Friday, October 31, 2008

The Darkest Commute

The last weekday in Daylight Savings Time, and the first one this late in the year. How dark it was as I emerged from the Union Station portal. Anyway, I was wearing a Main Hose shirt with matching A-Team hat. Got some support, but didn't win. It's time for bed. I'll talk later.
Have a spooky Halloween.

Next up- keeping Georgetown straight at night.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Getting the Best of Us

I started off on the wrong side of the pillow this morning. You see, the pillow was pretty flat, and that doesn't make my day. I get on the E2 to go to school from the station. I get into the Pearls Before Swine comic, and I get off on the wrong side of the street- that is, two blocks down from where I wanted to be. Luckily, I caught it early. An unfortunate lad was once left on the bus all the way to Vincent Gray's office. That was about 6 blocks. I'm not even sure if he made it to class on time. I only realized the blunder on some of his schoolmate's faults when I saw he had not gotten off, before doing the dash across South Dakota. I could only get a little glimpse of the pain. As you can see, there are two stops to get to school. One leads to the "downstairs building". Everyone gets off here. The other one leads to the "upstairs building", up a long, inclined road. So most people don't bother waking you from your paper or nap.

So, mid-morning, we had this assembly for debate. It was uber-boring- of course watching inside Washington and Washington Week and McLaughin Group really destroys reality, until they could see that we were a little turned off. Then they gave us what we wanted! For the last half-hour, it was engaged, and sly comments were thrown. But none was more personally damaging that of the Tax Plan- Obama's plan to revert taxes back to pre-Bush cut levels on hard-working families making over $250K/yr. Earlier, a Democrat representative had stated that lowering healthcare costs were, indeed, important for him and his family, personally. So, not five minutes later, we hear about this microdynasty's holdings across the globe, and a slightly shrinked disposable income of... I won't tell...nah... $50K. So now, there's this 5-foot circle around him when people talk to him. I sort of feel sorry for him, uintended consequences, wrong side of bed and all.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

In the Ghetto

The politically incorrect, but strikingly true story of a po' baby born in da' hu', and gets killed. Yes. The broadcast news loves to turn these tragedies into dough, and scare you into turning you into a ten-o-clock news addict. The effect is especially pronounced when the boradcasters do it in Tandem. So as those tragedies unfold on the TV screen, Elvis Presley's offensive song goes well on the computer.

Which reminds me to tell you all: Stayin' Alive, the little disco ditty, is a good song to listen to while performing CPR. It puts you in the right rhythm to do it. Just put in on your MP3 player, it's a cool song anyway.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Foreword: For the past year-and-a-half, you all have been reading about my superficial life, with some cool stuff in it. Now, I write like I am Truman of the Truman Show. A very popular movie from 1998. For all those who had access to the internet back then, you might be having flashbacks to the good old days when the internet was 'pointless', that is, not worthless. Some cool stuff. Personal accounts w/o much emotion. But then...

This cute little donkey is all the hype in this featured blog, No, it's not internet 1996, and there is a deeper meaning to this blog, like a lot of blogs, than the '90's. This donkey is on a donkey farm that provides emotional support for people who need it- free of charge and supported through the sale of artwork. What a touching story, it puts off my Elvis "in the ghetto" prophecy, but the donkey, and the cause, deserves it.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Spiffy Little Job

I couldn't find the school right off the bat. Among the towers of Bethesda was our destination.

That was yesterday, when there was a concert called "Dream Tour around the World". It was a Chinese production, portraying Chinese music, as well as Asians and everyone else performing music from all over Europe, and then, authentic Latino music, and some African drumming. But I only got to hear half of that- I had to go backstage. This was at B-CC- for those who don't know, Bethesda-Chevy Chase. Nice 2002 everything, from classrooms to expansive 1000 seat auditorium, and very, very clean- totally unlike a typical DC (or even PG) public school. Somehow, most people there are well off- there was a sign boasting a guest speaker from 'da hu' making a presentation about 'DC poverty'. What a foreign concept!

It had a feeling of an All-star school. In fact, it is America's Best High School- in 1960. 2005- it was tagged as #29, and now, #63. Cause- Ranking system gets skewed; Magnet schools are included, and the ratings are 'unbiased'; that means that the $ factor is excluded- none of the fancy toys came cheap. But Newsweek doesn't feel the need for keeping it real. I need to write my own rankings. It'll work better. Anyway, that explained the 2015 target goals posted up and down the hallways.

