Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Time is running out!

Double quiz next day
Violin lesson tonight
No time for long post

Delli-can-drive countdown: 13 days

May is on the way
Now I go to bed tonight
Quiz grades to be dropped

May, a new month now
Pull out a new month farecard
Exams really soon

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ora et Labora

Oh No! A Latin vocab quiz tomorrow that has lots of tricky words!
Now after school, Ben and I went to Ben and Jerry's at Dupont Circle for a free ice cream on Free Cone Day. Nothing in particular, except that they auctioned line cuts (It only made it up to $5.) As I said, it was just a 25-minute line. So now I'm here and was checking the cheapest ways to get to California by Jet Blue, which is very New York-JFK-centric, and Boston-centric as well. However, there are still cheap IAD (DC Dulles) flights. Amazing- it's cheaper to send up to 5 or 6 people by plane across the country than to drive them. That, there, is a recent phenomenon.

Delli-can-drive countdown: 14 days.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Tsk Tsk.

I gave the 10 minute 37 second caffeine talk.

So we found who the book thief might be. I'm going to watch the internet to make sure he doesn't try to make a quick $75 off of victim #2's book, after taking my own (probably because he lost his own).

I set a new speed record for home. 4:00 on the dot- a mere 40 minutes- because the shuttle left on time, 2 minute wait for Red Line Train, direct connection to Orange Line- foot got stuck in door. It's OK now. Lost about 5 seconds to pick up $2 that I found at the gate. But it was worth the time. ($2 x 12 x 60= $1440/ hour)
Still room for improvement!

Now: $/hour of other coin pick-up activities: based on 10 second pick-up time. Penny- $3.60, which is not worth picking up because of the cost of washing your hands. Nickel- $18, Dime-$36, Quarter-$90, Half Dollar (sometimes I do find them on the street!)-$180, Dollar-$360.
Delli-can-drive countdown: 15 days.

Maybe Coming Soon to the Jangoonow: Delli sings. Includes hits such as "The 3:20 song", "It's _____", " Christopher to the song of Shape of Life" (I refuse to market the song because of political incorrectness issues)

Sunday, April 27, 2008


I was just finishing up Part 2 of Rascus, Ben and Jemima. Of course, this is something that 3 corporations and 4 different people could claim as theirs by right, so, at least, I have to get the peoples' permission to post it.

We had a spring school concert today. Our part went swell, so did the jazz band's. Two hours 10 minutes. Lots of songs. I even played the book 5 Gavotte in D Major by Bach. Harder to find on Youtube than the book 2 one.

Delli can drive countdown- 16 days!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

How did it get so late?

I was just reading Zachary M. Schrag's The Great Society Subway on GoogleBooks. Surprisingly, Most of the text is there, even though this is a preview. Good book about the planning and building of the DC Metro.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Dies Irae

Things went from terrible to the abyss of heck when I discovered last night that my Math notebook was missing, too. I suffered to get as much of the math done as possible for homework, but I nearly skipped dinner, after missing lunch.

But I can't stay miserable for over 24 hours.
8:55 am, books found being filing cabinet.

Mike Higgins was the real writer of the "3:20" song. Stephen only made it a tune for your daily activities, and the song became famous with him.

18 days until my first classmate is capable of receiving his Learner's Permit. (aka drive with your mother) That was because of a loophole in Virginia State Law that allows 15 1/2-year-olds get their driving permits- regardless of educational attainment. That's going to be a whole 11 months before me, because DC doesn't trust freshmen behind the wheel. Some people say that they know other freshmen that are legally permitted to drive. I don't know any other.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

O Fabulam Miseram!

My three textbooks are still missing. French, Bon Voyage 2 and its workbook, as well as History's World History to 1800. I hereby pronounce them stolen from my desk, because the prank has gone on too long. I know our GPA's are competitive, but this will most likely cost me an Honor Roll title, and $30.

Not just that, but now my Math notebook is embezzled. How can I live like this.
Add to that the fact that I didn't eat lunch today, because of my Experimental Design project. I'm most near starved by noon, and then tack on 31/2 hours to chew on a sushi roll- misery.

