Friday, March 21, 2008

My Good Friday speech

Last night I went to DC's Carnegie Hall- of the sciences, and listened to a Dr. Hau, a physicist, discuss speed control and packaging of light. However, unlike most theories, this was actually performed, and has multiple practical uses- fiber optics as well as dense storage for computer memory. Continuing on the Environmental Film Festival, I was requested to watch a wordless documentary from the 1970's. Sort of cool. Then I came home and had a meatless lunch.

At lunch today, I was cringing at the thought that restaurants were still cooking meat today, of all days, Good Friday. And also, the millions of Americans who will eat a juicy, meaty hamburger tonight, and at least some of those people will regret it, forgetting it was Good Friday. This crossed my mind as I remembered that the IADB's cafeteria is brave by going totally meatless today, something most companies wouldn't consider, because it would be "offensive" to some people, even though it really isn't. Anyway, it's going to be Easter soon and I'm going to New York tomorrow. I don't know what I'll do, asides from going to three or four lengthy services this weekend. (I'll try to limit myself to 2). There is: Saturday vigil, Sunday 8am, 11am, Evensong 3pm. In other news...

There is this new bus company, Boltbus, yet another bus provider between DC and New York, that will start service on March 23 from Metro Center. Unfortunately, this is Greyhound trying to sabotage private enterprise (The bus companies catering to generally well-off people) by dressing as an innocent. (I can think of other things as well...) They're thinking "Well, if we can't get the government to interfere we'll do it ourselves, at a big loss." As a person who has crunched these numbers before, fortunately, their business strategy can't last long. They'll bleed too much money by selling $1 to $15 tickets and paying the drivers union wages. The best we can do: Boycott the Boltboy. Please support capitalism, and denounce communism.

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