Sunday, November 30, 2008


First Blogpost on a laptop. The late Mr. Henderson let us use his spiffy job, but as close as I came to blogging on that laptop, NTFletch would do it first. Anyway, Little Brother is going back to Philly. Boy, these laptops are only good for looking at websites, not typing.

So I'm getting my blast off this laptop when I can...

Saturday, November 29, 2008


The town that could

Nestled east of West Virginia, this industrious little town is also the wine capital of Virginia.
There are yuppies and factory workers, and it's pretty... Can't believe it's so late

Friday, November 28, 2008

Haiku to Bed

After the fruitcake
After the turkey and pie
I need some sleep now

Ten hours of good sleep
It felt really good to me
Time to repeat that

Thursday, November 27, 2008

113 x 2 Thanksgiving

I totally felt like a tourist. After getting off the and trying to figure out whether the express or local would come first (unlike most stations in the NYC subway, Penn Sta. blue line lacks a crossover), and dashing to the business dinner. We got on the local, and shuffled to the express at the next stop! Having had the NJ Transit train arrived in New York 1 hr 15 min late, we missed cocktails and part of dinner. Afterward, after a long delay, as a group, the younger St. Thomas alumni went out to in an effeminate style to the 68th street theater, ten blocks north. Duane Reade, Starbucks, theater closed and locked. How could this be? It was therefore necessary to go back downtown to 42nd street. Since all of us were cheapskates, we didn't take a taxi or a subway. When we all got to 58th again, somebody got hungry. Realizing that the last show was actually at 12:45am, and that no one really wanted to see Quantum of Solace that badly, we headed out to Bella Vita- the slices went up to $3 each! Anyway, because they wanted to rid of their pizza, they cut us deals. Some late-night supper with Chocolate News and Futurama before realizing that it was 1:30 am. By then, this was the most wasted I had made myself to date, surpassing the Dec.1 lock-in at the Cathedral last year (refer to a post around that date). So we got into bed and all. Truth and Dare with Stefane, nothing too weird, though, and we set the game into a logic loop (I dare Stefane to stop doing this game). So we all fell asleep. Or that was what I thought.

I had a good long sleep until 8:57 am, according to the clock on the microwave. I felt totally refreshed. Surprised not another soul was not awake, I looked at my own clock. It was 7:57. The clock had not been reset since the organist-in-residence left this posh midtown apartment (approx value 3,500+/mo.) in July. So I put my head back into bed. Some time later, I remembered that I needed to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade pass by on Broadway, for I never had the chance to do so.

Got some good shots. But where was Kermit? I had vowed to see him as a float while in New York. Well, I at least I saw the parade, I thought, as I got dressed for church. I took a wide look out the window. Some Escalade and a small dirigible. Then I heard loud applause. A green head. Sure enough, it was Kermit, and his dominating minions holding him to ground were dressed in florescent green jumpsuits, as I had been informed. I got two awesome shots, and jolly-lept to church.

The service was quite enjoyable, with good company. Sitting in the wide, dark, balcony of Saint Thomas Fifth Avenue that was unknown to the hoards of tourists let us rest in peace. I pulled out two knit finger puppets I bought in a hurry for $5 on the way over. A lion and a giraffe. THe crocodile would have been nice, but they were sold out. Yes, I had meant to buy them as a gift for someone all the way back in sixth grade. I lost one brief window of opportunity, and he was gone when I returned from church then. So I willed this not to happen again and all. How's that for rewriting history? Some greetings, nice to meet yous and all before taking the walk down Avenue of the Americas, cutting to Seventh and Times Square perpendicular to Radio City. With the grand avenue closed, Little Brother and I alternated taking touristy shots of each other as we rattled to Penn Station (at 33rd, not 34th!) past Macy's Herald Square. I didn't get to see any large floats being deflated of helium, though. They were probably done at 28th street, a larger street than the others. Looking for a cheap lunch took us around the large loop under Madison Square Garden, and out to a falafel vendor outside, who sold those lamb gyros for $5. Coupled with two cans of 99 cent Arizona Iced tea and a $1 bottle of water, we faced the train departure board. Twenty minutes delayed. The only one out of 20 trains on the board. Oh well, the train could catch up time. Better start late and fast, rather than on time, go fast, then wait for the schedule to catch up. We looked for our unaccompanied minor friend, who might get us bumped into business class. Eating the gyro on the floor in the coach section of waiting room wasted a little time. Just looking into the sparsely populated First Class waiting area... 2:25pm. The 169 was supposed to be here, with the delay. Instead, the message went vague. 'Delayed' I was in so much anticipation of my first Amtrak ride.

