Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mixed Nuts

67. Post number 67. That reminds me of age 67, when I qualify for full social security benefits in about 52 years' time, and that'll be in the '60's. 2060's.

Now I have been reading about this man named Mr. Tesla. He's an interesting figure, half practical, half mad scientist. Resonance (earthquake machine) producer? A remote controlled boat built in 1898 (R/C toys became popular in the 1960's)? Free electricity in the air for all? (Coming to a power bar near you, 2010.) He was an Edison, only he used his brain to avoid trial-and-error.

Metro around effectively, using your DC discount card:
Taking a train from downtown to Rockville, rush hour, costs $4.50. (50 minutes) Exit with your DC card at Friendship Heights and re-enter with your SmarTrip and continue on the next train to Rockville. $3.20 (Really?, 57 minutes) I thought it was a greater savings. But nearly anything is better than taking the bus all the way to Rockville, as Little Brother made me do, to save a few quarters. (bus=$1.35, without SmarTrip, 90 minutes.)

Tomorrow: Train Racing; we love it!, and My Take on Coolidge High.

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