But 2 good things. Others loved my Mother's mercury-free sushi rolls, and after Tennis, some 'them' left in a car with the Vice President Elect to Brookland Station. Of course I did not go with them, but rather was left to make my own way to the station.
I was never expecting to catch up to them in their car, especially with the southbound 80 catching every red light. But I did make it, setting a first for metro-racing private transportation to Brookland (remember, I've done Fort Totten multiple times). A remarkable feat, as there was no communication between I and them. I never got to hear if they gave me a head start- like a daddy who lets their toddler win in a race against himself- because they went to Ben and Jerry's at Union Station.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Delli's Post

Delli Priscoli
Will have a Cappuccino now
Has a whacko bro
(December, 2007)

Who is this Stephen Delli Priscoli that deserves attention on today's post? Well, he is a special person. He drinks an espresso every morning, and sometimes in the afternoon, and the espresso is homemade. Delli, which is the person's popular name, denies that espresso makes him late in the morning.
He goes on to explain that it was Metro's fault, which, statistically, can be up to 9% of the time on the Orange line, which he takes regularly to the "posh hill" in Northeast Washington. However, the local community (in Northeast) sometimes does not take too well with him. It is said that the general consensus on city buses, about admitting him on is, no. Also, he has been made a victim in rock attacks. It is not surprising, as he dresses for success, and not just that, but modeled after posh Italian modelers that one frequently sees in catalogs.

And one of his dream jobs? Hand modeling. Unfortunately, since he broke and temporarily deformed one of his hands, he does not think, at least for the time being, that he can model with that hand.

Controversy. With his high-action visibility, there's a lot of repercussion that follows his thunder. For example, some have claimed that he is a you-put-it-here-ist. From his political statements that are often mistaken for terrible humor, to drawings of the UN in traditional dress, are often not taken well. However, how hateful can he be?

He is talented- he frequently scores high on tests, most of which I have not taken myself, namely Advanced French, where he talks French like a Francophone with some of his high-cultured friends. I haven't found out yet, but he may also dream in French. He also will be the future leader of the school orchestra, and wins victories for the Soccer team, and reels in medals and awards like a fiend. Orchestra is not his only musical talent; Delli, as we affectionately call him, can put most any name into music and sometimes add extra lyrics. Or even if there is no name involved, recalling the "3:20 song." It goes like, "It's 3:20, time to get on the shuttle"/ ""You stand in line waiting for the bus, you get on and pay, It's only a quarter!". He also made a speedy recovery after a hand injury, which held him out of the Tennis team for a while. But since his return yesterday, he made himself a king of the court.

So here's to one of our blog's entourage, Stephen Delli Priscoli, future world power.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


At tennis Cluck-U chicken party until 7. Got home @ 8. Romeo+Juliet quiz on the morrow. Bio card quiz, too. Readers will have to bear with me.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Basics

Last night, I reported that I was almost hit by a smooth Nigerian wire-fraud criminal. But I never got the chance to tell the compelling story of my weekend adventures.

Saturday was Suitland orchestra, then around on the Beltway to Annadale to Chinese food shop. Looping back home, I forgot what I did the rest of the night, except I did do tennis in the park.

Sunday was spent partly in church and in Ponticus, the fancy name for high school church group. It was raining and thundering, but we still went to the Earth Day event on the mall. THereafter, it was home again, but only after navigating through the urban renewal complex called L'Enfant Plaza and the HUD.

Monday, it was still raining. Crushed a French quiz. Received my shiny gold NLE medal.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Smooth Criminal

I was reading about the Blogger in Draft items, and I'll add some of those cool trinkets onto the page eventually. Rotating bars, RSS Feeds (I think this is basically A.S' blog delivered straight to your e-box), etc.

I verified that the guy who was interested in buying my item was legitimate, and that he had UNICEF friends in Western Africa. However, the identity was STOLEN, as I compared the typing to Nigerian (Fraud) Bankers' writing samples.

Terminating the transaction there was a timesaver. After all, why would such a well-meaning guy be up ordering things at 3:55am (Indianapolis time)?
Some telltale indicators:
"I hope you had a good night"
as well as other trigger words such as "deployed", and "That we should arrange", but otherwise it would have racketeered much of that American empathy.

So let this be a warning to the Central Nigerian Bank: You ain't gettin' any of my technology fo' free! Yes, and if I when I go to Africa, I'll make sure to take a turboprop aircraft onto a dirt runway, and head to the trailer that serves as the terminal, to hire a personal bodyguard, and head to the address which the N(F)B gave. Just like in the movies.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Time crush

I'm sort of crushed on time. However, luckily for me, I still have Sunday.
Our internet has been faulty at times, much like the hysteria that happened in a show I recently watched- The day the internet died. I admit it. I watched South Park on the internet last night.

