Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Multimedia Journalist

Post 350, a lot of videos online, and the news comes down to meet me

Picture the sort of fascinating journalism I do. Now imagine instead of you clicking to see my world, you turn on your TV and see me. That is what WUSA 9 is doing- the least viewed news channel around here. They are throwing out the specialists who film and do the lighting and all, even eliminating the sucker interns who do all the work when everyone else is on vacation. What is replacing my aspirations is self-reporting. After ten years of improving e-journalism that now involves real crews, these reporters are going to film themselves. Now I consider how on the film Animal Noises, I left out the usual lighting scheme by accident. I didn't want to redo the whole ad lib show, so I uploaded it it anyway. That is the future of Channel 9.

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