Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's Academic

I just finished watching It's Academic sans the ice cream and tissues. It was a tight fit making it to my TV, getting to see the show, because I had another violin lesson at AU at 9am.

At 10:30, with our Insignia running, our team's handsome faces were broadcasted over the airwaves from where I was just at, on Nebraska Avenue. Our team was always ahead, although early on our team's first place position was threated by Westfield. About halfway though the game, scores reported as: Westfield 210, JFK 160, St.A 310. Before the final volley, scores stood as Westfield 395, JFK 260, St.A 475. St. Anselm's had a marvelous final volley, even though we lost 40 points to wrong answers then. Final score stood at Westfield 405, JFK 280, St.A 615.

So thanks, Peter, Marc, Daniel (and Matt) for making the show rather enjoyable.
And Stephen was there, vying for camera attention.
FYI Main House had the best attendance rate.

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