Thank people for giving me a delightful birthday
Determine if a Facebook buyer is telling the truth to me. (UNICEF deployment in west Africa was what I heard from him)

Yes, I was at the Suitland orchestra today, and I wasn't afraid, even though statistically, a rock had a chance of striking me there. But it never did. Here's to DC for raising some wild beasts!

"Uncle Globey" learns about emotions in A millionaire on the South Veranda

Why were we treated different? Was it because of the way we dressed? What we talked about? I don't see why people are so hateful.

Friday, April 18, 2008

April 17th Revelations

Where did I leave off?

The stadium was relatively new. The stadium, at least the first tier, was very open-aired. Under the shade of the second tier, as well as the surrounding concrete that was still cold from the night before. It was not soon that I realized that my ticket was one of a few that did not give a (Section 138, Row S, Seat 2) view of the altar, obstructed by a speaker tower. I suppose God wanted it that way, and for a legitimate reason. Of course, no one would want to trade their lifetime experience with me, especially when I am supposed to be around for an excess of 50 years. 9:30am, the Pope took a home-run ride in the popemobile, a modified Mercedes-Benz. He nearly missed us by waving to the mass of priests on the field, but he gave us a good wave before it was too late. 10:00am, the mass started. I identified the Pope only by his unique accent, which I heard much on TV the day before.

Like my trip to England (It did not feel much different than Canada), it was unbelievable. Although I could not see Him, it was something very special, and the shock will probably come sometime. He spoke Spanish well, as I was informed by someone who saw the Pontiff's mouth move to the words. Communion was served in our section, not focused at a central point, a thing that I slightly disagree with, regarding to the symbolism of it. Denyce Graves and Placido Domingo sung and brought people to tears. The mass sometimes turned into a rallying cry, with phrases including, Viva la Popa, We love you Benedict!, and, otherwise much cheering and clapping and flag-waving. The service ended precisely at Noon, and a commentator soon commented. I thought; "Why?". Exiting the stadium-turned-church, it was as if the whole
world turned upside down. Anti-Catholics protested the church's doctrine, and Evangelists tried to convert with poorly written novels. By the grace of God, no one was hurt.

It was HOT outside, and had been for a while. Staffers rushed water to the priestly people in the field. I did not know why until we got out. I stripped off my jacket, and my sweater, loosened my tie, and still be hot. Note- I'm not whining below.

Typical incompetent DDOT cops held our lunchtime up, while an amazing stream of over 20 buses passed to ferry riders to the RFK lot. The only dining in the area, Five Guys and Subway and Starbucks, as comic relief, were crowded. We did eat, but they (at Subway) could have been more prepared, and anyway, mis-dressed sandwiches, even to somebody who was allergic to cheese. Luckily, it was not put through the toaster-oven. Cost $7.03, had enough sense to lax the 3 cents, came with medium soda and foot-long sub. Did they gouge the price?

And people did ride the N22 from the mass.

We did not get back to school until 3:10pm. I would have gone to class for 10 minutes if it was important material, but it was not. After school, I finished my stage for the drug webpage, and had to get home to cram for Friday's Test-n-Quiz session.


I had been planning to write an article for the Press, but I just did not collect enough of my own feelings to write a full story. I then thought of asking the more devout people what the mass meant to them. The next day, I did find out, and it meant a lot. A powerful point was the pope in the bleeing of the Eucharist, as well as after communion, when he did a rare standing ovation to Placido, and he kissed the Pontiff's ring. Unfortunately, I did not get to see it. I suppose they deserved a powerful experience, getting to see the aged Pontiff, at 81, still enthusiastically officiating the whole mass. After all, a lot of them did take their initiative to be confirmed last year or the year before. I was confirmed in a High Episcopal church last year in New York (St. Thomas 5th Avenue is traditional.) There was nothing that could have deterred-like Mr. Schmidt's temporary shake-off of Model UN by introducing occasional after-school meets- the process. Confirmation class was required, and I don't think I ever gave a formalized consent to have my name sent to the Bishop. I should try to be more faithful. After all, all I do is attend church on Sundays more often than not, and lead Sunday School with material I learned the previous week in Religion class. Maybe the sprit just moved me then. Let's see.

