Monday, January 28, 2008

Freedom of my speech

"Blogger will be unavailable Monday (1/28) at 4:00PM PST for about 10 minutes for maintenance."
I think that's about 8 pm in my world.

So I did the 3 minute speech today. I had to switch topics at about 6:30 this morning because I could not stop talking about my subject- running a candy shop, in a first person narrative about the Tuck Shop. I finalized my speech on the train about selling things from the convenience of the home. It went fine at 3 minutes 26 seconds.
I want to post the transcript somewhere, as well as the collection of post card from the UK. I never told about this on the blog. Like the blog, I sent a postcard every day or more. They all arrived in America and they portray an awesome narrative.

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