Tuesday, January 22, 2008

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Phish stix.

So for MLK day yesterday I did not do nothing, rather I went to a FREE special performance that included a large gospel choir, Denyse Graves, Elanor Holmes Norton, and, with the use of that oxford comma, lots of important people in the audience who will be up for re-election this year. That's Kennedy Center. For Free? For Free. Then I had a Chinese dinner.

But in the morning...
I had a violin lesson at 9:30 (got up at 8. Ugh!) Then I studied in the Georgetown Univ. library with a picturesque view of Rosslyn and the river. Then I went to KC.

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Mr. V. said...

Dear Mr. Sawatzki--

As you seem a bit of a traditional grammarian, I would like to point out that the first sentence of your second paragraph requires a semicolon (rather than a comma) after "nothing." IC ; ca IC(DC). Remember? Know this by Monday!

I do find your blog interesting, however, and I see a nice narrative style developing. Keep it up, and please never name any birds "Sweetie."