And as I say, Happy Birthday to Me.


There's some exciting news for our Model UN Team.
We were invited to the Harvard Model UN Conference, the one where the admissions officers watch to see who plays well and wins. But, our Biology teacher said that our GPA's are very competitive, and this sounds something like this. Anyway, happy news. The invitations to the prestigious conference do not go to everyone.

I must say that I was ambushed with a group coming home. Not too bad for me, but somebody was hit with a stone sur la tete. (On the head) A little bump it did become. Our prayers are with him.
More details may come if cleared.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

April 17, 2008

Getting up at 5:00 am is something that makes me tired later in the day. I left home at 5:45am to make it to school by 7:00am. Surprisingly, by the time I boarded the E2 at Fort Totten, it was already bright out, but still a bit chilly. The 36 of us and 4 chaperons boarded a 3-bus tandem to the Green line, boarding the train at about 7:20. The train was already standing room only- I do remember also that the aisle was already congested. It was tolerable until Chinatown, where Red Line passengers met the train. There was a delay entering into L'Enfant Plaza, where the Orange/Blue cross. It so happened that the train ahead of ours was overburdened and broke down, as I later saw on TV. Waterfront, Navy Yard. The platform looked like Tokyo's subway it was so crowded. The transit police had it set up so that 1/2 street SE was a walkway to the stadium's security checkpoint. Seated by 8:30am. Unfortunately, I was unable to see the altar from my seat. However, I was able to see the pope in a drive-around in the popemobile, with window open. I was within 50 feet diagonal of Him.

I have to stop here for tonight. I have a T+Q in Math and Latin tomorrow.
And it is my birthday.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Clearing out

I was so sad...I was beckoned for goods which I did not have...twice today. Moral of story- take your opportunity with my stuff while you can. I do have it, most days, but seek ye first.

You probably don't know what I'm saying, and it doesn't matter. The big thing is that when I blog next, I'll be changed. I should have been able to see the pope live- first time ever for me- with some of the people at school. And then by 7th period, everything should return back to normal, except that you can't forget that you just spent all morning in a sun-filled stadium, which I perceive as still scented of the "New Car Scent", with at least a few hysterical people so excited to see Him. If all works out right, I'll be out of home at 5:40am and at school by 7am, and in the ballpark by 8:30. And by the time for tennis practice, my arm will be black and blue.

They say the St. John's kids have to be at school by 5:30am to go. Really?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Birthdays, etc.

Two days, One hour, 45 minutes. That's when I become 15 by calendar years. However...I am 15 now in biological age. Remember, I lived through 4 leap years ('96, '00, '04, '08) , each with an extra day. That means I turned biologically 15 on Sunday. Nevertheless, it's nice to always celebrate a birthday on the same day.

Tomorrow I will have a friend's birthday every day until the 22nd/23rd
The pope will be 81 tomorrow, and I should be able to see him on Thursday.

I actually do not have any tests to do until Friday.

I have a history essay due tomorrow. I have most of it done, but I have to piece the rest together.

Monday, April 14, 2008

What do I say?

Just tired from that weekend. Anyway, the so-called orthodontic operation went fine, except it took a cumulative hour. Not much going on, except for Thursday. I have to get to school (a 40-minute commute) by 7am to get down to the Navy Yard Ballpark in time for the pre-ass show.
Got to study for that bio test gent.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


I just couldn't find how to get the math problems sent over to me- especially since it is a worksheet.

AKA Peer Pressure

SO...It was Saturday at 9am where I left off. Very miserable conditions in the morning. Hot day, humid, no A/C, poor ventilation. And anguish. I watched as the blockheads of the committee trash our (Singapore and Italy) budget amendment. 27% approval. Therefore the other sponsors had a better chance of winning a prize. I was running out of time.

Lunch at M street Chipotle (There are 2 on M street, the downtown one was where the Freshmen went. And Bobby Beatson (Is he trying to run for student council? He is in 12th grade) as well as Presidential Candidate Tom Zorc.