Not present for our class was NTFletch and his co-partner and twin brother, Zak. The school board thought that Thanksgiving was a racist holiday, so they had school until 3, and band practice, too. ?!

Even with your stock fund in the gutter,
We all have to be thankful for gas in the $1.-- range. That's what matters most.

Oh, and yes. I found out that three of the brothers went out to the 24-hour Apple store at the GM building (59+5th ave) to seek out internet. Why? Facebook.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Eternal Copyright

Anything before 1923 has eternal life. That's when the first Mickey Mouse was First it was 28 years, then doubled if requested, then 70 years... now, it's lifetime plus 70 years in America- scenario: a 15 year old writes a book- lives to age 95. Copyright doesn't end for another 70 years, so the kids can get some dough. That's 150 amazing years- imagine- pre-civil war material still under copyright. Amazing. Corporate copyrights are up to 95 years now, and as Mickey gets close (as it did in 1998), it'll be renewed. So don't copy this bloggy.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Balt 57

One of the best thing about staying in hotels is the indigenous TV news!
Montreal somehow gets the Detroit news- how exotic- I haven't been to that part of the country in years. Watching local news that isn't national. News that is not recession-proof, and the reporters don't fake about financial tragedies and the audience can't say, "what people". Reporters who aren't invincible, smart, or even rich.
Detroit news- more closing factories, the stun-session of robberies, slaughters, and fires.

Baltimore news- a shock session of a straight line of 6 murders, not even mentioning attempts and near-fatals. Then it proceeds to national news that DC people balk at, then back to the good stuff from blue-collared Baltimore, sister of the gold-collared DC. This is what we started to get over HDTV recently, in pure color, and perfect picture, except for the occasional breaks by large jets at BWI airport. I hope that this is a permanent change- some news that makes one understand the real world.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Triple Three

It's a little surface transit website that doesn't stop growing. Last year, there were just a few destinations along the NEC (I-95) and in Washington the state. Now, at least 15 states are rostered, with many destinations, and they keep on coming in. One day, the state gets colored. Next day, the destination in that state shows up, and soon, you can book a ticket. It's pretty incentful for the companies- you can be like a real bus line now! Then, this separates the MBA's from the hacks. Until today, the little bus- I have never seen it, but I was told it was an used job- that runs from Ohio to New York, was hiding. Now it came out online, and it's quite clear it's one driver and a bus. And there's the well-managed Eastern, 12 trips per day DC-NY, flashy website. Yes, yes. Then I can see that six companies work together to have a departure from DC-NY at least every 1/2 hour between 7 am and 7:30pm. Sort of neat.

Oh, and Little Brother's back.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


One thing that amazes me is the fact that modern automobiles can have a cold start into drive. Yes, a non-remarkable chilly drive to the conference. Three short hours
One-third of the delegates were absent- because of this, we had to made two of us from sponsors (a more exclusive club) to signatories. Yeah, it sometimes hurts like that. Gee I'm so tired, I should stop typing now.

Friday, November 21, 2008


We started the MonkMUNC- model un conference, today. The speakers from the real UN gave intriguing speeches, and we had nice chats with three girls for one guy- reminds me of the 2:1 ratio at elementary school. I represented Angola, an oil-rich recent ex-colony in southewest Africa. Sarah Palin couldn't get that one. Committee session- went a bit slow to start, but gained momentum, especially after the observer sent a message that made our lives easier. Afterwards, there was a psychedelic whiteout- dress in white and enjoy blacklights and strobelights. But my helicopeter-parent mother is so concerend that she does not let me go to the usual dances- because they go to 11pm. At least the cast party shouldn't go so late.

And for the irresponsible ones, please do not cough in my face, or anyone else's face, because spreading illness is not a good thing.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Brainchild

No, passengers will not appreciate being sent from their local airport to the Dulles (VA/DC) passenger sorting facility and back to their final destination. This is not overnight mail. People want to reduce their time in the air, no matter how luxurious it may be, to spend more time on the ground. Anyway, three airports got new runways today- Washington Dulles, Chicago O'Hare, and Portland. DC's strip was the most economical, at $350 mil, the cost of 6 Boeing 737's. The Portland runway somehow cost $1 bil. How did that happen? Anyway, cheers to the future of air travel from these smart cities.

Sponsored by Northern Express Airlines. Coming to an airport near you.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lin's Authentic Chinese Restaurant

running fru' da' lil' dawg? runnin' fru' da' cops'? runnin fru' da' Main-dawgs?
u din't run' fru' da' punches - happy birfday, Ben-dawg

I never had the chance to tell you all about the lovely Chinese banquet I enjoyed two weekends ago. This was hosted by the WAPO- the asian orchestra who has a lot of clout with the Montgomery county admins. I still haven't figured out who financially sponsored the event, though. But does it matter?

