Thursday, March 13, 2008

My time to shine

Who does the world stop for when this person has another heart issue?
Dick Chaney of Observatory Circle.
I was playing tennis in Rose Park when I noticed no cars were on the parkway, at 7 pm. Within a few minutes, a short motorcade as well as a DC ambulance passed by. You know it's him, or maybe it was his dog. Then the world started to spin again after his motorcade passed.

Yesterday, I came into class to the awe of the plebs and senators of the grade to the site of a student who ironically fractured his hand on his brother's head, in instinct to an action by the brother right before. It was all Karma, maybe he'll use P.C. terms when referring to anyone else on the entire planet, whoever they are.

Of course my Phys Ed shirt just had to be in his locker when he was out. We were still doing Krazy Kickball today, and it was hard trying not to pay attention to the score, even though this was a Krazy game. And I was not the worst player on my team, I think.

Two periods later at announcements, we all found out that vacation will begin one day early! That was a lot of joy-whoops. Also, we were formally told that The Pope will be in Washington for my birthday (April 17), oh what a special day, and I might be able to spend it with his highest honor at Mass. If I can win the lottery for one of the school's 40 tickets for our school's High schoolers. That would be just over a 50 percent chance of receiving a ticket if half of the High Schoolers sign up for the lottery.

Bad syntax- the Pope would have been here regardless of it was my birthday or not. If you can go, I say you should, to the pontifical Mass.

Something I saw in today's express made me quite perturbed- a school in Connecticut abdicated the school VP for buying candy on school grounds. This was an offense against their healthy food policy. Why I was perturbed, the day before I sold some candy to a certain student government official, who will remain nameless. We all have our faults. (PS: I did not sell on school time.)

Back to sports, I did my first practice today. Not bad at all- the worst part was the two-lap circumvention of the property- from the courts to South Dakota, "up the hill" to the monastery, through the cemetery and on the 16th street NE side of the school, and back up a hill to the upper parking lot. After that, we had a little study session on the train. The Bio test's hardest part is that chart of hormones, which I may not take stock in when I graduate from college- if I don't go into medicine.

Anyway, my Melatonin is signaling for me to study for three more good hours.
(aka: My body doesn't have to go to sleep for 3 hours)

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