In the afternoon, I was bitter about what the blockheads had done. I was preparing to vote No to the bill that would not include our amendment and totally trash the committee in my voting response. But I voted yes and turned my bitter speech into a heartfelt one. (Google Docs doesn't work well on my home computer) In that session, I was able to take a sponsorship.
I made a slip-up.
I said a second-circle item during moderated caucus by saying;"It is said that Michael Jordan makes more on royalties from Nike than all the child laborers in Malaysia combined."

Next day, last hour, we got our working paper turned into resolution. However, we cut short right before voting (I said "Close Debate", not "Close the meeting") to get to the 'Soulja Boy' dance-off. Such a debacle.

At the break at 11am, we had ended up in two groups. The 3rd floor people (including myself) had ended the debacle earlier than the 4th floor. We had left and were wandering on Pennsylvania Avenue, interested in not eating lunch then. The other people, with, again, Bobby Beatson, were walking. I decided to play in their circle and return.

After I was done with that tomfoolery, I returned to see that they had disappeared. I tried calling the two numbers I had for those people, but no success. So I was done with them.
They had gone into Johnny Rockets, a Dan Snyder company. I had no need to eat then, so I didn't. I however, did note that the service was slow, especially since that our group was the only one in the 2000 Penn. restaurant at the time. Enter the older guys. Nazan, as we call him, was absolutely impulsive and a risk to our community. Knocked over Bobby's drink, and then, in a separate incident, nearly sent my complimentary glass of water to the floor, along with the embroidered glass.

Somehow we survived, and I tipped the waitress $1, who brought me that complimentary glass. We made it back in time for the awards ceremony. This was the most nervous time of the conference. My heart beat fast as the chair ran through the list of awards. "Monaco from St. Alban's." That was a committee that was listed before mine. This was my co-delegate last time, when we did not get a personal award. If I did not win here, then it would be apparent that I was a liability. We got to our World Summit on Children. Singapore, the very influential voice of my work, got a verbal commendation. What was happening? Didn't she perform better than I? Actually, somehow, despite all the flaws and controversies I had created, I won an honorable delegate award, equivalent to the previous co-delegate. I was out of the hot water then.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


AKA- Crack the whips

Friday after Metro trip meant TGI Friday's lunch, 441 feet from the WAMUNC HQ. My share of the bill came out to be around $12, However, due to a tax counting error on part of a student government candidate, I had to pitch in $3 extra. But TGI's actually grilled the chicken just right! A little crispy yet juicy to describe it. Friday early afternoon was spent in a stuffy room watching Uganda Rising. I noted there that there is no thing more disruptive to decision-making than political correctness, and making sure possible security options in Uganda would not be offensive to the Ugandans. I realized that after 1 hour with a representative that I didn't take too kindly too. Dinner was at Wendy's. But before that, we were waiting for the people in SOCHUM. I finally went to check their room 20 minutes into recess. They were gone. A quick cell phone call led to the reason. Bobby Beatson. Whatever he did to influence the freshmen to desert. Quote from schoolmate in committee: (with a bit of angst at the SOCHUM people), This is probably the only time this year that I'm eating at Wendy's this year. Same with me.
Oh, and that SOCHUM. They got out an hour early, heading out to Chipotle while I was forced to listen to a P.C. specialist.

Nighttime session, very nice, modern climate controlled room at 1957 E. That was a hopeful session. I collaborated to be a sponsor with Singapore from NJ.

Next morning, very soon.
Former co-delegate walks in with a Starbuck (some sort of coffee slush item) and a pastry. That would have made a great pic. Anyway, I need to get to bed, and I'll pick this up later.

Friday, April 11, 2008


AKA- your classmates know your every move.

It was a lovely Thursday afternoon. The sun was out, and wearing a suit from this time period was way too much. With our victorious leader we boarded transporter 3 to the high-speed metro lines.
We exited downtown, where the sidewalks glittered as with money. The strangers to this land were disoriented- they then soon found out that I was an insider who was in their midst. I heroically lead them to their destination, but the story does not end there.

We met up with the people who arrived in personal transporters. After eating strange retro-space-age dinner inside the HQ, we headed out to constitution hall, that reeked of the early 20th century. I was in a desperate state of mind to study for a Romeo and Juliet quiz, so I was slightly distracted from the insider who ran the government earlier this century. It did not last as long or was boring as the last MUN oration that I listened to.

