Friday, March 16, 2007

Ohio's Teen Social Problem

Ha! everyone else uses the same news story about the Ohio 'youts'.

A boy ferociously punched another boy, which started a mass riot in the immediate area. The centerpoint was the two gangsta' boys. The poor victim of the punch self-defended himself with a .22 caliber and shot the attacker in the cheek, bringing the battle to a close and safe ending. To make the story more sweet the incident happened right outside the hospital. This ensured that the aggressor got walk-in treatment. I have experience with .22's and it is rare to send someone to the hospital let alone put the victim (or loser of the game, if so) in critical condition, which was reported. The causer of the problem then took an unnecessary and wastefully luxurious helicopter excurision with a personal flight attendant/ EMT to his 'hood compliments of your tax dollars.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bus Ride

I took a bus ride on my favorite Chinese bus line (to be politically correct we should call them Budget Buses) It was the average of fast, but there was this woman who had problems with the driver. She claimed that the buses always took a rest stop in South Jersey and that it was inhumane to go the whole way without stopping. "I need to go pee" she said. But there was a toilet on the bus. So when the driver did make a stop just for her he rolled his eyes at her, which should seem to be a normal reaction to someone that annoying. So anyway, she took evidence photos of the bus and the driver's face and called the Better Business Bureau en route.

Now this is not usual but it did not seem to disturb the other passengers, who were of all racial backgrounds, FYI.

Eastern Travel-

PS- I did some reading on giving microloans to people in developing countries. It's an excelent idea and it doesn't cost much money, only a dollar a so per person. And it gets paid back too!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Our Boston Trip

I sent this sort-of-desparate message last night
after arriving back from Boston. The plane trip
really should have been less hasslesome.

i just came back from a school trip to boston.
hotel-nice, but i was e-stranded from the
computer the whole time- there was a comp-
uter but no internet access. It was freezing cold.
'twas zero degrees fahernheit. 'twas a good
trip though.

After being served a surprising dessert of Kasuagi gummies I'm about to take a plane ride! I don't know what I am more excited about; the plane ride or my first trip on the AirTrain.

This station seemed to have been designed as part of the airport. They tried to be cool by naming their stations with letters; I got on at "D". It felt like I was trapped in a bubble waiting in the enclosed terminal. The trip went at a slower speed than I would have liked it, and the train was overcrowded, even at midday. We switched between the two tracks quite often, having to slow to 10 in the process. Not enjoyable.

Of course we managed to spend a lot of time at the airport checking in. It would have been faster if we would have taken a bus. No complications on the flight; I truly enjoyed that take-off jolt. No problems with baggage claim. We left the airport in an interesting manner; by boat. The trip was not too enjoyable with the constant rocking of the water taxi. We passed by the USS J>F>K>, the last fossil-fueled US Navy vessel. Mr. Goodwin sure knows a lot about boats.

Our hotel at the Yacht Haven was nice and spacious with a high ceiling and a view across the bay. Nice. Dinner was at Joe's American Bar and Restaurant, who shared the pier.

This was the science center day. I was so eager to see how their subway was like. It was yet bitter cold. I can't believe they called trolleys and buses trains! Such like DC's Zoo Stop, the Science Museum was actually 2 plus blocks from the aerial station. It was cool and the gift store and cafeteria weren't rip-offs!

To Be Continued

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Ginseng Candy is Good!

Ginseng, Taurine, Ginger, Ginko. We refer to these so frequently as American Culture asianiphiles itself. The Chinese are known for mixing exotic and unexpected herb remedies with food and candy. it may not seem very attractive, but there is something to be noted about the American Ginseng Candy , made in China and therefore Chinese. Point: Have you ever seen a large Asian Candy? Ginseng candy contents itself in a gold-colored wrapper with an image of Ginseng on the front. As you pop one of these into your mouth you will notice that this is not bursting with sugar or as being creamy, but you will notice a cool taste radiating from it. It resembles a breath mint, and it sucessfully does without ruining the earthy, healthy goodness of Ginseng. Had a mild sinus congestion? The candy will help it sure enough. Miracle Ginseng.

Avalible at many Asian supermarkets and at Jangoo. 10 cents each, 5/45 cents. CC-AGC

Circulation Dead

If you ever happen to be in DC never trust the tourist- oriented red Circulator buses. It's a mediocre, slow ride if you take it, although you would fare better in your own automobile, as long as you know the roads, or the Metro (DC has this thing of distinction of calling the subway by this name of higher elegance.) Hint. Never wait more than ten minutes for that bus that couldn't. I've had bad experiences where the bus did not come even after 45 minutes (It's supposed to come every 5-10 minutes) Just today I sat down at the computer after deciding to do the 20 block / 2 mile walk from Chinatown to my residence. And not a single bus was in sight!

Note: This refers to the K street/ Mass ave line. The 7/9 street line fares better with dedicated bus lanes, and the Independence/Consitution line runs fine when it does in the Summer. Visit for information on this bus, and note that if you want to complain this is not part of the Metrobus system.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

One Fish Two Fish

NT Fletcher, my model, does reviews-en-passant of restaurants in his hometown of Middletown, CT. He also does reviews of restaurants in New York City. I will take on the restaurants of my hometown, Washington, DC.

One Fish Two Fish- 2450 Pennsylvania Avenue

Asian Cusine Authenticity: 4/5 Price: Reasonable ($50. for 4 people for dinner)
Taste: 9/10 Waiting Time: 9 min. Restroom (Rated from the Men's room): Clean
Service: Good English Fluency: A- Language: Cantonese

Descend down a half floor of steps to the restaurant. Its decor is a mix between a Takey-Outy restaurant and a decent sit-down place. It has simple decorations, the only flaw being the beverage refrigerator sitting in view of the dining tables. The setting is quiet, with not too many diners making din. Even though the fact that there are not that many diners may keep you away, it seems that they have a good load of phone orders. This restaurant has been at this location for over a dozen years. Free Delivery to local college students (GW Univ.) keeps the restaurant owner, once a New York immigrant, in a nice suburban home.

March 1, 2007

My new blog! How exciting!

Technology these days, so amazing that anybody can have a website. In this blog I will be able to easily do issues of Tuck Shop New on the computer instead of being handwritten. I don't know, but am I the only person that can read my handwriting. The minor disadvantage is that I can't write anywhere I want; I don't have a laptop. I think the quickest way to get one, I guess, is to get a prepaid charge card (or a real charge card if you have one) and go to one of these websites,,, and claim yours. I'll do a blog on this sometime soon. So back to story. I can just copy straight from my blog and throw in other good stuff into a document and publish it. I'll try it for one of these issues sometime. Thank you Mr. NT Fletcher for inspiring me and thank you, the reader. for reading my blog, and have a nice day :)