Friday, March 28, 2008

Little Brother is Out

He left and took the storm away with him. Actually, this is only the eye of the hurricane. He will be back tonight, and wreck havoc on my blog until I come home on Tuesday, when he will be gone until June.
I tried to take Little Brother to Rockville, or some other Metro-venture, but he only wanted to play on the computer. So yesterday was thrown in the trash. Nearly.
Nevertheless, I did some unique accomplishments. I wrote a sample "Sawatzki's Note" for The Cat in the Hat, and embellished that story into a meaningful novel with allegory. Today I discovered that people have joined The Banker's Club. Out of modesty, I did not make myself an officer, which I just discovered how to do. However, modesty doesn't reign in my "Free gift" group, where I play Oprah Winfrey in generously offering gifts to members. No one has joined that group. Likewise, I just finished typing a meaningful essay for The Bankers' Club on microlending in America. Over one page long, single-spaced. And now I have time to go beyond the call of duty for my Religion Extra Credit project, by reading and essaying about my topic. As I said, this day won't go to waste!

PS- 10:30 am, I think, tomorrow, NBC 4, It's Academic. This will be a tale of one small school bravely fighting against Goliaths to win the prize.

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