Monday, January 21, 2008

AM blogging

I heard it on the airwaves. Our family, as well as most other families in America, qualifies for a proposed $1600 handout from the government. There is, however, one thing that would keep us from our free money- who gets it. The money would go to only families with joint incomes of $40,000 or more.
I am not a total egalitarian, but as I calculated, that means $20 an hour, $10/ hour for each parent. But what if... Only one parent works while the other takes care of the children? Single parent households? How many jobs have you seen available for $20 an hour?

All told, I like the plan, but since the money can be used as normal cash, I don't see it fully benefiting the economy. As someone said on TV,(paraphrase)" the people who were rich enough in the first place to get the free money would be too responsible with it, and the people who won't get it need it for day-to-day needs"

My idea- Cash only usable for paying loans or buying things procured by American greed. Things like oversized houses, cars, fancy technology. And give the cash to everyone, so every politician gets re-elected for this populist idea.

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