Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Since today was as typical of a day I would ever get, (asides from getting out of school 40 minutes early because an assembly went way too short) I would do a special story time.

You probably not heard of it yet, but on my last major adventure I made big history. First off, I already set a record as the first person to time-travel. What is this time-travel device I am talking about? It in fact does not look like a box. It in fact, and is, an ex-military supersonic jet. I bought it cheap online, added a miniature oil refinery, because there was no airplane fuel before the industrial revolution. So this is my time machine. Einstein calculated that time-travel was impossible. I thought so at first, but if you could arrive in New York before you left London, about half an hour to be exact, on a Concorde, can't one multiply that and go back a day, more? So I did the test. The following story is my representation. Of course the people talked in their native dialect, but why should I tarry so?

I took my plane and flew it towards the west. I broke the sound barrier over the Pacific and pushed the engine as fast as I could get it to go. By the time I had to land to refuel, I was already a week in the past, said the airport clock. It was working. I was crazy, I wanted to go back as far as I could, even if it meant for me to become trapped in the old days. It was a sincere desire; I sat in that seat, making an occasional fuel stop. By some time, proper runways turned to dirt fields and then landing on some flat plain. My plane nearly got destroyed when I tried to land on the western front. Bad mistake. So it went swell. Past the 1800's, 1700's, 1600's, until the year 1256, according to my hand held gadget that calculated relative time versus speed and all that jazz. My plane just would not take off the ground. Then I realized, why don't I just enjoy the moment. Of course I landed near a castle, for there was no easier way to find that valued bacon grease that kings eat, so that I might use as fuel. I have never been in a castle before, so I walked up to the moat. The guards lowered the bridge and opened the gates for me to enter to the sound of trumpets. “We have been waiting for you to come for the last century.” said Squiria, the king's assistant. "Our king wants us to build a time machine, and a whole list of other gadgets. But thanks to you, we can be set free." "So?", I asked. "You're here. You have relieved our mandate. "Squiria shall oversee that he shall bring a person from the future to our castle as part of project #34, proclaimed as Time Vacuum." Squiria said; "We were forced here, our people know that this is an impossible feat. That is why. It is so lucky you came, that I and others may return to the outside world." "But why was that King, so nice to me, so mean to you?" I asked. "He is afraid of the inevitable. About 20 years ago, when he learned about one way that he would be no better than us, he became afraid. He ordered his servants to round up anyone who was conscious and lock them in his castle to build something to protect himself."

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