No problems with baggage claim. We left the airport in an interesting manner; by boat. The trip was not too enjoyable with the constant rocking of the water taxi. We passed by the USS J>F>K>, the last fossil-fueled US Navy vessel. Mr. Goodwin sure knows a lot about boats.

Our hotel at the Yacht Haven was nice and spacious with a high ceiling and a view across the bay. Nice. Dinner was at Joe's American Bar and Restaurant, who shared the pier.

This was the science center day. I was so eager to see how their subway was like. It was yet bitter cold. I can't believe they called trolleys and buses trains! Such like DC's Zoo Stop, the Science Museum was actually 2 plus blocks from the aerial station. It was cool and the gift store and cafeteria weren't rip-offs!

To Be Continued

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Ginseng Candy is Good!

Ginseng, Taurine, Ginger, Ginko. We refer to these so frequently as American Culture asianiphiles itself. The Chinese are known for mixing exotic and unexpected herb remedies with food and candy. it may not seem very attractive, but there is something to be noted about the American Ginseng Candy , made in China and therefore Chinese. Point: Have you ever seen a large Asian Candy? Ginseng candy contents itself in a gold-colored wrapper with an image of Ginseng on the front. As you pop one of these into your mouth you will notice that this is not bursting with sugar or as being creamy, but you will notice a cool taste radiating from it. It resembles a breath mint, and it sucessfully does without ruining the earthy, healthy goodness of Ginseng. Had a mild sinus congestion? The candy will help it sure enough. Miracle Ginseng.

Avalible at many Asian supermarkets and at Jangoo. 10 cents each, 5/45 cents. CC-AGC

Circulation Dead

If you ever happen to be in DC never trust the tourist- oriented red Circulator buses. It's a mediocre, slow ride if you take it, although you would fare better in your own automobile, as long as you know the roads, or the Metro (DC has this thing of distinction of calling the subway by this name of higher elegance.) Hint. Never wait more than ten minutes for that bus that couldn't. I've had bad experiences where the bus did not come even after 45 minutes (It's supposed to come every 5-10 minutes) Just today I sat down at the computer after deciding to do the 20 block / 2 mile walk from Chinatown to my residence. And not a single bus was in sight!

Note: This refers to the K street/ Mass ave line. The 7/9 street line fares better with dedicated bus lanes, and the Independence/Consitution line runs fine when it does in the Summer. Visit for information on this bus, and note that if you want to complain this is not part of the Metrobus system.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

One Fish Two Fish

NT Fletcher, my model, does reviews-en-passant of restaurants in his hometown of Middletown, CT. He also does reviews of restaurants in New York City. I will take on the restaurants of my hometown, Washington, DC.

One Fish Two Fish- 2450 Pennsylvania Avenue

Asian Cusine Authenticity: 4/5 Price: Reasonable ($50. for 4 people for dinner)
Taste: 9/10 Waiting Time: 9 min. Restroom (Rated from the Men's room): Clean
Service: Good English Fluency: A- Language: Cantonese

Descend down a half floor of steps to the restaurant. Its decor is a mix between a Takey-Outy restaurant and a decent sit-down place. It has simple decorations, the only flaw being the beverage refrigerator sitting in view of the dining tables. The setting is quiet, with not too many diners making din. Even though the fact that there are not that many diners may keep you away, it seems that they have a good load of phone orders. This restaurant has been at this location for over a dozen years. Free Delivery to local college students (GW Univ.) keeps the restaurant owner, once a New York immigrant, in a nice suburban home.

March 1, 2007

My new blog! How exciting!

Technology these days, so amazing that anybody can have a website. In this blog I will be able to easily do issues of Tuck Shop New on the computer instead of being handwritten. I don't know, but am I the only person that can read my handwriting. The minor disadvantage is that I can't write anywhere I want; I don't have a laptop. I think the quickest way to get one, I guess, is to get a prepaid charge card (or a real charge card if you have one) and go to one of these websites,,, and claim yours. I'll do a blog on this sometime soon. So back to story. I can just copy straight from my blog and throw in other good stuff into a document and publish it. I'll try it for one of these issues sometime. Thank you Mr. NT Fletcher for inspiring me and thank you, the reader. for reading my blog, and have a nice day :)