I was then cramped into another ugly 20th century building that was way overheat, and miserable. I could clearly see that the other members of the council were competitive. I orated more about the events on the other side of this planet, much more than I did last time. The meeting was soon over, and I headed home the low-tech way, by foot. As I was crossing the major thoroughfare to the northwest of the city, a familiar personal transporter passed by. This was filled with familiar carbon life elements. I never noticed this transporter, but the next morning, at the academy, I was informed of how I was seen on the median strip of the thoroughfare. Using my internal computer, I calculated this location, and yes, here is the lesson:

Big Brother is Watching

After the encounter,
I entered onto the world wide web and crammed external study material.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


It's election time at school. Here is an Atticus Sawatzki's brief rundown of the candidates.

Tom Zorc- without bias, he is a manager for the Priory Press. He also touches our hearts with compassion and humility. I heard that he transferred his papal mass ticket to a freshman. Great guy. Great material for election.

Travis Smith- was the first person I met on my first real day at Saint Anselm's. Doesn't really look down upon the underclassmen. Very nice person to know. Great material for election.

Johnny Carpenter- One of my first Facebook friends. Seems to be a popular candidate, even though I don't really know him.

Lucas Husted- I don't know much about his campaign. All I know of his qualifications is Honor Roll. I'm not in his circles much, either.

Debate tomorrow, voting Friday.


Tired. I want a nap, but I don't know if I'll have time for one.
First, I'll do math, then study French, then English. And I really have to finish my MUN position paper. That'll be my priority list for tonight.

Tomorrow at this time, I will be at GW with the MUN team. Then later, I'll be fighting all by myself. I think I'm the only person from our school to be in the World Summit on Children. Is Italy influential enough to take the lead to win?

I also got report that a Poland representative had a live chat with the Ambassador of Poland. The two allegedly talked about Poland's view on globalization. Somehow that's not a word. But the Ambassador reinforced a popular idea- "let the cultures blend but don't let the new one then dominate." OK.

Oh tisk. I have a violin lesson tonight.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Et tu, Attice

Today was as ordinary as a typical day. However, getting up at 6am was not too bad today, as I was in a light sleep cycle. Got to school, after spilling my backpack in a race to the door.
Typical day. Tennis in the afternoon. At least the locker room door was left unlocked. I had prepared myself in case the door was locked- leaving crucial items in a backpack outside.
Some Change
Expecting that the shuttle would not leave until late, because the typical driver was at the baseball game, some of us walked towards the station. We got on an 80 bus at 12th street, but there were a few technical details about the student fare system:
PG County school students receive free fare with ID in the afternoon
DC students receive free transfer from rail-to-bus, as well as eligibility for a discount card
Two of the five of us had passes; One passed on school ID; the other two had to pay- one with cash and one with Smartrip.
In fact, our school does border PG county.

But, another person drove the shuttle, and caught up to us. To me that was no matter; However, two people did have to pay.

PS: The barbershop on F street, NW is really slow and gives bad haircuts.

Here is my king-of-the-court winning pattern.

Monday, April 7, 2008


Home in Record Time! 4:05pm.

The NLE (National Latin Exam) has lowered their standards. I received a Gold Magna Cum Laude with my score of 37/40 on Latin II. Compare that with my Magna Cum Laude (no shiny metal) last year on Latin II, I think. Or is it just that the teacher is really, really good? Explaining about .5% of all Perfect scores, and supposedly, another significant chunk of other high ranks?

Again to Strathmore. The Music Center at Strathmore is a posh 2005 concert hall that looks conformist on the outside, and is only tamely space-age on the inside. In the Marriott hall, as they bought it, the seats are symmetrical. No atonality there. The acoustics are pleasing, for the audience, as there was where I sat until intermission, which, afterwards, we performed.
The performance of Bach's First Piano Concerto went fabulously, and a little encore (Chinese pop music) as well. Of course, the designers compromised the performers' ability to hear each other for the audiences' listening pleasure, but it was fine.

The money generated from the concert will go to building a Shriner's Hospital ( Shriners are the group that wears the fezzes) in China.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


I played at Strathmore today. The rehearsal yesterday went past 9:30pm, and I got home at around 11pm. No time to blog there.

So Marc Yu, the child prodigy, came into rehersal in his trademark red gloves. He played excellently, and all for memory, all 30 minutes of the piano concerto. He was the star of today's charity concert at, I said it, the Music Center at Strathmore on Tuckerman Lane in Grosvenor (Pronounced Gro-ven-or, with the British accent. Been to Scotland, done that, bought the T-shirt as well) in preppy, of sorts, North Bethesda.