PS- Wilson High, situated between high-lauded BCC and Arlington's even higher-ranking HB Woodlawn, is given #386, even with the School Board's listlessness, deteriorating facilities, and violence- although not as bad as 'DC Poverty Place'. Still, it's a reductio ad absurdum.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Building Tall

Check my facts, but America maintained the homeland of the world's tallest building from the turn of the last century up until 1998. It's time to bring it back. With what the oil money are doing in Dubai makes formidable competition- breaking 2K feet isn't good enough- I think the next building will be 1/2 a mile tall (2640 ft). At least Chicago is building her Spire. But I do believe that a new city should get the honor. On my behest, the JangooCorp will need a new home. What about the capital city, DC? By law, height is width of adjacent street plus 20', not exceeding the height of the capitol. That's only like 28 floors. By permission, recess from the curb can be added height, as the National Cathedral. By FAA request, Rosslyn is restricted to 490 feet above sea level, anything taller gets in the way of planes trying to land at National. Bethesda? Silver Spring? Crystal City? Wherever the land prices are high is where the Corporation wants to build a tower. Completion date- approx. 2035

Thursday, October 23, 2008

BLOGGY 3*1*1

There is this little replication of Mary, Queen of Scots, being beheaded in an Edison video production from 1895- since it's so low-resolution, and with a distant viewpoint, one doesn't mind the lack of blood and gore.

But was that one music class- a double-booked sub resorted to letting us play two-ball soccer against (not just with) the sixth graders. They're small. But we were outnumbered 2-to-one, and we had to be real careful... final score 6-4 us. Yes, and we had a little 2-minute water break halfway through the 30-minute game. Yes. That's what being little is all about.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Three Days of Thought

Important emails were being sent from this peripheral unit last night. So that brings me to Little Brother's laptop. A $1.5K outfit behest by the HIll School. Nothing too extraordinary; none of our neighbors have free open wifi. So, that's what a starbucks is for. Or an Eastern/DC2NY/ Megabus for Internet four hours straight, between DC and New York, if an electric plug is provided.

Now an important topic that I never brought up to you. It was one of those metal mixing bowls, with two round latches on the side. So, to melt the butter, I put the metal thing in the microwave for ten seconds. I take it out with paper towel. It is cool to touch. Then a finger touches a round loophole. Yoken Yikes! I suffered an annoying second degree burn on the finger. It sure made writing tough for a week- and it could have been worse. So don't do it. Take the time to transfer the butter. Somehow, the loops attracted radiation, because that's what metal coils do. Same with dark, round tattoos in an MRI, as I read a scientific paper on. Same goes for putting cell phones in one, too.

So then, I come down to freewriting novels. Namely, the long-term novel. I am capable of wrting pages in 10 minutes, but I cancelled those pages from the master plan because it could be better. Anyway, if I had the time, I could theoretically write cheap novels in a three-day weekend. But I don't. Yes, and when one becomes a good writer, people expect the best. JK Rowling had a writer's bloc/block. Yes, every word has to be good. Same with my lit, but I haven't yet set the bar for myself, yet. An experience today made me think of Opera. Two JV soccer players come by. One wants to chat with me. The other cares less, especially since I started the novella which portrayed him as a flawed character. We three are dudes, so I decide to switch the dualist's name to Delora, which already resembles his common nomenclature, but in dame form. And here we can go in a typical Bully lover serves tough love to dame. Dame looks to the darling guy (who has more dough and charm) And we go on for two hours as Delora the Soprano sings high above the guy-fight. Happy ending. The End.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pursuit of Happiness

Have you ever seen a little crab at barge fishmarket that escapes the live bushel into the water? No, the crab does not have real emotions, but it has a basic sense of want, direction, accomplishment. So we sometimes feel happy

Don't you know how it feels when you're really happy and all, like when you got the Hail Mary test answer correct, or when you find your lost cell phone (ahem), that is, or when Main House beats archrival Moore or formidable opponent Austin? And then there are those times when you have momentary nirvana on earth, like when you find your lost cell phone (ahem), the Redskins go to the superbowl, Main House wins the trophy, or, as last night, I pulled off a Texas Hold-em comeback.

You see, I was playing the hypothetical penny slots. I was up by 100, but this sinister lady took me down to zero, and everyone else. I was torn to pieces. I didn't have any major success until I went into the nickle-and-dime league. Yes, I pulled away a full house on the first game. And got about 3000 chips for it, putting me in the 100K-pro category. Awesome.

PS- I do not endorse gambling, and this isn't playing with real money, but it's real practice for Vegas or AC. And when I edit posts, I do notice some spelling errors. Bad me. Don't worry, just be happy.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Weather it matters

It's finally getting a little chilly, for good, I think. No more chilly morning/hot afternoon combos. Those really get annoying, after a while. And this year is the first fall to have a later DST-end date. Boy, will it be dark in the mornings. Yes, I got that take-home test done. Awesome, but it was matched up to our advantage- it still took 45min to an hour. And I'm off to bed.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Halfway There

Yesterday...that was a top-ten of this year post. But let me tell you- It is my half-birthday. I am 151/2. I do not know what this means for me, but in some places, it does have some significance (Virginia is an example- minimum age for LP). Time has been passing so slowly that I already feel 16. Just imagine if this aging continues, I'll be 80 before I know it. And anyway, if we make too much of a deal of this, we could be be having our monthly parties!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wasn't that a week ago?

