Wednesday, March 19, 2008


It's my first free* day that will be followed by another weekday free day. I tried to not waste this precious day, but in my mind it started early. My circadian rhythm was "traumatized" like jet lag from being jarred awake at 6 am, which my body refuses to do, mostly. I probably woke up at about 6am, but by 6:30 I didn't feel like staying in bed. So I got up, had breakfast, showered, and headed out to a mission. First, at 9:13 am I caught two buses (D5 and L2) to T street to drop off a package, en route to Tenleytown (92 to walk across Duke Ellington Bridge to Red Line north) to purchase a music book on Store credit. At the 400-something foot summit, I headed down to sea level. (N2 to 32, needlessly) BTW, 6 times $1.35 equals $8.10, not $7.10. I guess it's hard to do math while driving a bus. Eventually, I made it home by 10:38 am. I tried so hard to not let my life go to waste in front of the computer screen, and I partially made it. I practiced the violin for two whole hours, not straight though, as I got distracted from my internet play-along, and started watching random YouTube videos. Now here am I and I have a violin lesson at AU at 7:00.

*from school

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