Introductions by individuals
1. Traditional Chinese appetizers- sliced bamboo and meats
2. West Lake Soup
3. Peking Duck
4. Chow Fun/ Starch Pork Dish
5. Bok Choy with Mushroom
6. Fish Dish- delicate!
7. Desert- Sweet Rice with Red Beans
It was as authentic as it gets outside of New York Chinatown.
Sing along- America the Beautiful, two Chinese folk songs, Oh Susanna

Just to think how some people call Chow Mein Chinese food !?

(****/****)- all things considered

Here's the reference
Tony Lin's
Montrose Crossing (South Building)
Rockville, MD
Just off SR-355/Rockville Pike- 3 blocks to Twinbrook Metro

NTFletch would love this place, I bet

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Snow is Snowing

The wind is blowing, but I can weather the storm.
Whadda I care how much it may storm?

Yes, it got really chilly this afternoon. It got real windy, too. So then, it was like a real winter storm. Clouds were encroaching on the aura of sun that lied above our heads at the hill in Northeast. Then the snow flurries came, although none stuck to the ground. Yet with proactive defense, Main shut out Alban, 50-0, on this tantalizing day.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Play

Irving Berlin lived to a remarkably old age- 101, as I remember, dying only 20 years ago. Then these arrangers come and arrange some of his music into a chronological from 1910 into the 1950's. I still have not found out when the play was arranged, but probably sometime in his lifetime. Anyway, "He would have been proud of our chorus arrangements" Now, its over, and there's a big hole in my time, that I will fill with HOMEWORK! Yes, we got dressed up, made up, and had fun.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Hair Might Turn White

Last published Nov. 10, or, as I recall, last Monday. Today is the 15th. The last time I left such a large gap in time is the trip to Canada's <>. You might have thought I went on vacation or something. Only if you call play rehearsals that. For the matter of fact, the last time I was on a computer was last Tuesday. So what has been going on? Monday/Tuesday was Veterans' Day. I didn't have the opportunity to thank all the little people who do the big job of upholding democracy, so I do so now. Armistice Day was Nov. 11/ Tuesday, some people got Monday off instead/too. But 11/11 is the real deal, 3 day weekend or not or 4. Yesterday was the first of three performances of the conceived musical, I Love a Piano. In Humanities, we got five e.c. test points, or half a letter grade, for going to a show. Ditto. Now I must go on with the show.

Monday, November 10, 2008


I flooped on the Physics test from last Friday, I found out. Now take a picture of the mess I made, print it out, and show it to the world. Yes, I get disturbed when I floop on tests, but especially since I was trying to make a recovery. Anyhow, I made one basic error, had it triplicate, and lost lots of points. That's what made me sad all day, and giving me a psychosomatic stomachache plus fatigue. Now about the picture. That is the final grade going into the progress report. If I am fortunate, I will have been saved from utter failure, if not, I am a sucker. Remember- no matter what goes around internally on a piece of paper, it's only 6 weeks to exam. Scary yike.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Obama, 44th President

Why haven't I been around for two days? The internet broke- really, on Wednesday. The internet box (modem) showed a red light or a blank from the point of failure onwards. It was sad. I was totally isolated, and couldn't get some work done, either. So last night, we got the tech support on the phone, and reinstalled the internet. It works swell now, and somehow, the search history didn't disappear, either.

Tuesday night, 10pm, I was down by the White House. A group had gathered, and they were all so excited about Barack, as if he was a celebrity. So NBC was geopolitically correct, and waited until the Californian polls closed to declare victory for the posterchild. And you never know. Until it's over it's not over. So then people start cheering, and dancing, and everything, more than New Year's and the Fourth of July combined.

Wednesday, 7am, I was handed a piece of history at the train station- the full-page cover of the Examiner showed the victorious man on the cover. We also got hold onto one of the first-run copies of the Washington Post. Yeah, yeah, I had a French quiz to think about, but it wasn't too much of a damper.

Gotta get some shuteye. Oh, JMAG is out. Follow the link to the main page to it.

Delayed Delivery


to all
With pacific coast tallies in, Barack Obama has most certainly been elected by a wide margin for president

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


At 10:30 pm

By current events ongoing in the electoral college , we will announce that Barack Obama will most likely be president of the USA.

(put this in JMAG)

Vote or be shunned

Have you voted yet? It's still not too late.

I've been intently watching the LCD screen as the incoming results from some states come in- NH, KY, IN, (Obama leading in all but KY) in a trickle. Much more info will come in shortly after 7pm.