Like a cartoon character chased by personified steel nails, I can say finally can tell you about last Saturday night. Homecoming. I promised people that I would go. I get a little pep talk about attire- 'semi-formal', so then I look it up. I selected style based on the explanation that, if no further word was given, such as 'suit-and-tie', this implied smart casual, or something. Yes, we love to dress up whenever we have the chance. It was a black-suit, shoes, and tie event, I was informed when I got to the gatekeepers. I was not the first. Yes, they would let me in (for a fee), then run the chance that I be chased out by disciplinarian. And anyway, it was part-over, and I was pretty tired. I tried to come, so what can they do to me? At least I didn't become laughing stock of the town on Tuesday morning.

Zut Alors, I have a physics test tomorrow. Gotta dash!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

California en Fuego

The PSAT's were fine, but by regulation, I can't tell you too much about them, other than the three afternoon classes- a little tired, but that's OK.

Anyway, I was terrified by the headlines in Tuesday's paper- Calif. on fire. Then, there is California allowing 'different' marriages. Yes, in the old testament, the angry God smote the Sodomites. Is he angry with California for being And then- we must not forget the New Testament's compassionate and all-loving God. and then, has Oregon ever been punished like that?
Just a prophecy.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It was Tuesday

A decisive victory today for Main House- 91 to 56 over Alban. 100 would have looked great, but this is good for now. Before faculty intervention, Main had scored 7 TD's.

And PSAT's are tomorrow. Good night.

Monday, October 13, 2008

It's Columbus Day

Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492. According to many, he discovered America. Yes, the Natives who crossed over the isthmus amounted to nothing, and the Vikings meant nothing as well. So be it. He didn't even discover Florida. And yet, we fly Italian flags next to the red, white and blue to commemorate 516 years of the commencement of traditionl and biological warfare against the Natives, and exploited our natural resources.

Yet, 16 years ago, at the 500th anniversary in 1992- in that corny year (see my Youtube channel), no one was abhorred by the weneration of one arbitrary sojourner, who barely made it. And even today, in our 'integrated' world, it doesn't cross everyone's minds. Yes, Yes, let's salute a racist (Have you ever read what he wrote about the friendly Natives by 1597?). Happy Columbus Day!

PS- the MoCo kids, and other jurisdictions got the recent Jewish holidays off as neccessary, but condsidered this holiday as too offensive for lots of people. They are in school right now, maybe learning about the Italian sailor or not.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Put on a happy face

Gas prices are crashing down (like the stock market), so let's all put the little hybrid away and pull out the Humvee. And throw the bikes on top of it, even though you won't use them, but just for the sake of wasting precious fuel. Leave the lights on, as well as the computer, because it's time to celebrate. Yes, it hasn't been since the '90's that the media used the cute factor of Socks (the Clinton's cat, now age 17-1/2 (a good 90 in cat years) as a prime attractant. Remember, the news is like any other business. But, especially Fox, loves to use the scare factor. Economy Crashing. Unemployment. Misery. Great Depression. Yes, part of it is George Bush's fault (and his dad and brother), but the rest is mind-altering exaggerated fluff intended to make us cringe at the purse string. Darn, I gave out the secret.

Anyway, go out and spend some $ this (racist*) holiday weekend, and enjoy life to the fullest!
From the producers of JangooVision

* I'll explain tomorrow.

Friday, October 10, 2008


That was bad. After I filmed the sub-vertisement, I put my cell phone into a shallow pocket- while still seated, because it was a crowded train car. Bad idea. When I do my usual scan of the seat area, it was a newspaper mess, by the last person who sat there. I get up and leave train car. By escalator I notice cell phone not in usual pocket. It usually happens this way: I put cell phone in bag after use. But no. The chase was on. Not much to do other than call mommy and daddy, until after school, where I chased the phone up to Glenmont, where they would theoretically clean the trains. But that's only in New York. SO I came home, hoping for a sign. I filed an online report, and now I'm just waiting for Tuesday morning to see if they got it- and not someone else.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

300, but not the last stand

Alternate Title: All Eyes on Iceland

Is it just because I traded Northwest Airline miles from 10 years ago for a Wall Street Journal subscription that I found out about the monetary crisis in Iceland? Well, the value of their currency is not half of the Euro, or 1.10 of them for a greenback. SO, I looked up the cost of an Expedia vacation package to the chilly island. Airfare from Boston, roundtrip, pre-Thanksgiving rush is $546, or a mere $273 each way- direct-purchase saves $5 per flight. Or, my little itinerary from DC would include Eastern Bus fare ($20) to New York City, lunch in Chinatown, and a Lucky Star bus to Boston ($10), and T fare to the airport (under $2) for an overnight. Or throw a night in Boston into the sojourn. Then, follow your Expedia print-out... in Iceland's deteriorating currency, the hotel rooms come out to a mere $40 a night!- Holiday Week (Dec 20- Jan 3 this year) is a different story...

