Tuesday, January 29, 2008


It's official when it gets here- C.E. gets the tie of shame for the week!

I made a speech yesterday about making money from home- I want to pursue what I said. I do have quite a few things to chuck for a fee, such as new, intact-in-big-plastic-case 1 gig memory card for $10 including shipping, $9 without. I want to see how much I can sell by September (mostly over long vacations) through whatever convenient means possible, for now I am quite to busy to do a selling blitz.

Since I do not feel like I wrote enough, I will continue writing my first autobiography, which I started last April. "Memories of a time past." Any suggestions for an alternative title? I think it's fine.

My former selling life. Part 1.
I think I pronounce it on my website. We have a little disclaimer that says "We don't sell candy on school time" That was true- our supervisors never let an eye off of us, most of the time. When the third graders first came last year, they really did bad things for me. Even in the presence of faculty they would gather next to me like squirrels and ask me to deal them some. Then the adults knew I dealt. How could I control them?
At our school it was a tradition. Everyone bought and sold from others. There were the buyers and there were the sellers. I was a seller. It was easy to rack 15 in profit in one week for about 30 minutes of work. However, I think I was the first to target lower-schoolers. Before my prominence, everyone dealt with seventh and eighth graders, for they keep secrets. However it was done, the lower school started to buy en masse from me. Maybe because I didn't charge $3 a bar of candy and I gave easy loans. Anyway, my clients and associates kept the whole thing a mutualistic relationship with me, and most of the time it was a success.
To at least finish all for today, I most liked to sell in Central Park, on the water at Choir Camp and on bus and plane trips. Keeping my tradition, I don't sell stuff on school time.

PS I am a supporter of free trade in schools. I will tell you that "the beauty parlor will" not "spawn the Camel Cigarette stand."

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