Friday, January 25, 2008

Post 80 Day

80 is a sweet number. Dividable by so many numbers. Just like 60, my favorite number.

So today was a strange day anyway. First period, test. Second period, Kingdom of Glory, an awesome film. Awesome like GATTACA, another of my top-rated movies. Third period was actual learning, Fourth and fifth periods, play a game called Circus Minimus. The rules were really too complex to be a board game. It would have worked better as a video game. Also at that time, we saw pre-release footage of a chariot race on the big screen in the theater. We just had to stop before seeing the man be trampled by a speeding cart. Seventh Period, test. Eighth and Ninth periods, intramurals. P.S. Main House won basketball 67 to 49. Orchestra. E2 (frankly more reliable than the 4:40 shuttle) Metro. Home. Blogging. That was my day.

By the way, I guess when I make the movie about "My medieval adventure" (posts 78 and 79), there would be a sword fight. Otherwise I would not alter it to make it like Cheaper by the Dozen, which had absolutely nothing to do with the book. Like it was meant to be that way.

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