Sunday, January 20, 2008

Artic Blast

I am typing this entry with half frozen hands. The temperature is currently 26F outside at this time, but it felt much, much colder outside. In the car it never got warm enough to take my outside jacket off, nor my gloves. In fact, water bottles which were in the car overnight actually froze over, so basically it was below freezing when I got in.

Now here is an outline of my day:
Went to church, of the 1 hour variety, and a calm Sunday School session. Walking to church it wasn't so cold, but on the way back I was chilled to the skin within half a block. Then there was Target Greatland. FYI I typically go to the one near seven corners, probably just because it's just down the street, namely across the river on Rt. 50 and 6 more miles. Not too far at all. Picked up some stuff at discount price. Oral-B Orthodontic floss, 2 packs of 50 at 2.50 each, half the price of the local CVS. Laundry detergent was an amazing $3 for 120 oz, but unfortunately, this Target Greatland does not sell music stands. So amazingly, it was only a 2 mile drive to a local music store for one of those heavy duty Manhasset music stands that require assembly. On the same road I accessed the Kam Sam Oriental Supermarket. Bought some Chinese food. Just out of curiosity, I checked and found that most of the foods at the markets were actually made in the USA. (Is it really cost-effective to send a can of soybean drink across the ocean?) It kept on getting colder outside, which I noticed when filling the gas tank. By the time I de-staticed and flip the pump on, my hands were chilled. Wicked cold. On the Henry G Shirley Memorial highway home, state troopers were handing out $1000 tickets to lots of people. Not us, and if we got one, we'd have to only pay like $100, because the law applies only to Virginia people. I did read that some cities like Front Royal will pardon anyone who got one. So I got home and moved all the plunder from the car into my residence. Hands cold within a few seconds. Now I'm inside and don't plan to go out until it gets warmer, or Tuesday when I have to go to school.

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