Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Development of Passenger...

Rail Service in America.

Section VI: Amtrak
It would take too long to type all of Amtrak's unification of failures together that were mentioned in this short book, soon to be made available by me (as well as the Blog Book 07) , but Amtrak hurt me personally this time. To send off my little brother we drove him to BWI (Thurgood Marshall-Friendship Baltimore-Washington International Airport) to meet with two other of his middle school friends. Apparently Amtrak has a cruel unaccompanied minors policy which any child's freedom activist would take an action against. Little Brother will call me tonight and tell me how it was asking "Mother may I" from the conductor. But they, for what I saw, interview the "victim" and wristband him in such a dehumanizing way. (At least day cares give you little neckstring ID cards.) In such a fashion the contract required that we get there an hour early, all remained there, in the waiting room, until the train left, and so on for two pages. And anyway, the station building was overheated. That's why children take planes and non-Greyhound buses.

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