And I got hooked onto 99, a crispy, sweet, creme filled biscuit. Will post on Jangoonow for all to be able to enjoy.

The sun has set, and gone to bed, and so must I.
I wish to give a more detailed report soon.

Two links:
I do my blogging in paradise, compared to some of the people who actually do it for their sole living
Writers Blog till they Drop
Morale of story: It's hard to enslave bloggers. That's why I'd never sell this baby of mine.
Do you bias? You probably do. Test yourself

Friday, April 4, 2008

40 years

I have just finished typing act 1 of a soap opera. That's why it's so late.
But 40 years ago, as The Examiner rightly states in a soul-invoking special report with first-hand witnesses of the destruction of Washington, which started within minutes of MLK's assasination
The residence I type in now, was built over a scorched shell. - link to the story
Even more dramatic- arriving into Washington National Airport the same night, one witness was able to see the city in flames, unlike the typical lights of the city.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Another Day

After blogging last night- I had a violin lesson that, like a tumor, killed study time. A little harsh, but I did have three quizzes the next day. It took over two whole hours.

It's rainy outside, and therefore, no Tennis game to see after It's Academic. However, there was still a Middle School softball game going on. Couldn't see much; had to get home.

And now here am I , after just finishing ice cream over sweet bread.
I just got word from a person who went to the FOSE event at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. He stated they had nearly run out of little handout gadgets, it being the last day, but all the exhibits of cool army stuff for sale were still up.

The biggest thing I regret today- not taking the negative root of a quadratic equation on a math quiz today.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April 2

I actually do not plan on going to space next year, and to the best of my knowledge I am not on an FBI hit list. However, do not discount all of yesterday's April Fool's post. The Americans are actually quitting on space for the while being (as I foresaw happening. I saw it in the Express today.) Why I told this tale when I could have given honest truth? Because a) No one would believe it, b) and more likely, I'd be portrayed as a traitor to America. Now I'll give the April talk.

April is a fascinating month for me. Statistically speaking (based on my possible faulty research) there are a lot of people born in April 1993, and April in general. That means this is a special month for a lot of other people as well. April 2008 will be an even more special day for all of DC, because The Bishop of Rome, aka B-16, as some of is fans aptly call him, or the more proper Pope Benedict XVI, will make a once-in-a-lifetime appearance to the DC people at the new ballpark, which is perfect allegory to Revelations.

So reviewing this month, I have birthdays in line from April 2, today, to April 28, with a straight- shot list from April 16 through 22. Other events include WAMUNC at GW, within walking distance of my home, from April 10th to the 13th. As I have said before, April 17 is both my birthday and the DC Papal Mass.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Blogger in Space

The Russian government had recently held a contest, with the prize as a trip to the new Russian Space Station, and the first trip to the moon in 35 years. The contest was open to Russians of all nations. I, actually, am not ethnically a Russian, but nevertheless I passed as one, and won with my inspirational life story about how being a great-grandson of an Ellis Island immigrant (that part was true) proved many challenges in our family's recently-adopted country (about 70% of Americans have an Ellis Island ancestor) , and how expressing my voice in the style of the New Russia has erased the stigma of being a great-grandson of a generic immigrant.

So off I will fly to space from Russia in July 2009. While George Bush has specifically demanded that I not go, it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and the UN commended me on this act, bridging the gap between... too much mush to handle. I actually declined the offer to ceremoniously remove the American flag, on the 40th anniversary of the American lunar landing, and replace it with the Russian type, because then I would never be let into America again, and, anyway, I don't want this to be the defining experience of my life. I just want to go on to college like everyone else.

George Bush has finally kicked America's bucket when questioned on what he will do about the "commies." He stated "this is a diffurunt amurica then the one i gru up in." and declared that he would go to war with Russia if they removed the American flag, and offered Russia nothing to quit now. What a dumb donkey, not to mention he has no authoritative power in July of next year. Four major presidential contestants have stated the need to jump-start our space program to be capable of building a space-fort to protect our flag. Hillary thinks it's better to give everyone on earth socialist health care.

The FBI and CIA as well as the NSO and FDA (Why?) have been given shoot-at-sight orders if they encounter me, so I better watch my back.

AFD 2008