Thursday, March 20, 2008

Day 2

Last night I had the violin lesson- one-seat ride N3 to American Univeristy and a ride in "a shoe", one of the cute little 22-seater buses Metro has. I recommend you take a ride in one some day. From what I know, routes 98, B8, N8, E6 always use them.

I was just working for about an hour on April's Jangoomag. I wanted to get my portions done before little brother comes home for Easter and takes liberty in hogging the computer. At least he might be geting a laptop soon... but anyway, I was at the IADB underground auditorium listening to a "power point reader" talk about filming in Peru, and then showed the 47 minute film. Sort of spoiled the beginning a little, but otherwise it was a cool film. Had lunch at the bank's upscale food cafeteria by Guckenheimer and Illy. Came home, worked on Jmag, and here am I. I really should play more music...

Reminder: Tomorrow is Good Friday.

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