Wednesday, January 30, 2008


The February metro pass is... olive green. That just had to be spoiled for me this afternoon. Anyway, my leisure literature called a big catalog came in by UPS today. Nice, free reading material with colorful pictures. I found my recipe collection from 5 years ago. It's called 50 Recipes, and from 5 years ago. Copyright 2003, CM inc. (old name for Jangoo.) Among them, Paradise Slush, the precursor to Shaved Ice. It's a smoothie in a blender. No point in saying that, however. But here is the uncensored recipe, which does not require you to purchase anything from my website.

Paradise Slush
2lb. assorted fruit
1tbsn. assorted spices*
1 cup yogurt
1.Mix yogurt and spices
2.Put fruit in blender
3.Put on liquefy for 30 seconds
serves 2-3
cinnamon, nutmeg, mint, etc.

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