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Personal News Feed: Record load of homework: had to do lots of it today. Usually I can finish on Saturday. Looking forward to MLK Day next Monday.

Vandalism in our schools.
At my last school, any mis happening was made a big deal. Riding laundry carts, doing homework past bedtime (and for that matter, not getting it done.) Somehow, things seemed to get more destroyed. The cork board grew a hole and some pictures were scratched deliberately with a pin. And when Administration couldn't find the offender, it was bye bye with "privileges".

Now fast forward to early 2007. Some member of the opposing team scribbled on our door, and that made talk.

While visiting other high schools last year I saw that the New York boarding school was a sterile place; a little petty vandalism here and there was usual. But these places still had a clean appearance. Now here's the scoop:

My investigative report.
Coolidge High School, DC

The Washington Post did a report on this school, but I don't think you see the tags.

I'll post the evidence photos soon. It's shocking to anyone unaccustomed to dirty places. Graffiti. Inside a building. Relatively speaking, DC is pretty free of graffiti. Has anyone tagged a secret service car, or the Capitol? Metro believes that graffiti is contagious; they remove any within 24 hours. Have you seen any? I guess this is true, because somehow this school can't keep the walls clean. Gang Symbols. Ritten House Crew, 971 Kennedy Street, Michigan Park Crew. Sounds dangerous?

How many students do not have that Coolidge Pride?
So what will the city do?

More on that later. I got to catch some sleep.

Coolidge does offer AP courses including AP Stats, and many go on to college (says a list by the Washington Post.) So it's wrong to accuse more than a small gang of troubled youth. In fact, the aforementioned newspaper did a list. About half of the graduates (of about 100) went to college, about another half obtained a job. Some were repeating the grade Then only a handful are left. Three went to prison, two are homeless. Not as bad as you thought? I guess most people are not affected by this.

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