Friday, March 14, 2008

Thinking about it

People have taken regained interest in the Jangoonow website as an order form. I actually just finished polishing updates, and encourage you to look in the near future. Please do note that I will restock on candy over the looming vacation. The website is harder to maintain than the blog because of time restrictions on many nights, but over the break and vacation I have plenty of time for updates.

A little different afternoon today- there was a special presentation by the debate team about hot political topics, and education. Was interesting, better than intramurals with basketball, on account of really tall tenth graders. Tennis today, my legs are a little tired from the two laps around the facilities. Not much else, except a weekend of studying for two quizzes, English and History, as well as online Bio Cards (they make up one whole letter grade for my pending bad score on the hell-test (Satan True-False, yes-no-maybe so matching, and several roadblock no solution-not the letter E- multiple choice answers), and math. Keeping my thoughts straight.

Money News- buy new stock in bankrupt companies. There is a near- certain chance that its value will rise quickly.* (Reference: Washington Group)
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