Saturday, February 25, 2017

Mediterranean Sailing

Dear readers,
I like to post every month; while I have the material, it has been hard to connect to the internet while traveling in the Mediterranean Sea. I had a blog post planned, but connectivity issues laid me up. So I'll just say that my time in Europe has been great so far. It began on the Atlantic Ocean side of Gibraltar, in Rota, Spain. I did the 'tour', seeing Seville, Madrid, and Cadiz. Barcelona will wait until next time, though I am eager to see the modern cathedral that is nearing completion. In addition I visited Gibraltar, and was not only impressed by the view, but of the friendliness of the macaques. Beware, though, that taxi fare in Spain will add up for longer trips, so I recommend splitting the fare between friends. My next port was Chania, Crete, where I am now.  Much of Crete is still agrarian in nature, so goats and roosters are a common sight. Loved the gorges, and Chania harbor is postcard perfect. As an American, I had to adjust to the Mediterranean attitude towards work and deadlines; to take it easy, relax. Whether it means the bus driver drives on his schedule, or the shopkeepers' lunch break and nap, it is a revelation to how life ought to be enjoyed.