Monday, March 10, 2008

Little Brother's main appearance


This time, his next four years came in the mail today. There is a likely chance that he will go to th Hill School in Pottstown, PA. This little town is about 30 miles from Philadelphia, and 15 miles from one of the world's largest shopping malls! King of Prussia Mall, King of Prussia PA. A little more about this elitist private school: the Donald Trumplets go there. Therefore, my parents become fellow school parents with DT. He even probably goes to the school at least once a year.

PS- He got a significant scholarship to go there. Little Brother will also have an appearance on the White House Ellipse when we go there Easter Monday for our yearly ritual breakfast. Will blog.
There are two major events in town that day: that and a zoo event. The history goes back 100 years, but there are 3 types of people who go to these events- the people who call the White House their gent (like me), those who call the zoo their gent, and those who go to both- start at the White House and bus up to the zoo after all-you-can-grab.
More on that later.

>No one's fired yet.

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