Tuesday, October 16, 2007

High School Stuff!

Facebook makes me feel exclusive. To register, one must give their high school. You see, it feels like it was made for me. But enough about that. I believe that this is the first blog that I mention school, so here goes. While I still have 16 hours unrelated to school time, it always feels squeezed. First of all, I am forced out of my cozy bed at 6 am by the alarm clock. 50 minutes later, I must be outside and walking towards the Metro. 55 Minutes pass and I am in class. 5 classes in the morning, 1 hour 20 minute extended lunch period, 3 classes in the afternoon. 3:20- run for the microbus for quick transit to the metro. Get home around 4:05. The days pass. The weeks pass. I calculated that I have about 135 more weeks of school until college.

And for today's action
On the train home a typical riot happened. On the opposite end of the train a kid starts shouting. Then everyone else from that school joins in. A few seconds the police come from nowhere and apprehend them. Not everyday stuff, but some action it was. (Just so you know, this wasn't my school who did the riot. It was Bernie Backus School's fault...)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

White Rabbit Galore!

Report from the Tuck Shop: They chartered 10 bags of White Rabbits, much better than previous one-bag purchases. Fresh from the bag, ten bags, day after day. I was about to put an e-order for pickup on Sunday when I realized I had two bags at home! I mean, that would make a great photo! IITYWYBAD? Look it up. It's a real acronym.