Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Happy Fruit

I received my second crate of fruit from Friends of the (South and Central) Americas. This time, unlike the civilized supermarket 5-pound box of Clementines I received in December, this big box of navel oranges was not cuddly. Somehow I dashed out, like last time I received a crate, picked it up quickly and got on the first shuttle. Well, this big box of 25 oranges rushed lactic acid into my forearms (aka soreness) in a few seconds, because there were only tiny finger-holes on the longer side of the box. That was not too much. Metro Center was about a cup of lactic acid, but from Foggy Bottom to home, this was a gallon. The box in my arms made my heavy backpack literally feel like a paper towel! So I got home, without losing an orange on the street, and the weight of my backpack came back to me after 5 extra minutes for the walk from station to home.
Be grateful for Clementines.

Sounds sort of like the $500 in coins ordeal from last summer?

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