Saturday, September 8, 2007

Bonus Gift Promotions

In March I commented that playing with free laptop offers were the most time-money worth way to a laptop. In fact I still think it is, but only if you have great organization and a big credit card. I did try, and I quit, after handing my card to subscriptionists (Yikes!) Part of it was that my charge card, which I already paid a $3.95 premium on, was not big enough. Part of it was that I used the worst possible company,, who made you buy more junk (Such as DVD's and club memberships) before getting to claim the prize. So as I go, I will try it again- when I have a full time clerical staff.

If you are concered about Chinese Candy

Recall after recall, not everything made in China is safe. But we do guarantee the safety of what we sell. After review of our products, most of our candy is made in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, all of whom has had no problems. Our American Ginseng candy is made in California, and that leave White Rabbits, which are of high reputation. On top of that, they are distributed to over 50 countries worldwide, and American imports are closely monitored by QFCO, inc. of California, the American distibutor of the candy. As part of our quality monitoring, we sample our candy a week in advance before making it available to you. I never had a problem. So enjoy!

Who do you call a crook?

Stuck in a residual delay, with the whole train's A/C system broken, and fog condensing on the windows. That's what happened just to save one crook's life. Now imagine a group so inspired as to do that in 10 strategic points in the Metro system. Likewise would we be accomplices to the crime by shutting down the entire system? So apparently the Metro is a popular way to go, and a bus doesn't hold that many people, American style (Reverse Tokyo Style) and a riot started. Option A: Hit the crook, Option B: Leave many injured as they cause a rush for the shuttle buses, as well as harm the American money and the enviroment (the buses). I got some feedback. "Who cares (about the dude)", was the most common.
What happened that harmed the American economy .

Sunday, September 2, 2007


Last Wendsday, I moved my computer from my bedroom to the living room. I had a logistical issue; my phone plug in the living room was broken! I had to wait until today so I could get the replacement plug. After a wiring mistake that I made about an hour ago (from the outdated home use of the 25-cord system) I was devastated. I was desperate to get back online. No e-mail, no web fun at home. I had to go to the Library to satisfy my needs, not saying it is a bad place, just four blocks away. I was in glee when I got it working a few minutes ago! So my advice, try to stay connected to stay happy!