I'll give more of an update later- just wanted to get the word out.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Go out and vote tommorow. Vote for and, most likely, somebody at the state level as well. Even if you are not qualified to vote, and you have nothing better to do, cast a provisional ballot. Whether Remember, I don't want to become a commie subject because of some irresponsible 20 year olds' choice to be apathetic. First thing to go- freedom of speech, and this website will disappear. So please do excercize your right as a citizen of the free world and I'm not- by law I'm too young, but I've been making sure that the barely-legal crowd is going to do so. Boy, do I feel sad for the arranger of the mock debate. Almost 18, but not quite yet. Take away votes from the people who don't need them (those apathetic 20 year olds who don't understand why they got a day off from college) and give them to 17 1/2 year old leaders of CSO teams.

Now a word about afrimative action in the Mr. Obama is poised to lose up to about 5% of potential votes on the single factor of race. Do we add 5% to his tally and give him a sure victory? Or do we give McCain several points because he has 72 years on his back? In the world of success, you don't need AA, so what's the big point of it then?

So go and vote for Obama/Biden, McCain/Palin, Nader/Gonzales, or for yourself. It should be your right not to vote for anyone, but it shouldn't be your right not to show up, though.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mile for Life

It was a surprise. I would have brought my running shoes if I were had been forewarned. But why now? It had to happen before it got too cold. The ground was wet, and the temperature was chilly. I wondered about if the reduced friction would help our speeds. My heart rate was fast, considering I had run a democracy run to fetch mock ballots, stuck in the upper building, an hour prior, plus all the anxiety of the next 8 minutes. Seconds after the 'go' was given, I had taken place halfway between the front runners and the laggers, having not sprinted. Yet, after the first half-lap, of 3-1/4 laps, I was already panting like a dog. Hypothesis wrong. Wet grass is a detriment. Friction helps propulsion, I thought for a brief second. "2:12"- first lap. It's all a matter of breath control. Pags (freshman) does this well, I was informed, and managed a 5:40. I don't. "4:55" end of lap 2- I was pacing, keeping Joey B. within view, while the head runners were still dashing. We were separated by half the perimeter of a soccer field. Lap three- even the head runners were losing steam over the wet turf. I gave up chasing Abe, he had a sizeable advantage. 3/4 through the 3rd lap- Abe was slowing down a little, perhaps tired. I saw Joey B. coming up from behind. I rounded the last corner, into the final segment, now in as best of a sprint as I could furnish. Joey B.'s longer legs propelled him past me for a two second lead, as I could hear him call out Abe's final time of "7:02". Joey's time was 7:09, mine 7:10. The coach was distracted, or maybe my brain was running time slow. So close to breaking 7, I was. Then I think of Abe. At the end of the 3rd lap, with a little clock, he would have mustered a full sprint to make it under 7. It's all relative. I had cut 1:05 from my previous time, averaging 8.4 mph (I'll recheck the sheet- yes, photographic memory), up from 7.1 mph on ideal conditions. What a difference one year can make. The leader, at 5:45, averaged 10.5mph. Impressive. I tried hard not to collapse to the ground. I had to lean on the soccer goal to stay up, as I took shallow breaths and felt delerious, and watched the trailers come in. Yet, 6:30 was the average time. Everyone was like that, 6:30. Anyway, the kid who I sent to hell in my Dante paper, he proclaimed that he knew CPR. I wouldn't let him become the proudest fellow, so I didn't pass out. Lots of replenishing water, and some indoor 2-ball soccer. Yes, we won. And yet, afterthree hours, my heart rate was still in the 110 range, definately aided by candy. But by Orchestra, another hour later, my cardiopulmonary had recovered, and my legs were starting to get sore.

So, I don't want to do that for another year. Make that "I'll never have to do it again in my life", because this is my last year of Phys Ed. So be it.

Then today, I come across a pair of handcuffs, made I never tried them to see if they were legit or not, but they looked like they were, even though they were made in China. Yes, EST is keeping us up. Even though I've switched my clocks, it still feels as if I were always given an hour by mercy- I have to get used to 6pm sunsets. Before I stay up until 10pm, or my body's 11pm, ciao for now.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Duties

So for last evening, I dressed like a plastic cop. No, not really, but I did make sure to take note of suspicious people who looked out of place. You see, Georgetown has a lot of rich people, and ones that aren't afraid about flashing their wealth. But the problem is that, people come across town on the bus, and take bags of candy away with them. So I noticed that the people who were in place (neighborhood kids and some friends from Arlington and up Northwest). They tended to have more success with candy-milling. But I tell everybody now, Georgetown people are getting tired of giving candy out to the whole city.