Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fluffy Snow

Such nice snow today! Big globs falling from the skies like Manna to the Israelites. Makes nice snowballs as well. A wonderful thing it was to see the whole place covered in this substance. It even added up to a few inches! Or at least more than I've seen in a while. It was nice up on Mount Saint Anselm's, but unfortunately it was a thin layer being blotted out by rain where I come home to.

For those who are wondering, I did make it to the Metro this afternoon, before the first shuttle made it, to those shuttle riders' surprises, having already passed me. I had to explain it twice. "I got on the 80 with my card." As I have said before, I have everything prepared ahead of 3:20.
But my after school event was then canceled, and coming out, I would have landed on the third or fourth shuttle. There are 4 buses that could serve me at that time. E2 towards Friendship Heights, 80 either direction, B51 special service. So I was at the metrobus stop, and the B51 didn't stop for me. I expected that anyway, as I think I was the only passenger ever trying to hail down that bus. So I walked down two blocks. First shuttle passed me. Then the 80 bus came around that turn. Nice driver. Stopped for me even though I wasn't at the stop, as I was running to meet it. There were only a few passengers on at the time, and the bus did not make a stop to until the train station. I got off and converged with the shuttle riders. They were surprised. I considered basking in my glow waiting for everyone else who fared me well in the shuttle line, but that was too indulgent for my tastes.

So as I recommend:
If you are waiting for a third or fourth shuttle to return, and you have a way to get on the metrobus for a reasonable price (do Smartrip cards offer bus-to-rail transfers yet?), why not try the 80 or E2?

The below may not apply to all readers.
(About Room 41 chatter, that's such a 'sin'! Multiple times a day, nothing better to do? Self -pleasure? Enjoy it!?)

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