Thursday, January 24, 2008


The King then took me on a tour of his grand dwelling. I asked him, of course in old English, what he was most afraid of. "The end of my reign when I die." He explained that he needed to get an immortality machine so he would never end up like his minions in the grave. We then returned to the work shop that looked like Santa's. "Done yet?" demanded the king. "Ready now."said the elfs. The king told his squire to summon his court.

The whole room was filled with the extended family within a few minutes. The king proclaimed proudly about the machine. "No longer shall the inevitable happen to our family." So greedily he tested the device on his beloved stallion and his in-laws. They climbed into the stone box and the king fiddled with colored buttons. A few minutes later, the door opened and out oozed a slimy liquid. The king took a peek, timidly. He then drew his mighty dagger and held it to the squire's neck. "Now look what you have done. If death doesn't take me, then my own people are the only people that will. For I have trusted you and your inferior people for years. Now I know, and I was foolish for tolerating you here. Death to you, and away with your scoundrel type." He lifted his dagger above the crowd. I interrupted. "Dear host, whilst you want the impossible for your day, why don't you come to my time, where there is proven immortality." The king agreed so. He opened the main gates to let his people go outside in freedom to build civilization.

The king opened a heavy door. "Here is my aircraft. I built it myself, with a little help from my people. I think it goes really fast." The King beckoned me into his craft with himself and his dearest family. I pointed the aircraft towards the west, and we sped through time.

In my time, I thanked the king as a courtesy. "Take my royal dagger as a memory of me. I thank you for preserving my empire." I made a little ceremony of it, waived goodbye to everyone, and walked towards my house. After all, I was only away for a short while.

And the best part was that I got some original video footage from the medieval period.

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