Monday, May 14, 2012

USMMA 2016: Packing List

Some members of the Class of 2016 may well have come across this blog. Most of you are graduating from high school, and partying responsibly to help ease the fear of the unknown that you will be entering to on July 5th. Before we take away your hair, your civilan clothes, and your identity (for a few weeks only, though), I'd like to say a few things: Your Drill Instructors are my classmates. No need to be afraid of them. You're going to be insufficient/be a failure, and you may live for two weeks wondering if your DI can get you kicked out of the Academy for not marching right. Hydration is the key. Drink lots of water. No need to be "that guy" who passes out from the heat. July 4th is not a "party night", unfortunately. Not for your Indoc team, either. You, and us, need to appear looking sharp and alert at 8am. I will be your EMT. You'll see me at morning PT, at sick call, and at health and wellness before you fly to your racks. You'll like us, since we don't yell and scream. Use the medical service as much as you need, but remember, you'll have a nickname if you're a frequent flyer. Your DI's will come up with a name for you, too. You might have heard that some injuries/ ailments cause you to be set back into the class of 2017. An injury that will keep you on the sidelines for less than week (sprains, etc) are no cause of concern. And here are a few items that they did not tell you to pack, but you should: Stamps+ Envelope (bring extras for your platoon mates) Paper Journal, with a "boring" cover. Lighter Flashlight + Batteries Mouthwash Alarm Clock- you will need one on the last few days of Indoc Cash for the NEX Shirt stays, if you can find them Welcome Aboard! From everyone who's not a Drill Instructor, we're very happy to see you! (Because when you see a Plebe, you ain't a plebe anymore).