Sunday, March 30, 2008

At Twinbrook

I was practicing at an orchestra rehearsal at a penthouse church in Twinbrook.
I rose at 7am to get there by 9:45am, and have time to spare. Due to it being very early Sunday morning, we did a high-speed bus trip to Friendship Heights. Once in a while experience. We got to the rehearsal site at 9:15, after meandering a little around the circa-1980's buildings.

At 10:00am, it was time to strike the first note. It felt like Monday morning at school, from passing through first period in a listless state, then cracking down to a test second period. (Sigh).
The result will be a concert at Strathmore (we'll talk later about this.) Anyway, the rehearsal went on for another two hours, after which Mother and I had lunch at seven seas. Being in the Rockville area, it was quite easy finding authentic Chinese food. There was also a Kosher Mart, where we actually bought a weighty Babka loaf, a delicate sweet bread imported from...Brooklyn. (see:

Anyway, it's the last day of a long vacation, and as I said on Facebook, sad that vacation has ended, but that I'm really missing my pals". Something like that.

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