Tuesday, March 11, 2008


4:04 was the time I got home today, a new record for a 3:20 pm departure. Since nearly everyone was out at some sports activity, there were plenty of open seats on the second shuttle. As I may have said before, I needed to diversify my assets by adding a (voluntary) sport to my list. That would at least make me a High School athlete. Good. I "joined" the lacrosse team last night, but unless Jeremy talks to me and I have to bring equipment, it'll feel too shallow of a sport. I have to confer on a few things this evening to make sure I'm doing a sport for spring.

The latest Priory Press came out today, with my article in it, "Praise for Changes." I haven't had the time to analyze the published work, because I was real busy with the National French Exam as well as "the brain thing" at second lunch.

Update on DT: It's complicated. DT has had fruitful relationships with three different women. Did anyone ever expect him to stay married for long? Anyway, DTJ, the oldest Trumplet (graduated 1996), as well as Eric, the 2nd oldest guy Trumplet (graduated 2002) went to the Hill. I haven't been able to find out if the fourth Trumplet, Tiffany (born 1993) , is at the school (product of DT's second honeymoon)
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