Yes, yes, international travel for under $1000 (and that supposedly includes taxes and enough food)

Celebrating three times one-hundred posts!
Long live the Blog, even though Sparta fell.

I thank everyone for the support of our JangooVision Productions. It really means a lot.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Texas Holden

Catcher in the Rye. A fascinating mid-20th century novel that fits well in the pocket. It is said that it can be read in one night- if wanted to, or be prolonged into a page-by-page adventure. But, some says the books turn people into psychopaths. Mr. Hinckley, who was an attempted assassin, read this book shortly before the ambush at the now-historic landmark Washington Capital Hilton on Connecticut Ave. John Lenin's Grimm Reaper had the pocket-sized book on him as he took the legend down. But like the generic kid named 'Jamal', the reading of it is not a cause of insanity, but could be a possible indication of a psychopath. Just thinking.

BTW- Holden is a depressed kid, possibly suicidal, but never dangerous to others.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Tandy Center

After some technical difficulty, this month's JangooMag is online. Remember, you can also get it via email or Facebook inbox! Soon, we'll make it easier to get a free subscription.

Anyhow, I was waiting for a day like this to write about the Tandy Center Subway- the only privately-owned subway in the USA at this time- 1963-2002. The little subway connected the shopping center to the riverside parking lots. The ride was free, and, after the 1974 rehab, the trains looked so '70's, or, like a computer from then. Remember, Tandy was a computer company, and parent company of Radio Shack (tm). The subway sadly closed in 2002, as the site was redeveloped, and the trackage put to Fort Worth Transit use. Click Here.

BTW- Tandy started out as a leather store in 1919. Then they went high tech.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Don't be Hateful

Bienvenu Mbutu Mondondo, a Congolese who is in Fatherland Belgium, is filing a suit against the publishers of TinTin. This is what makes a mockery of the justice system- wasting people's valuable time, and threatening freedom of speech in Europe, just because Herge was being historically accurate. If you can get this boy's adress, I'll refund your postage stamp. Yes, just try to sue me for blogging.

I f you don't know, Tintin is a Belgian colonizer (approx. birthdate 1910)- yes, Belgium has colonies in Congo, with a dog named Milou (in english editions, it's translated to Snowy) who endeared the world in books by cartoonist Herge from 1929 into the '80's. Now just look at what this unpatriotic college student is trying to do.

So, as what Rat is doing in Pearls before Swine this week (tip-off- frivously sueing billionaires in an attempt to become very wealthy) is not as bad as the symbolic guilder (euro).

And please don't sue people unless it's for due recompension!- and not because someone drew a picture that offended you. t's partiotic to pay a just amount of tax, and it's patriotic not to desecrate a national symbol.

Here's a link to some TinTin cartoons:

Same thing goes for all the other cartoonists over there.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fretting about the Future

Here we are, stranded five workdays away from Columbus Day. But we still have two weekend days, but I have a lot of typing to do- lab reports, etc. Otherwise, History class will be the first thing Monday morning. Remember how I said that I maintained in the mid-90's last year? That system gave me A's all year, balanced with a little HW-grade boost. But I had a little slip-up, and scored an 86-on a 100 point test that made up 2/3rds of the grade. BUt the great thing is, the points are easy to move around. If I score a 93 (28/30) on a DBQ (AP-style Document Based Question), then average goes up to 88. Now if a test were 96 (as frequently happened last year), then average goes up to 91... Yes, I should have made a proper guesstimate regarding 'inclusion'- D is usually the best choice when lists are involved. But in the great scheme of things, the 'real' grade doesn't balace on two multiple choice questions. Yes Yes. It's the first advisory time already. And not to get started about the Physics grade of C...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Green Slitherer

This describes the DC Metro's Green line as it weaves at high speeds under the most spectacular, and most violent view of the city (13 and Clifton Sts, NW, but don't step out of the car). Taking the Red Line to the OB is usually quickest, but today, Red Liners were stacked up at every signal. Therefore, it was Green Time. I can't believe I'm doing this is such little time, but Fort Totten- Lower platform is half on and half under the cliff. Train speeds up to a 65mph cruise to serve Petworth and Columbia Heights, cut and cover resumes south of Shaw in the 1991 section. Pass the lower level of Gallery Place, under the mall and poping up in the HUD area of L'enfant plaza, a '60's urban renewal area. At the south end of the station, a set of escalators lead to nowhere, perhaps a future entrance. Get on OB, lower level. Note the glass-paneled escalators.

Sorry for not having enought time!