Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Little Brother is Sleeping

...First we checked into our room on 75th street. Then, we all went up to the Columbia University area to eat lunch at Ollies. Then we took a walk around the campus. On the weekends, there is one main gate open, but all the others are closed, nearly. There was one other exit through the garage. Otherwise, the campus is surrounded in high padlocked fences, making an escape from fire a disaster. Then we dropped him off and basically went back to our room to get dressed for the Easter vigil. Two hours and 20 minutes later, we went to dinner at Lilly's 57th street, another new-Asian restaurant. The restaurant choice was limited because of the tight schedule. Afterwards, a 2-mile trek back to the guest house.

This morning, we had to vacate the room by 10 am. Quite an early check-out time. This was a Bed-but not Breakfast, and the staff had the need of going to church for Easter. We moved the car to a nice parking space on 57th street, alleviating the need for a long walk. Since it was already 9:15, all the decent places we would have eaten were crowded, so we set off to 8th avenue and Wendy's. There was hardly anyone there, and for a good reason. The staff were stingy with the potatoes, and I've been ill ever since, on account of the rubbish they fed me. 11am service, was filled to capacity of approx. 2200. The mass took about 20 extra minutes. Not too bad. Afterwards, as with every Sunday, the school had a very nice lunch for us. Now that did not leave much time to get to the church for the 3:00 evensong. Luckily this lasted no longer than the ordinary Sunday evensong. Driving back to Washington was congested most of the way. However, we were able to maintain a high rate of speed for the most part. Let's see. Car crash holds up tunnel traffic for 20 stopped minutes in the Lincoln Tunnel. Rubbernecking slowdowns on the NJ Turnpike. More of that in Delaware. 5-car accident in Maryland, blocked one travel lane, half mile backup. Luckily we passed through before the police arrived, because one car was on the other side of the road, away from the other four, and you know the police. Investigation.
Arrived at 9:55pm. 4 hour 40 minutes, averaging 45.5 miles per hour, including 2 driver-switch stops. However, I didn't get to bed until 11pm.
PS no one was severely injured or killed in any of the wrecks.

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